Coils only last a day?


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Oct 1, 2022

    I recently switched from uwell caliburn pod to smok rpm2s. The flavor is much better and much more vapor but now my problem is that coils only last a day, uwell lasted 1 week. I vape a lot up to 1500 puffs a day of 2s at 15-25w. The coil is 0.16ohm rated best at 40w, is that why? Also its using much more juice but I think thats normal. I can go past 1500 puffs up to 2600 puffs on one coil but then the flavor and vapor suck, also vapor feels too thick then not smooth. Is this normal?

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      Hi and welcome,
      IMO, Increase your nicotine level and buy a second, identical, device.
      Alternate use to extend both battery and coil life.
      Perhaps you are using a juice that is more prone to leaving deposits and residue on the coil.
      What brand and flavor of juice are you using?
      How many ML of juice are you using before having to replace the coil? (Puffs are subjective and useless in this context)

      How long did you smoke and how many per day?
      What is the nicotine level of the juice you use?
      Where in the wide world of vape are you located?


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