Iclear30 with Ce4 drip tip

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Oct 10, 2013
Waterville ME
I have an Iclear 30 that came with my MVP2. I tried it for all of five minutes and hated it, especially the gigantic swivel drip tip (felt like I was vaping a trumpet)!

So today after a few months of it just sitting there, I pulled the drip tip off a crappy Ce4 I had, cut it down, screwed it on to the Iclear and now it's... ok! I still much prefer my Mini Protank and Evods but at least the Iclear is now usable for me!

I totally eyeballed the whole thing and used my Victorinox to cut 2 or 3 mm off the Ce4 tip. It took a little bit of effort but the end result worked... (I wish innokin would sell alternative drip tips for the Iclear30 but this will suffice for now!)

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