02/22/14 - BREAKING: new CT bill's purpose to "destroy the industry"; Gary Cox on 'net age verify; NYC & Tampa events; UK + US: NY,CT,VA,FL,GA,TX,MO,A

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Jan 19, 2014
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    [ Just paste broken links shown in purple directly into your browser - the extra line doesn't matter. Pls. PM me if you have more recent info. about proposed/actual legislation, if you think I've missed an important story, or if you want more tweaks to the formatting program. ]

    1) CT bill introduced with burdensome labelling requirements - purpose is to "destroy the industry" (Bill Godshall). See: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...contents-nicotine-yield-hearing-feb-28-a.html

    2) Possible CO legislation would ban internet sales (?). See AP report on CO and UT below.

    3) UCA (U. Central AR) bans vaping everywhere on its campus.

    4) NYC New Museum's ENDD event and the Tampa Bay Vapers Convention are both today - see reports below.

    Coverage: UK, US States: NY, CT, VA, FL, GA, TX, MO, AR, CO, UT, CA


    (ECF's own InfoZone) Thoughts on Age Verification - ECF InfoZone
    Gary Cox argues that age verification requirements for purchase of vaping supplies need not lead to the end of all online sales.


    (UK Nat'l Newspaper) http://www.theguardian

    This is a fairly balanced well-written and thoroughly researched survey of the situation in the UK, that describes the debate among UK health experts about the merits of vaping. Junk in the story origins from the ANTZ experts, but unlike the US there are a number of highly placed officials in the UK who disagree = including the former head of Ash, Britan's largest and best-funded anti-smoking org. (which is currently taking a rabidly anti-vaping stance.) Worth a read.

    (UK Chemist [pharmacy] trade 'zine) http://www.chemistanddruggist

    UK's General Pharmaceutical Council [regulator] cautions that outlets should "exercise their judgement" about stocking vaping products. "The regulator advised pharmacists to bear in mind guidance from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and MHRA, both of which have refused to back e-cigarettes until they become licensed as medicines in 2016." Scotland RPS Dir. complains that vaping ads aren't about cessation, instead they're about "targeting youth." (But doesn't mention that the UK bans manufacturers from mentioning cessation.) Much junk.


    (US Nat'l News Site) http://www.huffingtonpost

    Yet another clone of the junky NPR story that was orginally run on the 17th about primary-school-aged kids allegedly vaping right under teachers' noses and buying vaping supplies off of E-bay. My guess is that the reporter has taken an 8-th grader's word, there is no evidence that the reporter was physically present. However this story continues to spread.

    (US Nat'l Tech. site) http://insights.wired

    Junk-free analysis of vaping investment market, contains the statistic that 2.5M Americans have "have made the transition complete and are no longer buying the more traditional paper tobacco products" - if you know where this number comes from, please PM me.

    (US Nat'l Investor site) http://www.fool

    Junk-free article addresses the possibility that vaping will essentially lead to "the end of smoking." This story shouldn't be confused w/ the AP piece that made the rounds two weekends ago - the content is oriented towards investors.

    (Questionable US nat'l web site allegedly catering to health professinals) http://medicalxpress.com/news/2014-02-doctors-strong-desire-e-cigarettes.html
    Focus is a study done by UNC Sch. of Pub. Health which surveyed 561 MN pediatric "health care providers" (MDs only?). 83% said that they know "little to nothing at all" about vaping. The focus is on "treating" and/or "couselling" teens who have vaped.

    (US Armed Forces news site) http://www.stripes

    Junk-filled warning to students at DodEA about the harsh penalties for vaping at US def. dep't foriegn K-12 schools for military personel abroad).


    (NYC Ind. Web site) http://www.thefader

    Fun report on music for today's ENDD (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Device ) art happening at the New Museum - see: Art Happening Looks at E-Cigs - ECF InfoZone


    (Hartford CT US local paper) http://www.courant

    Reprint of the dreadful "don't try vaping for cessation" junk-filled Consumer Reports piece.
    [ HB 5286 hearing Feb 28 - burdensome labelling requirements whose purposes is to "destroy the e-cig industry" (Bill Godshall): http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...contents-nicotine-yield-hearing-feb-28-a.html (CT SB 990, a vaping=smoking ext. to its indoor clean air act, appears to have died last year. ]


    (Harrisonburg VA US ABC affiliate) http://www.whsv

    Vaping banned in public ("section 8") housing in "an effort to decrease health effects, maintenance costs, the risk of fire and the cost of fire insurance." No junk - other than the justification for the policy.
    [ VA appears to have two simple minor sales bans, SB96 is now ready for the floor. HB26 is still in committee. There are other bills proposed in VA, but I can't seem to find much info. on them. Pls. PM me if you know more. http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...cts-alternative-nicotine-products-minors.html *and* http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...-bill-hb-26-would-ban-e-cig-sales-minors.html ]


    (Tampa Bay FL US CBS Affiliate) http://www.wtsp

    Surprisingly junk-free report on this weekend's Tampa Bay Vaping Convention. Also mentions FL's SB 224 - a simple minor sales ban - which is now ready for the floor when the FL legislature reconvenes on the 4th.


    (Ind. Atlanda GA US web site focused on the local African-American community) http://atlantablackstar

    Generic hit job piece on coming FDA regulations, full of junk.


    (Dallas TX US local paper) http://www.dallasnews

    Report on Lewisville, Flour Mound, and Highland Village's simple minor sales bans. Contains no junk except the "little is known about vaping health risks" canard. If you're aware of any pending statewide legislation in TX, please PM me.


    (St. Louis MO US CBS affiliate) http://www.kmov

    Another junky poison control center call story that lists no outcomes but engages in needless fear-mongering.
    [ Missouri presently only has a simple minor ban under consideration http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...acco-derived-product-vapor-product-minor.html ]

    (KC MO US WorldNow affiliate) http://www.kctv5

    Almost identical to above, but these appear to be two completely different (and independently-written) stories crafted by filling in a template with local content.


    (Conway AR US CBS affiliate - Re: U Central AR) http://www.thv11

    Trustees at UCR incorporated vaping into its campus-wide "smoke free" policy, citing "uncertainties of health risks." Adopted unanimously without discussion. see more coverage at end. Some junk.
    [ AR was one of the four original states (including ND, NJ and UT) to define vaping as smoking for purposes of its indoor clean air act. Also bans sales to minors. No pending legislation. ]


    (AP story on CO and UT) http://bigstory.ap

    CO to raise the minimum age for vaping and cigarettes to 21. It may also be banning internet sales, the text is a bit murky, see: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...cluding-empty-e-cigs-without-seeing-id-2.html
    [ For Utah, see UT HB 112, online sales ban + burdensome manufacturing/labelling requirements, is now on the house floor. UT SB 12 which also contains an online sales ban and which would raise the age limit for tobacco products to 21 is also out of committee see: CASAA call at: CASAA: Call to Action! Utah Online Sales Ban (Effectively Would Make It Illegal for Utah Residents to Purchase Online) and UT vapers call at: Utah Call to Action http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...grade-nicotine-require-license-make-sell.html ]


    (Riverside CA US local paper) http://www.pe

    For an article that originates from Prue Talbot's town, and which quotes her, this is fairly mild in terms of its junk content. It proports to be a general survey of the vaping regulatory situation, and appears to be at least somewhat well-researched. It actually mentions CASAA in passing.
    [ CA is under threat from a wide variety of legislation, such as an internet sales ban: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...-shipment-e-cigarettes-anyone-california.html ]

    (SD CA US CBS affiliate) http://www.cbs8

    This "independent third-party content provider" [=advertisement] from the MSA-funded ANTZ org. American Legacy Foundation reports on this junk study of internet advertising: http://www.ncbi
    Conclusion: "Online banner/video advertising is a tactic used mainly to advertise e-cigarettes and cigars rather than cigarettes, some with unproven claims about benefits to health. Given the reach and accessibility of online advertising to vulnerable populations such as youth and the potential for health claims to be misinterpreted, online advertisements need to be closely monitored." Presumably the ALF used its MSA funding to buy this space, so we can expect to see this spread over the next few weeks.

    (CA US Libertarian web site - Re: LA proposed vaping=smoking clean air act ext.) http://www.foxandhoundsdaily

    Pro-vaping junk-free opinion piece by former ALA Pres. Charles Conner (now a vaping industry consultant) opposes proposed LA Ord. Cities Dr. Siegal and (surprise) ANTZ Org. Legacy Foundation Research Dir. David Abrams (who appears to have "not gotten the memo" about vaping. See yellow banner above for info. about the proposed LA Ord. hearing on Mon.

    (Nat'l US Libertarian mag - Re: LA proposed vaping=smoking clean air act ext.) http://reason

    Another pro-vaping junk-free editorial on the LA proposed vaping=smoking ord.

    (SD CA local paper) http://www.utsandiego

    Survey report on North Co. vaping bans. Some junk re:minors, little mention of the fact that many of these ordinances ban outdoor vaping for adults.


    More coverage of UCA trustees' decision to ban vaping on campus. Many articles contain junk. AP story is listed first, I haven't collected its clones:






    Tip: to see whether there are bad things happening where you live, try this Google search (example for Rhode Island) -
    rhode site:casaa.org
    (Replace rhode with a single word that describes your city, county, or state. For ex., if you live in Eau Claire, WI - you might use "Claire" to see if something is being proposed at the city level. Don't forget the : (colon), and be sure that there's nothing before or after the colon (not even spaces or tabs.)

    You can also try replacing site:casaa.org with e-cigarette to find out what the media is reporting in your area. This is usually most helpful if you use the search tools to search by date. (CASAA doesn't generally issue calls or alerts until a bill is out of a state legislative committee, or is scheduled for a local city or county hearing.)
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      Showed this article to the guys at my local b&m laughed at it. I'm here in CT. They said they keep up with local legislation including calling the AG and various gov offices to get any updates on upcoming changes to the laws, permits etc. last they heard, there was nothing proposed that would have a chance of passing at the state level for at least 5 more years.
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        Showed this article to the guys at my local b&m laughed at it. I'm here in CT. They said they keep up with local legislation including calling the AG and various gov offices to get any updates on upcoming changes to the laws, permits etc. last they heard, there was nothing proposed that would have a chance of passing at the state level for at least 5 more years.

        Good to hear that the danger is minimal. Any insight you can give us as to why the ANTZ won't get their way in CT would be appreciated. They seem to be making headway in a number of other places in the NE area.
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