drip well or no drip well....

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Aug 11, 2011
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    I got my CNC machine and I'm working on some designs for a 510 box mod with a dna board, dual 18350 IMRs in parallel and integrated charger. I've got the box where I like it, around 68x25x43mm and I'm planning on making my own 510 connector. The plan was to machine it into basically a 'plug' that goes up from inside the mod then epoxies/glues in place. I've been messing with the dimensions and I can't seem to get a connector with a drip well that I can cut out with any accuracy on my little hobby CNC. I'd rather not turn it on the lath is possible because I'm still not that great with the thing and programming is way easier for me. SO... I started looking at making the dripwell and plug square and just drilling the appropriate hole in the middle for the connector... issue there is with those dimensions I end up with a 1mm wide drip well with a 1mm wall :p which is borderline pointless... which got me to thinking... are drip wells pointless for 'most' people? it seems a lot of folks use tanks or rebuildable atty tanks, or cartomizers. How many people drip and of the drippers... how many actually need a drip well because they flood that often?

    My connector will be completely sealed and the box will be made out of delrin and eventually exotic hardwoods which I'll be varnishing/sealing so the liquid wouldn't really do any damage even if you did flood.

    do you think they're that important? Am I going to make this thing with no drip well only to find out my friends hate it and I regret it?


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    Aug 22, 2010
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      Hmmm, there was a time I wouldn't consider owning anything APV (accentuate "P" for personal) without a drip well. I have about 6 APV"s and all but the eGo's (do they qualify as APV?) have drip wells.
      I don't do tanks or cartos anymore, for a long time. I mostly drip, but I did have a early Phidias which had a wood drip well about 2 or 3 mm.
      I hated the first run Darwin because it had no drip well... think they still don't, but that said, I don't have a lot of trouble dripping on my eGo's... I'm careful and i just wipe up any leaks when they happen.

      I'd keep the mini well at least.
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