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IBD/IBS Emergency Bag, What's In Yours?

Discussion in 'Disabilities/Special Needs/Chronic Health Conditio' started by Myk, May 11, 2013.

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  1. Myk

    Myk Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jan 1, 2009
    IL, USA
    I have a lot of underwear. Pretty much a whole package of a brand I tried and didn't like.
    Right now there's only one pair of pants, there should be two. I may never need one pair but when it rains it pours so if I need one I may end up needing two.
    A convenience package of wet wipes.
    One heavy duty plastic shopping bag for clean up garbage or going in if needed (hence a heavy duty one that isn't likely to tear) and a large garbage bag for dirty clothes.
    Spare Imodium (besides what gets carried in my pocket most places).
    If I ever do end up needing to use the emergency bag (or if I can find some around here from someone who was in a nursing home) I'll throw in some adult diapers.

    Thankfully no ostomy so that's all I can think to keep in the duffle. Once I get a better vehicle I'll just leave it in the back along with a bucket/liners, TP and window coverings. I'll have my own porta-potty on wheels.
    Really makes me miss my '67 VW Bus camper, I probably had a drawers in that to keep everything.
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