how long does the battery last you?

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    Yes, many variables.... what mAh rating on the battery, what power levels used, how long each draw, and so on.

    In general, if looking at total life of a Lion, number of charge cycles is key. Typically rated around 300 full ones, that.

    If time to recharge, all those variables come into play. And getting a feel for your hardware and vaping style can take a little bit.

    IF using something like a 1300 Spinner and a T3S, I generally just charge when it's time to refill.

    Something like a single 18650 box or tube and a Kayfun, I'll just swap in a new cell when the voltage gets down around 3.6(ish), since charging before fully depleted increases the service life.


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      Are you asking how long each charge of the battery lasts, or how long the lifespan of the battery itself is?

      How long a charge lasts will vary greatly between users and even between use by the same user. For example, I have a mutation with a 0.3 ohm build on my sig 150. I typically run it at about 90 watts. A full charge will last me a few hours of constantly vaping. If I have my subtank mini on there, I run those at 30 watts, so a charge will last about 3 times longer.

      In addition to this, the actual capacity of the battery will play a big role. If you have a 1500mah battery vs a 3000mah battery, the 3000mah is going to last about twice as long per charge.

      As far as how long the actual battery will last before it is no longer working, most people on here toss their old batteries out after a year or two, depending on how hard they were used.

      What kind of device are you using?


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        A valid question with no easy answer. Years ago we used to say 100 mAh = 1 hour of vaping. That horse left the barn a long time ago. In today's world it depends on the battery, the tank or topper, the coil, the wattage, and your own vaping style.

        For instance, just yesterday I took my grand children to the zoo. 8 hours with a small 1000 mAh Ego One and a 1.0 ohm tank. Stealth vapes here and there, a few moments in smoking areas...and my set up was still going strong for the drive home. However, that same device would only last about 4-5 hours at home with unlimited vaping.


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          What type of battery are you using?


          Above are the three categories of e-cigarette batteries.

          The first seven from the left are known as "cigalikes", as they are the size and shape of a cigarette. They have poor battery life per charge (2 - 3 hours), so you'll need a few of them to keep up with all day use.​

          The middle five are known as "Ego" batteries. Being that they are a larger battery, they will have an intermediate life per charge (4 - 13 hours), depending upon their length.​

          The last two on the right are variations of what are called "mods" or advanced personal vaporizors (APV's). Many of these use removeable rechargeable batteries inside of a battery holder device (the mod). These batteries can vary in size depending upon the mod, but most mods use what's called an 18650 battery. Use per charge can be anywhere between 20 - 30 hours; but the main advantage of using these is the battery can be replaced with a spare to continue vaping when on the go using the same battery device.​

          Using a mod which can use a "sub-ohm" juice delivery device will drain batteries much, much faster than normal.

          mod using replaceable, rechargeable batteries

          Advancing Up the Vaping Ladder

          Deeper Understanding of Mod Batteries

          Battery Basics for Mods
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