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Need a replacement for MyBlu pod system

Discussion in 'Vape Pod Systems' started by countrygirl1291, May 20, 2020.

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  1. countrygirl1291

    countrygirl1291 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 28, 2011
    i quit smoking 2 years ago by vaping a MyBlu pod device. myblu™ Vape Devices | E-cig Shop | blu

    Since they only sell tobacco flavored pods now, I need to find a replacement. I don’t want to spend hours researching and learning vocabulary — I just want to quickly find a replacement. Here’s what I want:
    • Small
    • Simple
    • No weird mod shape
    • Flavors other than tobacco, like strawberry, vanilla and for when I feel goofy, bubblegum
    • Refillable
    • Draw activated, no button to push
    • Good throat hit
    • Decent amount of vapor, but don’t need clouds
    • Made in USA
    Can someone help, please?
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  2. Brewdawg1181

    Brewdawg1181 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Aug 30, 2017
    Metro ATL
    I'm not even sure you can meet the made in USA requirement.

    I use the Vladdin RE: VLADDIN RE Full Kit
    They're not easy to find any more, but mine work great. You'll be able to find them much cheaper than the link I showed. At first, the ceramic coil tastes anemic, but after a dozen or so hits, it works great. And I refill the pods about 4 times, even using coil gunking NET. No leaks, no failures, never an issue with them.

    I haven't owned one, but tried the Minifit, and it probably delivers as good a hit as anything you'll find, and many love it. Calliburn is another that's been highly rated by users here.
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  3. ArminF

    ArminF Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 28, 2018
    Take a look at the Mipo Kit from iJoy.
    Small, portable, comes with three pods and all in a powerbank.
    Really good idea and design.
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  4. Jwaterski

    Jwaterski Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 27, 2013
    OKC, OK
    Wife used the caliburn and likes it. Has a button, but will fire with just a draw. Not made in US, don't know of any that truly are. There may be, but not that I'm aware of..
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  5. Cloud-FF7

    Cloud-FF7 Super Member

    Mar 8, 2020
    The made in America comment reminds me of this movie about a call center in India.
    They selling weird stuff like those cheese shaped hats,metal sticks to brand hotdogs with random names and stuff like that,caller asks if the product he wanted (sculpted eagle) was made in the US and the caller said no it wasn't.
    Then the lady from the call center in India tells the client on the phone that she can give him a link of a website with a product made in the US,he is happy and says ok...then asks if the price is the same,call center lady tells him it's 212 bucks more than the other one that was outsourced so he ended up buying the cheaper one.

    Sorry for the long story,back to topic.

    I tried searching for a device that meets your requirements but only found what @Brewdawg1181 already mentioned,the Vladdin RE.


    p.s. my bad the Vladdin RE isn't made in the Us,think that requirement will be hard to meet.
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  6. Vapemesilly

    Vapemesilly Super Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 21, 2017
    I would also suggest the Caliburn. Solid vape device. Hit's all the OP's buttons...except for that made in USA part.

    Is anything made in the USA anymore?
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  7. newyork13

    newyork13 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 9, 2013
    western Massachusetts
    As many have already written, no such thing at the moment of a US manufactured device like that.
    I'm a little confused about your mentioning flavors.
    If you want a refillable pod, then your flavor choice is up to you.
    If you want a pod which comes with juice and you want to refill it when it's low, that's a diff scenario. And, not all of these are intended to be refilled.
    Not sure what you really want.
    That said, I like the VooPoo Air. I think it hits your other buttons.
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  8. countrygirl1291

    countrygirl1291 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 28, 2011
    Thanks for the replies. I'll look at the ones you suggested. Too bad about the made in USA, but I get it.

    Re: the flavors -- the myBlue has disposable pods that you don't refill. They used to come in various flavors, but now they only have tobacco flavors.
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  9. PeterKay

    PeterKay Senior Member

    I just bought Vladdin RE for my father as I'm hoping to get him to quit. I'm in UK though and bought from a local supplier so can't help with that. I'm just testing it myself, first impressions- it's quite good so far. Flavor imo doesn't blow away compared to other, more complicated devices I use, but is pretty good for a small device like this. A bit tricky to fill right (there are 2 holes and it's easy to suck up some of the liquid back into the bottle when filling, but few minutes and you'll figure out how to do it right). If you find it cheap I'd buy 2 so you don't have a problem waiting for the battery to charge, it's small so small battery.

    Uwell Caliburn is another one I was considering- it has great reviews, literally everywhere. And you can easily use higher VG juice with it, 70VG/30PG easily. You might also want to look up Uwell Caliburn KOKO.

    Reasons why I didn't go for it:
    Price: I'm not sure if my father will like the idea. So if he starts using e-cig and doesn't like it, I'm not gonna waste a lot of money. Also, I found that Vladdin on sale online.
    Ability to use higher VG juices- I highly doubt it will make any difference whatsoever to my dad.
    If that was for myself though I'd buy Caliburn.

    He're a very good detailed review:
  10. JCinFLA

    JCinFLA Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 21, 2015
    While the Justfog Minifit set-up is my absolute favorite pod type set-up...IMO, the following is definitely worth a try, too. Based on what several other members said about them after getting theirs...I bought several of the starter kits and 20 2-packs of the replacement pods. The price was very cheap, so I wouldn't be "out" much if I didn't like them. But...after getting them and trying 1 for about a week now...IMO, they're worth much more!

    They're an unusual shape, but they're very purse and pocket friendly and feel great in the hand. It's very easy to palm one and not be obvious in public, too. They are made in China though, not the US.

    The price is flat out ridiculously low they're even less than I paid for them just a few weeks ago. The draw is very easy, the flavor is really good, and they produce a good amount of vapor (as much as my larger, regular mod/tank set-ups). They also have a 310mAh battery in them and a 2mL eliquid capacity, which are both more than many pod set-ups. They've also got a ceramic coil in them.

    Lincig Hypnos - Ultra Portable Pod System - Just $.99 now!

    Lincig Hypnos - Replacement Pods - 2 Pack - Just $.50 now!
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  11. PeterKay

    PeterKay Senior Member

    When it comes to Vladdin, I have made one observation. @Brewdawg1181 has more experience with it and I'm really curious if he would agree:

    When I draw slowly, not very hard, the flavor isn't great. It's almost like the coil is vaporizing the liquid faster than I draw and not getting enough of air. But when I pull harder and faster on it, the flavor is very good. Initially I thought the coil needed some time to start tasting great but as soon as I started drawing harder on it it started performing better. Vapor production is really good imo.
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  12. PeterKay

    PeterKay Senior Member

    Wow for that price? If it does what it says on the tin then wow!
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  13. JCinFLA

    JCinFLA Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 21, 2015
    I thought...OK, how good could this thing the ridiculously low price of the starter kit and the pods? However, I've been amazed with it in every possible way so far. I'd have easily paid much more for it, knowing now how good it is.

    ETA: IMO, having several kits and packs of pods for emergency back-ups at least, would be a great idea for anyone at those prices. Even having some to pass out to friends or family who decide they want to give vaping a try, would be very worthwhile. There's certainly not much at all to lose by doing either one if they don't like them.
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  14. Wow1420

    Wow1420 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 17, 2013
    Somewhere out there
    I think all the pre-filled pod companies were forced to go tobacco flavor only by FDA regulations.

    I have a couple of the SMOK Mico pods. SMOK MICO Kit - Vape Kits | SMOK® Official Site It's small, pocket friendly, sliding on/off switch, no settings to mess with, easy enough to fill, draw activated. They have a couple different coil types, but I've only used the "regular" so far and I think it's a decent vape with a good throat hit. I've seen the kits at a few places in the $6 to $10 range. SMOK doesn't have the best reputation for reliability, but I've had no trouble so far and at $6 I picked up a few spares.

    Thanks to JC's heads-up, I also just ordered some of those Hypnos kits and pods.
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  15. PeterKay

    PeterKay Senior Member

    I have a smok nord (well, my girlfriend has, but I've been using it also). It's a great vape but QC... It can be really off-putting at times. And has few issues. Leaking from condensation that can be fixed by not pressing the pod fully down into the device. But it also leaks from the coil from time to time... It's a pity because the vapor quality is great, especially with the 0.6 ohm coil. But so far:
    - my girlfriend ordered 1.4 oh ceramic coils. Whole pack went to waste- coils would flood and overheat after a day or 2. Tried one after another, 3 with the same results. 2 still unused but I doubt the results would be different. Money wasted...
    - spare pods- the ones my girlfriend ordered (3 pack) turned out to go into the device so tight that it's extremely hard to take them out. I actually broke a nail trying to take one out. The pod has bits of plastic that hold it inside the device, I had to scrape some plastic off to make it fit looser... not great

    Both coils and pods checked for authenticity using the app that Smok recommended, both authentic...

    The standard 1.4 and 0.6 coils that came with the kit perform much better but still a bit of leaking at the bottom.

    I never used Mico, might be better. But I personally will not but any smok pod until I see multiple reviews saying that there are no issues.

    On the other hand I'm using smok majesty luxe with prince tfv12 tank by Smok, and I like everything about it. Haven't had a bad coil so far. But that's not really a relevant kit for the OP. So it's not like I don't believe this company is unable to deliver a good kit.
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  16. Wow1420

    Wow1420 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 17, 2013
    Somewhere out there
    Not the first time I've read a horror story about a SMOK product. Sorry you got a dud.

    The Mico pod is different design. It's held in by 2 tiny magnets on the bottom. It slides in and out easily, and yet the magnets are strong enough to prevent the pod coming out accidentally. It's one part of the design they got exactly right.
    Zero leaks, knock on wood.
  17. JCinFLA

    JCinFLA Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 21, 2015
    Well, I was bad. :rolleyes: Checked EjuiceSteals just a few minutes ago, to see how their stock was doing on the Hypnos LinCig starter kits & 2-packs of pods...and found they had the kits now in Red and in Rose Gold. So...I'll have 4 more starter kits + 20 more 2-packs of pods this coming week. With $13.96 (cost of items) + $7.95 Priority Mail S/H for all of was only $21.91 :thumbs: Have neighbor ready to try 1 kit and a pack of pods to start with, and I'm sure I'll find others, too.
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  18. UncleJunkle

    UncleJunkle Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 29, 2010
    If you want to vape whatever flavor you desire in a pod system, then you're going to have to use a refillable pod system.

    I noticed you've been a member since 2011. Have you been vaping Blu this whole time?
  19. Wow1420

    Wow1420 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 17, 2013
    Somewhere out there
    The Hypnos arrived today. I glad I bought more than I need, because a couple of them don't work. The ones that do work are quite nice. It's very thin, very pocketable. They're nicer looking in person than I expected from the photo. I normally vape my mods at 10 watts, so I'm comfortable with the low power.
    Very quiet too.

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