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Peanut Butter Cup - First Vapes

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Dec 19, 2010
ProVari Nirvana
    This flavor is what Reese's wants to be when it grows up. The peanuts are freshly ground, still hot from roasting. The chocolate is deep and dark and just sweet enough, without being too sweet. I knew from past experience that chocolate flavors need a little bump to transition from a dusty flavor to the full chocolate experience, so I turned it up before I took the first hit. I normally use these cartos at 4.5 volts, and that won't cut it with chocolate.
    The first flavor I get is the peanut butter. But this isn't your basic store brand peanut butter. It's a strong, rich flavor that almost makes you want to lick the roof of your mouth before your tongue sticks to it. As it starts to fade, a deep chocolate flavor bursts through. Think 70% cocoa dark chocolate, It smooths over the top of the peanut butter flavor.

    I have a recipe for a dessert I make called Black Bottom Peanut Butter Pie. It's a peanut butter mousse - rich without being heavy - on top of a thin layer of decadent dark chocolate fudge, and all wrapped up in a macadamia nut crust. That's what this tastes like. Sure, kids like it, but they think it should have more sugar. Adults taste it, and their eyes roll back in their head. This tastes like that pie. It's definitely going on my list of repeat orders.

    Vaped using an IkenVape Mega Gold V2 carto measured at 2.7 ohms, on a ProVari set to 4.8 volts.
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