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PodStick review - By SP 'For the smokers'

Discussion in 'Vaporesso' started by SP013, Oct 31, 2019.

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  1. SP013

    SP013 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 14, 2019
    Warsaw, Poland
    Hiya, here I am once again with another review.

    Today the star of the show is the Vaporesso PodStick sent to me by Vaporesso for the purpose of this review. My review is 100% legit and not influenced by anyone else then me and myself.


    The Vaporesso PodStick is a pod that kind of looks like a stick, guess that’s where the name ‘PodStick’ comes from.

    It comes in a variety of color, six to be exact; Silver, Black, Blue, Gold, Phantom and Splashed. For this review I received the Splashed version, cool design.

    What do you get in the box?

    • 1 × PodStick Mod
    • 2 × Pods -CCELL 1.3Ω (Pre-installed) -MESHED 0.6Ω (In box)
    • 1 × E-juice Bottle
    • 1 × USB Cable
    • 1 × Warranty Card


    What features does this PodStick have?

    • PTF on the Top

    • Patented CCELL Pod (1.3Ω , 9w-12.5w)

    • Meshed Pod (0.6Ω , 17w-22w)

    • 3 power modes

    • 5 level battery display





    My experience with the PodStick

    First thing that stood out to me when taking out the PodStick Mod was its weight and design, its really lightweight and I straight away loved the design, its small but not supersmall.

    Operating the device is easy and the ability to switch between the wattage levels (dependent on the coil installed) is a big pro. Regular 5 clicks on and off, and 3 clicks to change between the wattage levels. It is not draw activated which for me isn’t a problem, I like to have full control over my things.

    The fact that the device shows the battery level each time you hit the firebutton is cool, it’s nice to see 5 different battery levels with 20% increments, always aware when to charge.

    LED lights on the device are pretty sharp, always well visible even in full sunlight.

    900mAh gets me through my whole deal when using the CCEL at its highest setting, when using the Meshed coil it almost makes it through my whole day, charging it takes about 50-55 minutes, not bad at all.


    One of the things I genuinely loved about this kit is the fill method, just slide open the mouth piece and push down the spring-loaded valve, let the juice flow! The bottle that came with it is a nice gesture from Vaporesso, but not entirely necessary to fill the pod, was able to also fill with larger tips.

    The pod that is preinstalled I started with, the CCEL 1.3ohm pod, the pod is supposed to be a true MTL vape and I have to say that it very much surprised me. The airflow and drip-tip for me are spot on for a lovely MTL vape, the flavor is great and actually this has been the best MTL pod I have tried so far.


    The other pod the Meshed 0.6 ohm is a totally different type of vape, I am not sure if Vaporesso intended this pod to be for MTL or DTL as the airflow to me is too airy for a MTL draw and too tight for a restricted lung hit. The flavor on the Mesh coils are great, if not better than the CCEL, but the airflow is just not my type of thing, maybe some people would like it. Also the drip-tip seems just a bit too small for a DTL pod.

    That also brings me to the only real con I have with this kit, there is no airflow controller. If I would be able to make the airflow on the meshed coil tighter it might be my favorite one. Good news is that Vaporesso can still develop new pods that will slight into place with the PodStick.

    The pods itself click very nicely into place and they would never fall out on their own.

    Haven’t experienced any leaking issues or liquid coming through the mouthpiece.

    My Verdict

    Vaporesso did a good job with this kit and I am quite sure if they use the right way of marketing this it could be a very successful device in the vaping industry.

    This kit is ideal for those who would like to stop smoking cigarettes and move over to vaping, especially the 1.3 ohm CCEL is a very good pod that is very close to a cigarette draw.

    It is a trouble-free device, easy to operate, fill and vape.

    I much hope Vaporesso will still keep investing in the development of more pod options, I think something in between the 0.6 ohm and 1.3 ohm (eg 1.0 ohm) would be a good option to have. In the perfect world they would release a pod that has an airflow controller on the bottom.

    Thank you very much for reading my review, and special thanks to @Vaporesso_Chelsea for sending me this kit.

    Wishing you a lovely day!
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