901, 902 too many numbers........What's the difference?

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Oct 29, 2010
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    after using both for a while now, i have to say that the sidesho "smokes" the 902... my FAVE combo is the sidesho batt with a 902 carto. i have been using this combo exclusively for two weeks now. i drip a sidesho atty if i must, but since i got hooked on these cartos, the drippin is pretty much done cept for juice sampling.

    and since gar is prolly gonna ask, i'll answer it now. lol... i dont like the 902 batts on the carto because the sidesho batt lets air pass thru much better. especially when you have just filled the cartos and they are burping juice.

    AAAAAAND i get my batts to last a LOT longer with cartos (vs. dripping) because the juice flow is consistent.

    if you try cartos make a lanyard for spinning the juice into em. SO much easier. drill a hole near the open end of a sharpie cap, tie a string thru the hole, insert a juicy carto (thread side down) and spin away!
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    Jan 5, 2010
      Man did you actually make me laugh. Thanks for answering that - but did you ever get that LUX? :) Seriously though, that's great to know about the air flow. Airflow is VERY important to a good experience. I totally agree with using the Sidesho just for dripping new flavors at this point but wow is that a great atty. I just like the ease of filling a carto. Hmmmm, maybe someone should make a Sidesho carto???
      Your sharpie cap trick is nice by the way. I might be too lazy though for spinning. :)
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