ZFM Zero Filler Mod

Discussion in 'Modder/Accessories Supplier Forum' started by SCOTTYBALLS, Dec 6, 2009.

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    SCOTTYBALLS Super Member ECF Veteran

    OK here it is No filler! No polly! No foam! No Shopping! No Spring! No more making plugs 100% reusable! How dose it work? the bridge is in the resivor of juice and takes it when it needs it with out any flooding..

    What you need
    Place the cap that comes with your carts firmliy on the cart till you see a black outline of the cart threw the cap
    Cut along the black line
    You should end up with somthing like this..
    Now you need to make a decission either cut a x or * in the center of the rubber plug or punch a 2mm hole in the center both work really well![​IMG]
    When using the X or star it will open up when the atty's bridge makes contact with it..[​IMG]
    Now cut a straw to 15mm give or take 1mm I just eyeball it.. so you can make a shelf for the plug to rest on..[​IMG]
    Insert the straw all the way to the bottom and fill with juice to the top of the straw.. if you desire you can cut vents into the straw for more juice room up to you.[​IMG]
    Insert rubber plug down till it hits the straw ENJOY! if you get it right you will know it and will not have to make another plug again.. if you feel your atty is not getting enough juice make the X or star bigger or try the hole.. I relize this takes some skill to get it right if there is a demand for them pm me and ill make packs of 5 for small fee..[​IMG]
  2. eclypse

    eclypse Moved On

    Dont get it? You did not explain the last part where you inserted the plug? I thought you said no plug?

    I'm guessing the plastic is touching the atty?

    Here i thought this was going to be my new mod i came up with last night. :)

    SCOTTYBALLS Super Member ECF Veteran

    I said no more making plugs.. In other words when you are done with it you will not need to make anymore.

    I fixed the last step sorry I thought it was self expalanatory.
  4. eclypse

    eclypse Moved On

    Ok.. I'll wait and see if someone melts the plastic.. If not i'll try it ofcourse. Me thinks the juice will stick inside the cart and you'll melt the plastic.

    Hope it works.

    SCOTTYBALLS Super Member ECF Veteran

    Actually I had my barleby in my pocket at work yesterday and forgot to turn the switch off and it melted the plastic cart all the way around the plug totally destroyed the cart however I pulled the plug out and it was still perfect.. so after seeing that Im going to say no it will not melt;)
  6. Scottbee

    Scottbee Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    The cart caps aren't plastic. They're silicone if I'm not mistaken. Melting shouldn't be an issue.
  7. eclypse

    eclypse Moved On

    Well in that case.. Sweet!
  8. firechick

    firechick Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Any leaking issues? This is a great concept, I'm just a little concerned about dumping a ml of fluid if it leaks. I carry a Janty stick at work.
  9. Cherice

    Cherice Super Member ECF Veteran

    I just tried this and it works. Refilling will of course need to be done with a syringe, but other than that, so far...so good.
  10. smonomo

    smonomo Moved On ECF Veteran

    Scottyballs, I would say you slipped up big time with this mod..


    You didn't take out a patent on it before posting.

    Testing on my 801 as I type..

    Home run so far!!! ...using the + cut.
  11. firechick

    firechick Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Silicone cooking utensils are available everywhere. You could buy a single potholder of the right thickness and keep your cartridge caps for storing cartridges. You would have enough plugs for a year.

    Anyone tried removing the cart and found that the plug stays on the bridge?

    SCOTTYBALLS Super Member ECF Veteran

    Just happens Improvment patent pending.. yesterday evening I saw a patent lawyer He said i had somthing and he wanted $800 to do the patent search then wanted $8000 to put it threw..lol what a tool he was.. but anyway I have another company sending me a kit to send to them and they will take care of it.. we will see what happens.. if I get great if there is already a design allwell at least I have somthing to vape on:D
  13. aschmidy

    aschmidy Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Anybody try this on a 401 yet? I love my 401s, hate the poly filing stuff and 401s stink at dripping. No I don't like dipping, either. Could be tough to do on those tiny carts, though. I'll let you know if I can get it to work. Thanks.
  14. eclypse

    eclypse Moved On

    Well.. no reason to waste your time and money as someone will just change one material and release it with no problems.

    Plus is it even possable to get a patent when your using someone elses manufactured parts like the cart and end cap and ofcourse the straw?

    I still think this thing is gona hold juice in the cart like everything else out there as its not correcting the biggest problem with carts.
  15. Scottbee

    Scottbee Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Sorry Scotty. This serves as public disclosure.

    Although I think that getting a patent on this is well... let's just say "unlikely", you'd need to have an invention disclosure already in place.. witnessed, signed and notarized.

    SCOTTYBALLS Super Member ECF Veteran

    Shure you can its called a improvment patent.. what do you think the biggest problum is with the carts?

    Yes I found out its a big huge pita to do this not to mention it could take years.. I dont really care after dealing with a lawyer yesterday.. thats why I went ahead and posted it.. ofcourse the day JoyeTech comes out with somthing like this I still might kick myself a few times :D
  17. Pete54

    Pete54 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I keep waiting for this not to work but so far it's working. I'd like to find an easier way to make a small hole in the center as the hole works better for me. Also, how big can the hole be made before it leaks. It seems to run a bit dry when chain vaping. I ask because I'd like to try this on a HV mod which sucks up the juice.
  18. smonomo

    smonomo Moved On ECF Veteran

    Good for you mate! ..Patents can be complicated and costly, and like you say, there could be someone else using something similar....but do they have a patent?

    Anyway, I first saw the Scottyballs ZFM today, right here. This has to be the biggest break through in e-cig technology, Congratulations!

    btw, refilling is a piece of cake, push the dropper through the slit and squirt.

    No problem with the plug..(I'd call it a valve, not a plug) sticking to the bridge, and I've removed it several times, location of the plug, and atomizer type will need to be considered.
    Working perfect with my BE112 801.
  19. MadeyeTony

    MadeyeTony Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Another great invention from the one and only Scottyballs! Well done man, this is a homerun!

    SCOTTYBALLS Super Member ECF Veteran

    Instead of making a bigger hole try a slit or to from where the hole starts .. also a taller straw will make the hole open up more cause the bridge of the atty will stick in further.. I dont have any H/V mods other then a barleby wich is around 4.1-3.8v but let me know how it works!

    btw tony my expresso's are off the friggin chain;)
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