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Help, I'm a BE112 addict lol.

Discussion in 'DSE 801 *Penstyle*' started by Coldblooded357, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. Coldblooded357

    Coldblooded357 Full Member

    Apr 28, 2011
    Ok so I guit smoking years ago and started vaping a few years later. When I started I got an ego t and quickly wanted more. After trying just about every different atty and carto out there I settled on using a provari and the be112 attys. All was well and good vaped for quite a while using this set up and dripping some fsusa earp. Then I stopped vaping for a year or two and now I start again and there's all this new fun stuff to try. I buy a few rebuildables, a carto tank, a ce4 clearomizer, and one of those mega cartos. Anyway aside from the rebuildables the flavor sucks in all of em compared to what im used to with dripping. The cartos start out fine and get muted after a day. The clearo is absolutely terrible, and for some reason in my a7 and smok rda I toast the wick in a day every time. Kinda obnoxious to have to rebuild every day. So I think its back to the be112. Here's the problem. I can't find em for a reasonable price in the us. $9 an atty is ridicules. Especially when a 10 pack of 801s is $24. Anyone use these attys have a decent source. Or is there something comparable? I'm getting frustrated. I used to get em from vaporkings for like $6 a pop. Sometimes less.
  2. Hellen A. Handbasket

    Hellen A. Handbasket Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    BestECig is probably the best place to get them at $23.75 a 5 pk ($4.75 ea) plus shipping. They have Black, Stainless and White.
    Standard pen style ( BE112|DSE 801) e-cigarettes Atomizer|vaporizer

    I don't know if there are any coupons for them out there, but could be worth checking.

    VaporKings does have the low bridge 801 style from Sailebao which I think are just as great since they have that low/wide bridge (I think they're actually a 302). Replacement 801 penstyle low bridge atomizers - Genuine SLB (Sailebao) I've bought loads of them from VK.

    The penstyle was my first e-cig in late 2008 and I have used all the various attys on all my mods over the years, preferring the 302 atty for performance over all. If you find any really good deals, post a follow up or PM me?

    Good luck!
  3. lasttango

    lasttango What would Freud say? Verified Member ECF Veteran

    be112's are great - I used to go in on co-ops... and get them around $4 each... get a handful of folks together and do one... count me in!

    I think we have a section for co-ops
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