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Are there long-term vaping effects studies?

Discussion in 'Medical Research' started by booboo, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. booboo

    booboo Super Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 11, 2009
    San Diego, CA
    Has anyone seen any studies looking for long-term vapors? I'm coming up on 10 years now and no one has even offered me a free chest x-ray! :lol: Anyway, if anyone needs a guinea pig, hit me up!:thumb:
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  2. Opinionated

    Opinionated ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 19, 2015
    My Mountain
    I've not seen any..

    Here's the problem though, you'd have to have had an xray taken just prior to beginning to vape.. like a before and after in order to see what the differences are.

    That's why studies pick people and then follow them through the course of before and after.

    Therefore, the long time vapers who have been vaping since the beginning are less likely to be picked for any new studies of long term effects.

    You can pat yourself on the back though. Because vaping didn't kill you and you were willing to go first, others decided vaping was safe enough for them to try too..

    You ma'am are responsible for giving people the confidence to save their own life. We watched you not die and took note. Thank you for being the most awesome guinea pig ever!
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  3. rob33

    rob33 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 20, 2009
    Concord, NC
    I had an x-ray about 3 years ago all the doctor said was "it looked like a reformed smokers lungs. You are not taking in any tar or carbon monoxide. Nicotine is still constricting your blood vessels, and recommend I quit".
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  4. stols001

    stols001 Mistress of the Dark Nicotinic Arts Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    May 30, 2017
    Well we have a long term member of one. LOL.

    Wait, he could see that on your LUNG x-ray, or just otherwise? I don't even... I know nic constricts the blood vessels, but he could tell from that?

    IDK why I am/was assuming that nic would have no effect on LUNGS they are made up of cells like everything else???

    I don't mind dying of a heart attack, I don't want to die of COPD.

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