i-stick 20 best setting ?

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Dec 26, 2012
    The istick20 doesn't down regulate / step down / buck voltage below battery voltage.
    Meaning depending on the resistance used and the power setting selected it may be actually firing at a little to quite a bit higher power than shown on the display.

    There is no such thing as best, optimal or right power setting, it is a matter of personal preference. Start of at a low power and work you're way up taking a vape or three on each setting until you find what you like best.
    If you get an odd, off, burnt taste turn it down a little. Vape to taste not to a number.
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    Nov 24, 2014
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      Here's a good, easily understandable explanation of a step down or buck capabilities by Shekinahsgroom of this forum:

      ....... ""Step down" is describing the controller capabilities.

      Example....let's say you want to vape at 3.8V and you insert a freshly charged battery that meters at 4.2V

      Without a step-down regulator inside, the device cannot reduce the voltage of the battery to meet it's set output level of 3.8V, so even if you set it at 3.8V, you'll actually be vaping the voltage level of the battery....which will decrease as it discharges. Once the battery's voltage hits 3.7V, the boost regulator of the controller will "STEP-UP" the voltage of the battery to 3.8V

      The 20W iStick does not have step-down capabilities...what's known as a BUCK circuit. (Reduces battery voltage)

      The 20W iStick has a step-up regulator inside....what's known as a BOOST circuit. (Increases battery voltage) ....."

      Hope this helps.

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