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Can Any of you Modders make a drip well?

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Jan 25, 2011
akron, OH
    Hello there!

    After many mods I have finally found the perfect one, which is a VV -- The only problem is that is has no drip well -- which I really need because the clearomizers and tanks will leak once in a while and it may fry the VV curcuit --
    It is a 510 'Big Brother' from Kensboxmods --
    If anyone can make a drip well -- or knows where to get one -- please let me know!

    Thank you so much,


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    Oct 21, 2009
      I believe that mod has a split top piece and a flush connector.


      No real way to add a sealed well as you have to split the top piece to change cells.

      FWIW on a regular solid top piece mod the finishing washers work quite well.


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      Dec 22, 2010
      Carroll County, Ohio
        A lot of guys use finishing washers, but I agree with the reasons stated by Woodsmith for disliking them. Some people also use drip shields, which seem a bit odd to me (and wouldn't work on your mod, I believe). I'm convinced there is a better way to deliver the dripping experience without puddles - I just haven't found it yet. (I think the genisis may be it, but I have yet to build one and I don't expect everyone to do so). If I may ask, Woodsmith, what are the drip cups you have? Are they commercially-available?

        One warning about drip cups - try not to leave a puddle in there, because it will just leak out the first time you tip it. Also, I can't imagine it would be a good idea to have juice exposed to the environment too long.

        Congrats on finding your "sweet spot"! Happy vaping!


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        Dec 16, 2010
        NC USA
          not commercially available. CNC machined for this purpose. I would be willing to send a couple out in a few days when I get caught up....They will need to be bored to the size of the diameter of the connectors you use though. Mine are bored to 11/32"....
          I have some large and some small....the leftovers from prototyping. They work great though just to large or to small for my use. I'm sure someone could find some use for them.

          I second Willy B's advice. There is no way to put a sealed juice well on this mod unless you remove the entire connector and slip a well on it from the bottom. All of my connectors slip through the well and are sealed to it to make it airtight. It becomes one piece. I had some problems early on with juice leaking out of the area between the connector and juice well and had to come up with a method to seal it.
          I would not recommend pulling the connector out of this mod unless you have a soldering iron and steady hands.

          I used some finishing washers on some of the older mods until I had these made.
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