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Ordering Wood Mods - Please read

Discussion in 'DiscountVapers' started by gormly, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. gormly

    gormly Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2011
    Connecticut USA
    Ordering Wood Mods

    Because wood mods have become popular fairly quickly I neglected to put down some ground rules.
    I feel I need to clarify some things.

    Lewis Gentry is the maker of many of the mods and has been appointed as a supplier associate to help me with wood related questions. Recently some (many actually) have contacted Lewis directly to ask about pricing and custom mods.

    Here are some "rules" when it comes to wood mods being sold by DiscountVapers:

    1. Lewis is not authorized to talk about or quote you a price on any mod or mod part, please do not put him in that position. He cannot tell you how much an "Indulgence in Tasmanian Burl would cost".. Please do not ask him, ask me.

    2. Lewis can only tell you that XX type of wood would cost XX more or less than the base price for a mod.

    3. Please do not contact Lewis for a custom job outside of DiscountVapers unless it is a pen (which he also does).
    Lewis was sought out and contracted by me to develop and make wood mods exclusively for DiscountVapers.
    Contact me first for any custom work you wish done. (or post in forum)

    4. Please post all of your wood related questions in the Wood Mods thread. Do not contact him directly to start up a dialog about what you want UNTIL you have expressed your desire here first and it becomes clear you need to speak with his directly for a specific reason.

    5. If you wish to order a custom wood, you will be required to pay for the mod upfront. The link for this is here. This stuff is not cheap and we have no desire to go into the red on a piece of wood perhaps no one but you may want.

    6. Lewis is not responsible for anything but the wood, that's it, he has nothing to do with the underlying PV. He cannot guaranty it (I do) he cannot replace it if it fails (I do) he cannot discuss how they work (I will)

    Lewis is a supremely talented, decent and honest person and he wants to help, I do not wish to have him frustrated by communications in which he cannot offer assistance without compromising DiscountVapers. I am selling these items at rock bottom I assure you. In terms of time and effort put into this, it is not a profitable venture. This is a service.

    Unfortunately I have to reiterate this point again:


    It does not matter if you know what the wood you want costs, if wood A is 10.00 more than wood B online this does not mean that you mod will "only" be $10.00 more. it may be more it may be less. It depends on a lot of factors, most namely the effort and care Lewis has to put into making you mod by hand.

    If anyone continues to do this your ability to purchase one of these mods will be removed.
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