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tea alkaliods extraction?

Discussion in 'Liquid Extraction From Tobacco' started by vapero, Apr 27, 2015.

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  1. vapero

    vapero Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 13, 2013
    I want to make some tea extracts to use, but not just the flavor I'm looking for, I want to get the alkaloids on it

    I would love to make a concentrated green tea liquid so I just drip a few drops on my dripper and get a bit of energy.

    has anyone had any luck or experimented with some teas for this reason?? I'm not talking about the flavor extraction but the alkaloid one.
  2. Str8vision

    Str8vision Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 26, 2013
    Sallisaw, Oklahoma USA
    I've not extracted tea or coffee but have vanilla beans and tobacco. I've read a few posts where people have extracted coffee but if I remember correctly they didn't seem too impressed with the results. I'll be watching this thread for ideas.
  3. Bunnykiller

    Bunnykiller ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 17, 2013
    New Orleans La.
    I tried a coffie extraction.... ended up tasting like moldy mud... seriously... very moldy damp earthy smell...
    decided to try it again but at 200F ( think of brewing coffie instead of steeping).. lost the moldy "texture" but still muddy, earthy... no further efforts were attempted....
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  4. Bunnykiller

    Bunnykiller ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 17, 2013
    New Orleans La.
    also... I did do a tea ( Celestial Seasons Raspberry Zinger), the raspbery was very prominant along with the tannins from the tea, after several months of aging, the tannins dropped out and now is a dark VG based raspberry juice ( no nic) great for adding a drop or 2 into a dripper to liven things up a tad..
  5. twgbonehead

    twgbonehead Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Apr 28, 2011
    MA, USA
    The big problem is concentration. If you drink a cup of tea, it's probably at least 8 ounces. It's easy to extract flavor from tea into 8 ounces of hot water. But 8 ounces of liquid is 236 ml. When vaping, the amount of liquid consumed is so much smaller, so the flavor needs to be very very very much more concentrated. You can try making a cup of tea, and then evaporating it until it's a tiny fraction of a ml, and then adding it to some vg or pg - see where the difficulty is?
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  6. Bagazo

    Bagazo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 19, 2009
    The solubility of caffine in water is 20mg/ml. I think PG and VG brings that amount down.

    A dose of caffine for an adult is 100-200mg so you would have to vape 5-10 ml to get that amount. You'd probably be better off using something like this:
    Buzzaire - Metered Dose Caffeine Inhaler | ThinkGeek
  7. Bunnykiller

    Bunnykiller ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 17, 2013
    New Orleans La.
    when I did the tea extract, I used 4 bags in 4oz of Everclear, then evaporated the PGA off until 20ml was left and then added 10ml VG to it to increase viscosity so I could have a full 30ml bottle. :)
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