Best LR attys IMO all around great performers from

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Jan 30, 2009
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Haven't posted in a long time. Been vaping 2 years this month. Started with 901, then went on to other types, volts, ect, but always came back to 901. Was going through atomizers like crazy (new washer type) and decided to try Ikenvape's 901 LR atomizer. Had to post on these! They are great! Taste is good, vapor is good, throat hit is good and they are lasting! I am a die hard smoker and it has to be good to satisfy my cravings, and using these atomizers has done that. Thanks for something that really works like I want it to.


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Oct 14, 2009
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Ahh glad to see your onto the Ikenvape Team Yellowman, Issac's Atty's are superior in my opinion as well, and I'm in agreement with you on the Mini 2ohm 801 as well but all of them are just top notch performers and I think by now after vaping for 2yrs I've tried every Atty on the market, Issac will even tell you when I order I stock up, I must have a 2 year supply of the Mni 2 ohm 801 right now and quite a few of everything else accept the 901 I only keep a few of those on hand and like them with my fruit flavors. Issac should get supplier of the year for his hard work and commitment to the vaping community he really goes to work hard for all of us and works very closely with the factories and his QC over all of his products.

Issac I hope your feeling better my man, your the best.!!!

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