New Vaper! Need Help!


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Sep 30, 2022
    Hello everyone,
    I have the VooPoo DragS Pro!
    Was previously using the SmokStick80w, which I nicked off my mum, and got me into vaping!
    Used that for 3 or so months, managed to cut right down smoking cigs and only had to change the coil 3 times!
    However, I’ve had the VooPoo for about 2 months, and I’m literally having to change the coil every 2-3 days?! Either tasting burnt, or flavour disappears?! I must be doing something wrong surley?!

    I prime the coils, always wait 10 mins before first pull.
    Also the liquid keeps going brown?! I used seriously soda 70/30 atm?!
    Sooo confused and can’t keep spending so much on coils, considering going buying another smok
    The VooPoo is soo good when it’s a fresh coil, but after a few hours it’s jsut crap

    Someone please help lol! X


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    • Welcome to ECF, Poppyclark123. I don't know what ohm coil you were using, or if that is higher or lower than a 1 ohm coil. The device you're using now probably has a low resistance coil, and you might be drawing thru it too much or are using too high a voltage or wattage setting. If so, that might explain the coils' 'short life' and eliq getting darker faster.


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      Dec 24, 2014
        Hello everyone,
        Welcome and glad you joined.
        The information below may help you learn more about vaping:


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