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Long wait times for orders?

Discussion in 'MadVapes' started by Unperson, May 21, 2016.

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  1. Unperson

    Unperson Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 26, 2010
    New England, U.S.A.
    I'm not sure if things have changed for you guys, but it is becoming inconvenient trying to determine when to order from you. My latest order (#100848547) was placed on May 12. My credit card was charged on May 15 (which, when you charge my card, shouldn't the order be done and out the door?). It is May 21 and the order is still listed as "processing". When the order is finally processed, I then have to wait for it to get through the postal system.

    This is not the first time I've had to wait up to two weeks to get an order. It's discouraging because I try to time my orders between my needs and a reasonable transaction/delivery time.

    Please process and ship order #100848547.

    Thank you.
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  2. BadTaste

    BadTaste New Member

    Jun 1, 2016
    I joined the forum to acknowledge your pain by doing a google search for Mad Vapes delay times. To be somewhat fair I have never had an issue with them. But in my frustration with my current order I think others should be aware. I placed an order on the 17th of May and it is now the 1st of June and my order is still processing!!!! I contacted them regarding my order and was told they were moving warehouse from 18th to 23rd.. Yeah well that was over a week ago now! Im guessing by the time I get my order it will have taken almost 3 weeks. In that time I have ordered and received parcels from the UK and Netherlands. Not happy and probably looking to shop elsewhere from now on. I shopped there because of the decent prices. But I learnt my lesson and would much rather pay a little extra than to have to wait 3 weeks for an order again.
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  3. Gatorgriffintoo

    Gatorgriffintoo New Member

    Jun 2, 2016
    Me too! Extremely long wait for last two orders, and now no reply from help desk I won't order again after the first time I thought I would give another chance, but I'm done. Buyer's a head ache trying to get anything from there!
  4. jwilkers

    jwilkers Senior Member

    Nov 25, 2011
    Columbus, OH
    Yeah...ordered 2 days ago. I guess I have to look forward to a long delay too. If i would have done my homework and seen the complaints, I'd have ordered from someone else.

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  5. jwilkers

    jwilkers Senior Member

    Nov 25, 2011
    Columbus, OH
    Disregard my above.... I received my order today! Evidently, their new system doesn't synch with their website yet (as indicated by my customer service ticket) Tuesday order... Friday delivery... Excellent service.
  6. oplholik

    oplholik ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Seems like they could post something here to explain. Usually if people get a reasonable explanation they will understand.
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  7. jwilkers

    jwilkers Senior Member

    Nov 25, 2011
    Columbus, OH
    Yeah, would be nice for sure.

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  8. seadooman

    seadooman Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 14, 2009
    Put in my order July 2 and showed processing for 3 weeks then just received my e juice and no cartomizers. I geuss opening new retail stores more important then online sales. So now I'm at 4 weeks and still my order is incomplete.
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