All That and a Bag of Chips

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Jun 8, 2009
Day 2 after receiving my order. I ordered 1 of each kit. All I can say is Sweet...the 902 is so smooth and the sideshow pack quite a punch and both draw like a real cigarette. I have loved my 401's but they are at the back of the line now. The Sideshow really kicks compared to 401. Tony has worked very hard to bring us a beautifully packaged and worthy of praise product. Both are workhorses and are down right Sexy tuboot. I think Tony should be awarded the new e-cig Design Star. I have yet to see a sexier setup. Great service and shipping was fast, thanks for being on the ball Tony. I am getting to know both PVs and really am pleased, battery life is good, vapor production is awesome. The 902 is a little too smooth but I know it is still breaking in. Everything is so well done, love the business cards, that helps a lot. I gotta say 2 thumbs up, thanks Tony
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