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FAQ/User Guide for DSE601?

Discussion in 'DSE 601 *Pipe*' started by Hideto, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Hideto

    Hideto Full Member Verified Member

    Dec 27, 2009
    I'd love to see people who have had this pipe awhile post their tips and tricks for getting as much life (both battery and atty), as much flavour, and as much vapour out of it as possible. Maybe if each owner could add just one tip they use, here in this thread, we can build a sort of "after market user guide" so that a newbie won't have as many pitfalls and have to go through as many replacements learning the best tricks to get the most out of their units.

    So far I've seen:

    When using it, try to be moderate in your amount of filling so you don't flood the atty. What are a good number of drips to put in the carts so as not to flood? It's already been said that if you direct-drip, you'll hear a gurgling sound telling you you've filled it enough and any more would be too much.

    The first little while, there may be a yucky or burnt taste as you burn off whatever may be in the atty from the factory, but after that, it will begin tasting more appropriate to the juice loaded.

    Correct this if I'm wrong, please, but VG-mixed juices give better vapour but due to being "runnier", they tend to leak or flood more than PG juices. PG wicks well but doesn't give as voluminous vapour as VG does.

    When not using it, (whether carrying it for later use or putting it away for the night) unscrew the jewel cap, release the battery contact so the battery is not giving off any charge, and screw the jewel cap back on so the battery doesn't fall out. This can avoid the pipe accidentally turning on and burning out/melting anything since the contacts are not connected and no charge is emitted.

    If you worry about leaking/spillage of juice into your pockets or whatnot, keep one of the gold bullet cases with you, and if you're not going to be using the pipe very soon, though you want to carry it for later use; along with releasing the battery, take out the cart and put it back into the bullet case, complete with the clear plastic cover, to avoid leaking.

    There are conflicting opinions about whether to use the blue "fish tank" foam in place of the original white filler or to direct-drip onto the atty. Try both to see what's best for you.

    If your bowl cracks at all, don't wait, immediately fill the crack with superglue and let it dry a full day before using it again so the glue is fully dried/cured. You can find brush-type glue applicators to make applying the glue easier and more thorough, getting it deep into the crack, which is what you want. Be sure to fill the crack flush to the outer edge of the bowl, both for aesthetics and to make sure the fix really holds.

    If you've got the equipment, force air through the pipe shank going both ways (from shank-side out through the bowl, to bowl-side out through the shank). Then let dry naturally.

    Possibly try to clean the insides using alcohol, as it evaporates and leaves nothing behind?

    Drip-dry the pipe in a glass upside down, pipe shank down, every night.

    What other tips or tricks, or even real mods, do people suggest for getting the most out of their DSE601s?
  2. BenJammin

    BenJammin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Here's a tip for possibly re-incarnating if not reviving a "dead" 601:

    I recently disassembled one of my pipes I thought was dead. Turns out the atty was still good! Using trial and error on the atty I determined that the two orange wires are in fact the power leads ( the blue ones, I assume, are for the auto switch.) Armed with this knowledge and a contact switch I harvested from a dead DVD player, I am working on a USB powered, manual dripping stick. The thing works awesome on 5V direct from the PC and also decent vape from the car charger, but not so much on my DuraCell USB phone recharger. It's not quite "pretty enough" for pictures yet, but once I clean it up a bit I'll start a new thread with pix. I should have taken some prior to assembly for comparison, but I wasn't sure this was going to work when I started. Makes me wonder, how many otherwise perfectly serviceable 601 attys are out there trapped in a dead shell and gathering dust in forgotten junk drawers?
  3. DallasEd

    DallasEd Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 3, 2010
    My advice:

    After nine months of using the 601 I have found all of the above to be true. However, no matter how gingerly you treat your pipe, it will burn out eventually. The longest I’ve had a pipe last is three months. The shortest life span I’ve seen has been two weeks. I keep two replacement attys on hand at home.

    I do not advocate the direct drip method. The 601 is not made for that in my opinion. I pull out the white wicking material in the factory carts and replace them with blue foam. I never top off the cart to where I can see liquid pooling above the foam and I’ve never had a flooding problem since I started that.

    I use a mix of 30% PG menthol and 70% VG menthol and add 22 drops of extra menthol flavoring to a 10mil drip bottle. The menthol gives me a great throat hit and the VG gives me vapor so thick you can’t see through it when the pipe is hitting at its peak.

    I keep 6 batteries on hand – three in separate chargers at all times. One in the pipe, and two in my pocket in a little keychain pouch I got from Mrs. T’s Juice Bakery for carrying 5mil bottles. It’s perfect to carry two 601 batteries. I carry the 10mil bottle of juice with me everywhere.

    I haven’t had one crack in a while. Either they don’t last long enough anymore to get to the cracking stage or maybe that’s due to my filling it with less juice. Also, because I don’t overfill the carts I don’t see juice in the bottom of the bowl anymore. But when they did crack, the gel type super glue did the trick. I don’t drain it at night, and I keep it overnight on the night stand fully loaded and I store it and carry it bowl down, stem up to keep the atty wet at all times. Once the pipe starts acting up, I toss it and start a new one. It’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than smoking 2.5 packs a day like I was doing.

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