batteries compatible with non telescopic pvs

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Oct 2, 2011
    hey guys.
    i tried running a forum search for batteries that fit with non telescopic pvs made by super t and it was not very insightful. i tried using my workhorse the other day with an aw imr 18650 (red,2200 mah, nipple top) and it seemed to fit very snug, which made me think that maybe it is not a really good fit.
    i've noticed that there are some very creative lists bumping around and it has me wondering if anyone has something about which batteries were meant to be used with the p+ line and onwward?

    i've been so spoiled using the telescopic pieces i've picked up because it is really such a non-issue. i tried putting my lemo on the workhorse and there is a gap that makes me afraid to use the two together, in case something happens to the threads. trying to search for compatible batteries one of my threads from 3 years ago popped up, excited i had received my order but frustrated because i didnt have the right batteries and the air flow/depth of the 510 connection was all off.

    specifically i would like to know which batteries fit:
    18500 p+
    18650 p+
    18650 workhorse

    thanks for your advice!


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    Feb 12, 2011
      I use the *NEW* AW batteries sold by RTD Vapor. If you have battery rattle issues using different atomizers, just switch out the o-rings and contact washers that come with the WH to get the right fit. If you change the height of your post on the atomizer end, it will affect the fit of the battery. Once its set though you're good to go. I don't have the P+ but I've had no issues with those batteries in my workhorses.
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