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New Calculator to try

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by HotRod19579, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. Shadav

    Shadav Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 4, 2013
    Westfield, IN, USA
    I just use the find and replace ingredients tool, to replace uploaded recipes with my on hand flavors (there's a checkbox to delete after replacing)
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  2. IDJoel

    IDJoel Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 20, 2015
    Boise, ID
    The short answer is; no, there is not a means to automatically swap ingredients during the import process.
    If you are following the calculator's instructions (Tools-->Import from text file-->Read this first!):
    You can manually overwrite the ingredient you want to swap, while pasting into the text file, before importing it to the calculator. This will prevent the creation of the unwanted ingredient.

    Or, you can use the Find & Replace feature (Edit-->Find and replace ingredients...), as @Shadav pointed out. This has the advantage of being able to change multiple recipes all at one time.

    Or, you can manually change the ingredient, using the ingredient name drop-down. And then, manually deleting the unwanted ingredient.

    As for the "Folder" option; that won't help for what you are trying to do. Its sole purpose is to allow the user to "group" flavors (e.g. creams, fruits, tobaccos, etc.). Then, if the option "Display ingredients by category" is selected (Tools-->Options...-->Ingredient defaults(tab)-->Display ingredients by category(checkbox)):
    Your ingredient drop-downs will be rearranged in that order.
    (But, this feature/function has nothing to do with the creation/selection of ingredients).
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  3. Michael_S

    Michael_S Full Member

    Jun 9, 2018
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  4. Michael_S

    Michael_S Full Member

    Jun 9, 2018
    Is there a way to sort ingredients by storage location?

    My order has arrived. Some of the flavors are new. I I try to figure out which 'slots' are free to use for the new flavors.

    Edit: I found it. In ingredient editor we can sort it by location.
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