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Discussion in 'Univapo' started by UNIVAPO_Sharon, Jul 25, 2020.

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  1. UNIVAPO_Sharon

    UNIVAPO_Sharon Brand Rep

    Jun 17, 2020
    Dongguan city China

    You have wine and I have a story. You have questions and I have answers.

    Dear ECF friends,

    During the process of using our UNICO or before u buy it, you maybe have some questions in mind, here we list some typical questions which are possible to be asked by our vape fans. Hope it works for u.

    Q1: DL product or MTL product?
    A: Both DL&MTL ( DL.- 0.3 ohm / 0.6 ohm, MTL--0.8ohm/1.2 ohm)

    Q2: What is the corresponding power range for the different resistances?
    A: 0.3 ohm --30-43W(best-using power)
    0.6ohm-- 18-25W (best-using power)
    0.8ohm-- 17-20W (best-using power, suitable for nicotine salt)
    1.2ohm --9-13W (best-using power)

    Q3. Whether the coil package is differentiated?
    A: The coil is packaged in an inner box with 3 pieces and a medium box with 30 pieces. The resistance is ticked on the package.

    Q4. What is the material of atomizer, Cantel, or ceramic? What kind of type, mesh, or conventional coil?
    A: Each resistance material of the coil is made of nickel-chromium, not ceramic. 0.3ohm and 0.6ohm for mesh coils. 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm are all BVC. And the kit includes 0.3ohm and 0.8ohm. Customers can also make other requirements.

    Q5. What is the material of Pod and is it safe? Do you have a certificate?
    A: PCTG, it is the safety of food rank. CE, ROHS, TPD certifications are all available.

    Q6. What is the screen size?
    A: 0.96 inches

    Q7. What is the battery capacity?
    A: 1500 MAH

    Q8. What is the capacity of Pod?
    A: The capacity depends on which market, the European market, the capacity requirement is less than 2ml, the Southeast Asian market prefers 4-5ml or more. And we have both 2ml and 4ml versions.

    Q9. How many colors of UNICO in total?
    A: UNICO has both new and old colors. The old color now only available for pure black. New 7 colors contain gold, camouflage, dark red, light red, line, carbon fiber black, ink. It's all in new packaging now.

    Q10. Whether the product has a battery indicator?
    A: There is a battery indicator on LCD, u can tell how much energy it keeps according to energy display. But without any other special indicator.

    Q11. Is magnetic design for pod more convenient?
    A: Comparing with the traditional threaded one, the magnetic one is more convenient for customers.

    Q12. Is refilling more convenient?
    A: The way of refilling is sided one, which is the advantage of the similar products-not bottom one.

    Q13. What is the double-layer protection function of the PCB? How to set it?
    A: Double-layer protection refers to the software and hardware lithium battery protection, which is aimed at the safety of e-cigarettes. The internal Settings of e-cigarettes are already set, and there is no need for users to set other settings. Ordinary e-cigarettes only have software protection, but UNICO has both soft&hardware protections.

    Q14. Is the airflow adjustable or fixed?
    A: The airflow can be adjustable for the pod.

    Q15. Are there multiple functional modes? If so, how do you operate the transformation mode?

    A: the function does not have many kinds of mode, UNICO can lock the screen, lock wattage (power) mode.

    If u have any other questions, please let us know freely.
    Skype/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-13686681954
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