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Indiana Vaping Law Update

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Indiana vaping Law Update
This entry was posted on 11th July 2016 by twus.

As a follow-up to our original article published back in March, we wanted to update you on HB1432 and its continuing affect on the Indiana vaping industry. As of July 1st - the house bill was adopted into state law, despite multiple legal challenges to its constitutionality.

On June 30th - federal judge Judge Sarah Evans Barker of the Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis Division - upheld the new law as constitutional making it the 2nd failed attempt to thwart the bill in less than a month. The first decision was handed down on June 2 by Marion Superior Court Judge Cynthia Ayers, ruling in a separate suit brought by the same parties at the state level that the law can go into effect.

The ramifications have been far reaching.... Read More
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