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Review of ePuffer EAZE Magnum

Discussion in 'Commercial Ecigarette Reviews and Videos' started by Deficit, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Deficit

    Deficit Moved On

    Mar 2, 2009
    Vienna, Ohio
    ePuffer EAZE Magnum Electronic Cigarette Review

    Ok, so I promised to do a short overview for those of you who either don't have time to, or don't want to watch the video. I'll be using a review system similar to Leaford's except using stars:

    * * * * * = Excellent
    * * * * = Good
    * * * = Fair
    * * = Poor
    * = Very Poor

    Ship Time: * * * - they waited over a week before even shipping it, but I've seen worse
    Packaging Quality: * * * * - the packaging was very nice
    Customer Service: * - pretty much non-existent
    Main Battery Performance: * * * - it would have got 4 stars had it not had the switch problem and rattling
    Backup Battery Performance: * - it probably only would have got a 2 anyway had it not died. See the vid.
    Main Battery Draw: * * * - not the best, but certainly not terrible
    Backup Battery Draw: * * - much harder draw than the main battery
    Vapor Quantity: * * * * * - couldn't ask for more vapor
    Throat Hit: * - little-to-none, if you don't want throat hit then this might be good to you
    Cartridge Life: * - 50 puffs give or take before burning the paper inside
    Battery Duration: * * * * - I'd have to say the backup lasted about 2.5 hours, main about 3.5
    Value vs. Price: * * - It would have got 3 or 4 stars had the backup battery not died within a week and the carts burned after 50 puffs or so. Probably 3 stars still though because customer service holds a heavy weight in overall value.

    Overall Rating: * * - BUYER BEWARE mainly because of the practically non-existent customer service, bad battery and issues with the one that still works, poor cart quality, no throat hit, high price, switch and draw inconsistencies between main and backup batteries, and very poor charger quality with no USB with the kit like others offer now. However I gave it a 2 instead of a 1 because while the shipping was slow it could have been slower, the battery duration was good, draw on the main battery was good and vapor quantity was awesome from both batteries.

    Thanks for watching!
  2. dohsma

    dohsma Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Feb 26, 2009
    WI, USA
    Deficit, Thanks for the review. You mentioned that this was your first e-cig and I was wondering if you have tried anything else since getting this that you could compare the throat hit of this to anything else. For me it's all about the throat hit.
  3. Nuck

    Nuck Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 14, 2009
    Ontario, Canada
    The condensed version:

    "Epuffer is ..."

    Seriously though, thanks for sharing your experiences. Hopefully others will learn from your pain.
  4. jfh8553

    jfh8553 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I had a similar situation with ePuffer EAZE Magnum in January myself. Both bat "abd" charger were dead within a week. It took me over a month to get my money back. I bought a Bloog and have had it about a month now - bought two extra bats, so 4 in total. All 4 are still functioning beautifully - PLUS they have a 1 year warranty on them. Same great vapor plus throat hit by dripping a couple drops of liquid down center hole of mouthpiece. Good luck with your Bloog.:)
  5. scottro

    scottro Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 26, 2009
    Youngstown, OH

    Thanks for the review. Sorry you got some bad stuff. There are a bunch of companies marketing that type of product (Loongtotem V9). Leaford said in his review that the batteries from ePuffer were the best (better than Smoke 51 anyway). sounds like your experience didn't mirror his. Add to that the poor shipping and customer service, and I can see why you'd be unhappy.

    But there is hope. I've heard that Blog has great customer service, and hopefully their products will be better than ePuffer. I have ordered from Red Dragon (same type as Bloog, Smoke 51, Green Smoke, EAZE Magnum, etc.) and I have been VERY happy with everything. Batteries are good so far (two weeks and counting, heavy use). The USB charger is great, and it works well with the AC adapter (no cord, which is a plus). Carts are great. I ordered the high, and there is a good throat hit on the regular tobacco, the vanilla and especially the cherry. Prices are better as well. There are people with coupon codes on here for Red Dragon as well.

    I'm in Youngstown, by the way. Not too far from you at all.

    Best of luck!
  6. Sun Vaporer

    Sun Vaporer Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2009
    I Concur without a doubt. Sun
  7. leaford

    leaford Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Nice review, Deficit!

    Sorry your batteries were crap. Very different from the two I received. The rattle sounds about like my set, but those kept working. It just goes to show that there are big production variables, and not enough quality control. On the one hand, every brand has some bad ones. But that's where good customer service and honoring your guarantees comes in. EPuffer is falling down on that. I think my first post once I get completely set up will have to be reccomending against e-Puffer.

    But, the cheap cord and charger are normal, so you were a bit harsh, there. The charger is just like all the other brands, and a short cord is not uncommon. ;)
  8. Deficit

    Deficit Moved On

    Mar 2, 2009
    Vienna, Ohio
    I shortened some of these quotes to try not to make the post TOO long and still answer questions:

    This was my first e-cig and the only one I've had or even tried so far, but I will be reviewing the Bloog probably on video as soon as it arrives, and throat hit will be something I will cover.

    That's the goal :)

    Yes, but I don't give any fault to Leaford because like I said in my video about my review, we can only review the products we receive. Leaford has cautioned before in some of his posts that with any of these products, results can tend to vary greaqtly from person to person and production batch to production batch - so far it doesn't seem like a lot of these companies have a good quality control system in place yet.

    I have faith that the Bloog will be much better, and if it's not, I think they will take care of it much quicker and with less hassle than ePuffer.

    There seem to be a lot of us Ohioans here :) Probably has something to do with the smoking ban. I don't know how many other states have been hit with it but I know a few others were as well.

    Thanks! I do expect it to be a better experience, I needed the reassurance though, makes me feel better about ordering from them. After my experience with ePuffer I was almost reluctant to go the LTv9 route again. Do these carts burn up as quickly or as often as ePuffer's?

    Hopefully my longer battery holds up then, at least until I get my Bloog kit. I still have an RMA request on both ePuffer batteries, I think I'm going to ship the whole kit back and ask for a refund.

    Not having much to compare it to makes it difficult to do a review like this. I just expected better from a $130 kit - compare the ePuffer charger to the one the Bloog comes with for example - an AC wall plug that folds up inside of it, and the charger also doubles as a USB charger as well, very slick - ePuffer didn't even give me a USB charger. Now compare prices between the ePuffer Mugnum starter kit and the Bloog starter kit :)

    One thing that you said in a post though Leaford that REALLY caught my attention was the fact that ePuffer charges US and Canadian customers the same amount. I'm not sure off-hand what the currency exchange rate is, but I did notice the packing slip on the box they mailed the device in said "Declared Value: $99" - I think that's seems pretty close to what it should have been in the conversion. So they are over charging USA customers by at least about $30, and why? Because they've so far gotten away with it, that's why! They don't list on their website whether their prices are in USD or CAD, which makes me think they are trying to confuse the customers, or hope they don't question.

    Thanks everyone for the responses! First video I've EVER done on camera and I was a little nervous, not to mention slightly amateur-ish, but I promise they'll get better!
  9. dohsma

    dohsma Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Feb 26, 2009
    WI, USA
    I will be looking forward to the Bloog review.
  10. Deficit

    Deficit Moved On

    Mar 2, 2009
    Vienna, Ohio
    Yeah I don't think anyone has done an actual video review of the Bloog yet, and a lot of people seem to be on the fence about whether or not to order from them because I believe they are a newer supplier and there isn't a lot of feedback on their products yet. That said, hopefully when I do a video review/ demo of it, it'll answer a lot of questions and get people on one side of the fence or the other.

    *** EDIT *** lintz69 did a video review of the Bloog:


    And he also did a follow-up text review here in the forums:

  11. leaford

    leaford Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Yeah, the conversion currently is around $1CAD to $.80USD. So, I am bothered by that, too. And even trying to be fair, it's hard to imagine that was just an oversight. The only way for them to make that right would be to start doing proper currency conversions and send out refunds of the difference to past US customers.
  12. havanaharrys

    havanaharrys Full Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Cheektowaga, NY
    Got my epuffer Magnum yesterday. Bad, AC Charger, and one totally dead battery and if it took a little over a week before they shipped yours, then you did great. Took over 2 weeks before mine was shipped and absolutely no communication. I wonder what happens now that I've asked to excersise their 30 day satisfaction guarantee return policy? I did manage to charge the main battery that worked but even it needed way too hard of a draw to make it work. The only good thing I can say is since I was able to charge the battery off the USB charger I did have an opportunity to see the amazing amount of vapor that the V9 can produce, unfortunatly the cartridge that I sampled (supposedly menthol) tasted like burnt cardboard. Still gonna try the V9 route, but I'm gonna go with Bloog this time. Had a couple pre-sales questions and they answered efficiently.
  13. Deficit

    Deficit Moved On

    Mar 2, 2009
    Vienna, Ohio
    That's precisely why I chose to go with the Bloog as well. Have had no problems communicating with nycsublimegirl and she was very helpful in answering questions before I made the purchase. Use her discount code lanza (i think it's lanza, might want to ask her) for 20% off, which brings the starter kit to about $80. Also check my last post in this thread to see lintz69's video review of the Bloog and there is a link to his follow-up forum post review.

    Also, if you use her discount code you can buy the Bloog starter kit and a carton (20 pack) of cartridges and even after shipping it's still less than the ePuffer Magnum base kit, even BEFORE shipping is added to the ePuffer kit. Their charger also seems very nice quality if you look at it in lintz69's review, looks high quality and is a USB and AC charger in one, which is a really nice touch. Much better than the cheapo ePuffer charger.
  14. macpanda

    macpanda Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 20, 2009
    Geneva, IL
    hmmm well im glad I saw your video. I was looking into ePuffer... but now I think I will try Bloog cus I keep hearing some decent things about them. I really want the vapor they produce. I hope the battery life is not to short. I wish I could attach a Bloog cart to my 103 or 801, that would be great :) But I think this weekend Ill order my Bloog, I cant wait.
  15. Jhamer

    Jhamer Full Member

    Mar 6, 2009
    I'm trying to post this buyer beware in all appropriate threads. Epuffer is very unprofessional in their customer service area. I have been waiting over a week since ordering and watching my order tracker on their website to see that it has been sitting in an 'order processed' state and wondering why it has not been shipped yet. Today I received an email telling me that my order has been back ordered. Complete waste of time and money! Highly recommend not to deal with them. I agree with Deficit, I have also placed an order with and I have received excellent feedback and great customer service. I have not received their product yet, but if their product is as good as their customer service you are in good shape!
  16. Deficit

    Deficit Moved On

    Mar 2, 2009
    Vienna, Ohio
    If I saved just ONE person the waste of time, money and headaches in dealing with ePuffer idiots, then my job here is done :) Thanks for watching and I'm glad to have been of service.

    For those who have the LTv9 style e-cigs and are interested, I'm uploading my review of the Smoke51 8mg vanilla, coffee and regular cartridges to Google video as we speak, and I'll be posting it here in the Reviews forum (not this thread, but the forum itself as a new thread).

    Thanks again everyone, and look for my Bloog "initial impressions" review after I receive it later this week or early next week.
  17. Jhamer

    Jhamer Full Member

    Mar 6, 2009
    Ill be sure to check them both out deficit. Seems that I'm drawn to the LTv9 type e-cigs for an unkown reason. So these reviews will be informative for me.
  18. first2di3

    first2di3 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 17, 2009
    I wish I had seen your review before I placed my order with them, unfortunately I ordered on the 16th of February and I also sat for 8 days before mine was shipped, arriving around the 1st of March.

    I bought 2 of the 150$ starter kits, one for me, one for my wife, 1 extra battery, and a box of 5 Coffee Cartriges to go with them... about 330$ after the discount code.

    In the ~10 days I've had it so far I have been struggling to keep using it, and my wife has given up almost altogether. The suction needed to draw on these has actually caused one of my teeth to start hurting, and caused the gums around it to get swollen... The Cartriges either don't have a taste or the taste is bad... I got Menthol and my wife got Tobacco. When I got the box, we did not receive the USB chargers that are supposed to go with it, and instead of 10 cartriges a piece that were supposed to receive because of the Deluxe package, we only received 5 carts each, and there was a slip of paper stating the USB chargers would arrive on a different date.

    I have tried several times to communicate with them on the issues I had with the week long delay to ship and such and the only time they contacted me was to tell me 8 days after I ordered these that they were on Backorder.

    I have been trying to access their site this evening to try and get my money back, I have been very dissatisfied with these, and my wife is pissed at me because she feels they were a waste of money.

    I think Im going to hold off and get a DSE901 and some CaSH juice when Puresmoker comes back on the 20th for us... at least if we have problems there we won't wonder if we'll ever hear from the company again..
  19. leaford

    leaford Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Mac, take a look at my new video blog post for a demo of the Bloog, as well as Smoke 51 and a new improved but non-compatable disposable atomizer type, the King Vapor. Leaford - An E-Smoker Forever! -|- Leaford’s reviews, E-Cigs, E-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, e-pipes Blog Archive Leaford’s Video Blog, Monday March 9th, 2009.

    And Deficit, I'm looking forward to your views on the flavors. To me they were pretty bland.
  20. Deficit

    Deficit Moved On

    Mar 2, 2009
    Vienna, Ohio
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