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03/30/10 anything goes thread

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Mar 25, 2010
Denver, Colorado
    I have:
    VaporCountry 10ml Pineapple 24mg
    VaporCountry 10ml Lemon 24mg
    VaporCountry 10ml Menthol 24mg
    PerfectElectronicCigarette 6ml grape 18mg
    PerfectElectronicCigarette 6ml cherry 18mg
    --All of these have a few drops taken out of the container, up to, but not more than 1ml--

    I would like:
    Anything 6ml or greater with a strength of anything up to 24mg.
    I typically enjoy fruity flavors, and would like to stay away from tobacco flavors. I would like to sample some TV juice, (or something else) almost any flavor will do. Please PM me :D

    Mark Linehan

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    Sep 15, 2010
    Salem, MA
      I have DIY Cola 0 nicotine 10ML, 30ML and 50ML, with extra cola drops for adding nic juice to it without dilluting it too much. I have this because I am an idiot and spilled the last 2/3 of my 60ml bottle of 36mg nicotine juice, and now have nothing to mix my 8 flavors with as I was trying to start doing my own DIY mixing. I have a flimsy desk and jumped up for the phone and was not paying attention. 100% VG nicotine juice does not come out of shag rug easily.

      I am looking for as much nicotine juice as I can get my hands on. I won't be able to buy any more until I get paid on the 3rd next month. Actually, I can even offer to repay a nic juice lona on the 3rd if anyone can spare some temporarily. A trade for the cola would probably be easiest though. :D

      Drop me a PM if anyone wants to work something out. Thanks In Advance! I think I should be able to come up with the cost of shipping a good size bottle of cola juice.

      Mark Linehan


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      Jul 1, 2010
      Rochester, NY
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