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Sigelei 75W Box Mod and Aspire Triton Tank - yes or no?

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Full Member
Nov 23, 2015
London, United Kingdom
Hi guys,

I'm currently using a U20 which is basically an iStick clone, I usually use it with my Aspire nautilus (at about 12.5W) or my Kanger SUBTANK Mini (for sub-ohming) but have been checking out the Aspire Triton tank and it looks good...I can use it with a 1.8 coil at 10-13W or a 0.3/0.4 coil at 55-65W/23-30W respectively.

In order to use that tank...I'd need to upgrade my mod as mine only goes to 23W, I'm thinking about getting a Sigelei but am not sure if it's a little advanced...any advice?
Not open for further replies.

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