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Current M Series Suppliers (04/12/10)

Discussion in 'M-401/402 "Mini" & M403 Super Mini' started by Slea, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. AngeLsLuv

    AngeLsLuv Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 5, 2009
    Lake Ariel, PA.
    Hiya Joe,

    I had no idea as to the prices of cartos as far as what is a good deal or not... Srrms odd that you can't find them al; pver the net though... Would have thought they'd be popular in all models since so many are using them..

    You know I got this 401 last December and I'm still using the same atty... I'm stunned!! It started a few months back to kinda fall apart- One side of the atty kinda peeled off and I just kept on laying it down onto itself.. Now the atty is nearly a stub, but it's still going.. I need to wet it more with juice, but it hasn't died yet... I don't even clean it...

    I'm a hugger... Can't help it :)
  2. PapaJoe8

    PapaJoe8 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 10, 2010
    Texas DFW Area
    Angels, if everyone in the world was more like you, and would just hug each other more, then there would be allot less bad things happen!

    The 808 cartos work good and are about 8 bucks for 5. I use them on a 14500 mod. I am just wanting to try the old style, and the new E2 V4 style, 40x cartomizers on the 40x batteries. I have a feeling they will be a good thing. And they will be easier to get as time goes by.
  3. AngeLsLuv

    AngeLsLuv Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 5, 2009
    Lake Ariel, PA.
    Hey Joe,

    Hope you holidays were fun *(Same with anyone reading this)...

    Thank You for saying that about me and my hugging... I'm to the point now, that it seems like ECF is one of the only safe havens online for me.. I'm very active in signing petitions and trying to help mainly saving animals, and try to donate as much as I can.. I've just become very disgusted in how cruel people have become in the world.. I know that it's been going on forever, but it seems to get worse and worse, and there are certain groups of people and most animals that are paying the price.. Always thought that just a simple hug will possibly brighten someone's day and also maybe calm them, and of course cheer them up if they are down... A heart filled with kindness goes a long way....

    Oh!!! I saved some money and bought a GLV2 on Sunday.. It's in the processing and it is getting ready for the customization stage.. I didn't get anything special, but am adding a clear coat.. Ordered purple flip-flop in color... Even with this, I know that I'm going to not give up on my 401 though.. You've got me really interested in a 601 too, and will probably buy one of those eventually.. On the 601, does the battery last like the 401?? (I think I asked that before but am not too sure and can't find it on the thread)

    ((((((((((((((((((((Hugeroos)))))))))))))))))))))) My Friend :)
  4. VaporMadness

    VaporMadness Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 26, 2010
    CA, USA
    Oooo.... GLV2 looks like a nice very well made 16340 device! Are you getting the fullsize, mini or supermini? Wow, the supermini is incredibly small!
  5. AngeLsLuv

    AngeLsLuv Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 5, 2009
    Lake Ariel, PA.
    Hi Madness,

    The GLV just showed up today... Got a 5 volt and it is beautiful!!! It's actually smaller than I expected it to be, since I imagined the batteries to be a bit bigger... Yeah, the 3.7 volt must be really small... Very good weight.. It's not real heavy, but it has the weight that gives it a substantial feeling, like it is a real solid peice of work.. Also like how these are hand-made, and other than running over it with as bulldozer, it has a lifetime warranty, which I've yet to see on any other mods..

    So I ordered it on Sunday January 2 and I got it today January 10...

    The only problem I am having now is my batteries.. Like the friggin' 10440 batteries for my Janty Stick.. I bought 6 16340's.. Had them all charged up and ready to go, brand new.. Put a new 801 atty in it (it comes as a 510 but if you want it an 801, 2 adapters are sent for free), popped the first 2 batteries in and got 2 hits which were heaven (Now I really know what they mean by "sweet spot") and it died.. Then checked the atty and it was working in my Janty so that wasn't it.. Then tried all the other batteries a number of times and it's not working.. Must be the batteries... Just don't get how it's said that you need to drain them and then charge them up for them to work.. I mean really, how do you drain them..

    Anyway, This GLV is excellent and am really happy I got it, even though I was only able to use it for a few seconds *LOL*.. Been holding it on and off all day/night and the feel is wonderful...The button for your thumb is a perfect position, plus the button has a clicking sound when you press it.. Oh and it's an easy click, but can't go off in a pocket or anything like that..

    Definitely get one if you are looking for a big boy :)
  6. VaporMadness

    VaporMadness Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 26, 2010
    CA, USA
    I've been using 16340 MODs for like 9 months now... the hi-drain AW16340IMRs rock!

    Do you have a multi-meter so you can test the charge level of your batteries? If you have a combo 3v/3.6v charger, make sure its set to the proper voltage for your batts (3.6 right?). Your 16430 IMRs/ICRs should measure around 4.1 and 4.2 volts when fully charged. You really should not need to drain-then-charge them... just charge them and you should be good. Honestly from what you described (you had charged them), it could be some kind of connectivity issue, perhaps with the center post of the 801 adapter not making solid contact with the center post of the atty. Debugging these things can be fun :) Hope you get it up and running without too much trouble.

    I've got batteries for my first 6v setup (AW16340LifePOs) in transit to me now. I used a single battery Chameleon for a long time, before switching to the Precise16 for 3.7v vaping. More recently I got an extension tube for the Chameleon and these new batts will make that a full 6v device so i can finally play with HV vaping too!

    Fyi: SuperT has lifetime warranty on it's all stainless steel mods. Cool that the GLV has that too. Gotta like MODs that are ultra reliable enough to have that :)
  7. AngeLsLuv

    AngeLsLuv Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 5, 2009
    Lake Ariel, PA.
    Hi Vapes,

    Didn't realize I needed to worry or deal with a multimeter when I bought this so I didn't... The charger is a "Trustfire Multifunctional Charger" for a number of battery sizes, but it doesn't have any switch or anything to change voltage or anything like that.. Batteries I bought off of ebay out of China, and are the blue Ultrafires... Tenergy Multifunctional Charger for Li-ion Cylindrical Rechargeable Batteries (14500, 18500, 18650, RCR123A): Electronics

    When I started with the problem I ordered a kit with 4 batteries and a smart charger:

    I'm hoping that it is this charger because I'm having trouble with it from before with my batteries of my Janty Stick... I mean how can 6 different 10440 and 8 different RCR123 batteries be bad...

    Awe... I hope to Goddess that it's not the GLV and it is the charger.... I know nothing about this stuff, so I don't know about the connectivity, although the post thingy that touches the top battery is not in the center, but is sort of off-center...

    I contacted JayBird this morning and warned him about my problem and told him I'd let him know if it was the batteries, charger, or if I need to send it back...

    From the 2 hits I did get off it, there is a nice effect compared to a 3.7volt one... When inhaling, it made me sigh as if I finally found the missing part of a ciggie, plus the flavor really stood out... It's a nice difference and you'll feel it when your batteries come in for you to try it.. I think I waited too long for this switch...

    Let me know when you get your batteries and try out your 6volt Chameleon...

    The Precise and the Super-T.. Those are nice!!! I've been looking at those for a long while, but figured to buy the GLV because pressing the button with my thumb, and the button being so wide is too appealing to pass up ;-)

    All I say is that after all these, I really need to wait until a Mod comes out with some elaborate set up before I buy any more or I'll go broke *LOL*
  8. VaporMadness

    VaporMadness Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 26, 2010
    CA, USA
    Hi Angel,

    I'm a little concerned. Did you mean to order 3v batteries or do you really want 3.7v batteries? The second link you posted includes 3v batteries. Actually they're a funky 3v battery. They use ICR 3.7v chemistry (and charge on 3.7v chargers), but contain circuitry that regulates the voltage down to 3v when used. But iyour existing charger (the first link you posted) is for 3.7v batteries like you're blue ultrafires. So did you mean to order more 3.7v batts or these new 3v batts?

    I'm pretty sure a 5v GLV2 should take two 3.7v batteries (i've just double checked that in a few video reviews).

    It looks like the 2nd charger you ordered should work fine with your existing blue ultrafires (3.7v 16340s).

    Honestly a multimeter would be a good idea. Here's the one that I have, it's pretty inexpensive and it works well enough... Gardner Bender #GDT-311 3Func Digital Multimeter: Home Improvement
    With one of those you would know immediately if the problem was with the charger or not.

    Also, the AW batts are simply the best! Here's more info then you probably want to know about batteries...
    Everything there is to know about AW batteries
    A pair of hi-drain AW16340IMRs for your GLV2 would be great! Like these red ones...
    AW IMR-16340 CR-123a High Drain

    Sorry for bombarding you with stuff... i just noticed the (maybe accidental) order for 3v batteries and the lack of a multimeter and thought i might be able to give you some pointers. I hope i didn't overstay my welcome so to speak :)

    My new 3v batts showed up earlier this week. Liking them so far. I wrote about my 6v setup here.

    When was I shopping for MODs, the GLVs were definitely in the running too. I just went with the P16 due to it's slimmer design. The button on the GLV2 looks like it'd be real nice to use!
  9. AngeLsLuv

    AngeLsLuv Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 5, 2009
    Lake Ariel, PA.
    Hi Vapes,

    You are one hell of a sweetie!!!!

    I've been screaming since I found out I screwed up... Aauuugghhh!!!

    First off.. I sent my GLV back to Jay.. He called and we've talked a few times... There was a problem with some small part in it.. So even if I had the correct batteries, it wouldn't work.. Not a big problem, but there was one...

    The batteries... gggrrr.... I purchased them on Amazon... Yes, Jay said that the 3.0 volt doesn't work... My problem is that I thought I ordered a different product (a charger with 3 batteries) that were 3.7 volt and not 3.0 volt.. Rechargeable Li-Ion RCR123A Kit - 4 Batteries and Travel Charger: Electronics

    What bother's me is that I swear Grimm Green said in his YouTube review of the 5 volt GLV2 that he had used a 16340 battery so I bought some of them and they wouldn't work, that are the exact same blue one's in his hand on the video.. So now with Jay fixing this GLV2, I thought it would be fine to use them, and they are 3.6 volts.. On the phone Jay said they don't work and need to use the 3.7 volt.. I don't get it since I need to buy new batteries...Big Gggrrrr.... I wasted too much money... It's not that it would have been a big deal, but if I didn't see Grimm's video, I wouldn't have purchased those batteries (before I made the GLV2 order).. Then with the GLV2 busted, I thought that it was the batteries or the charger being broken, so I purchased the other set thinking that I clicked on the right product from my "wish list" and that would have solved the problem but as you also noticed, those were 3/0 volt... And why wouldn't a 3.6 volt battery work when someone else is using it instead of a 3.7 volt that I need to buy is beyond me...

    I should have ordered the batteries originally from Jay and left it at that.... Now I have to order batteries and will get the AW brand...

    As far as a charger... I already have a multi-charger that Jay said will work, but don't get why the other one won't.. Tenergy Multifunctional Charger for Li-ion Cylindrical Rechargeable Batteries (14500, 18500, 18650, RCR123A): Electronics

    So, all-in-all.............. I'm an idiot....

    Thankys for the url's to the batteries... I didn't know Ikenvape is in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.. Cool!!! They are about 2 hours from my house...

    Saw your review.. Sounds great!!! Looks like the 6 volt vaping does have the "sweet spot" for you :)

    The multimeter confuses me.. I wouldn't even know where to put those stick thingys on the end wires into/onto an e-ciggie... Read the directions on Ikenvape and what?? I'll deal with it later when I'm more awake... Just don't get anything having to do with electronics...

    As far as your thinking you are bombarding me.. You're not... You've given me links that I need...

    Oh!! You definitely got a (((((((((((((((((((Hugeroos)))))))))))) from me :)
  10. Koman

    Koman Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2010
    I have it. It is nice. It's great!

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