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    I was going through the review thread and it's pretty long. I figured some flavors need an update. This will also be the thread where I post any new reviews. If you have a review of any VaporBomb juice, post it up.

    What i found out, like most, is that fresh made juice needs time to steep. When I first started the review thread, I would review them the day I received them. BIG mistake. While some juices were good right off the bat, most if not all, got better once the flavors had a little time to mature.

    CINNABOMB- The flavor that started it all for me. I had tried lots of other vendors juices and they were all, ok, nothing that really stood out as a place I HAD to order from again. Enter VaporBomb and their famous CinnaBomb. By now, most VB users know all about CB, but for those who dont, CinnaBomb is a hot, fiery liquid. A strong cinnamon thats will need it very own atty. Not only is this one of the best flavors out there, the juice has strong enough flavor that you can mix it with just about anything. Get a flavor you dont like? Add some CinnaBomb to it.

    GREEN APPLE- By far the best apple flavor I have ever tried. Even after months and months, this flavor is still in my top 3 flavors of all time. To me, it tastes like a jolly rancher type apple. To me, its one of VB's signature flavors.

    BLUEBERRY- One of the very first freebies I ever received from VB. And to be honest, I wasnt thrilled about a blueberry vape. But, after I actually tried it, it's a very nice flavor. It does need a little time to steep, but once it does, BAM blueberry! Its not a daily vape for myself, but I usually have some on hand, just in case.

    MAXBORO ULTIMATE- I had to try tobacco again. I was a Marlboro red smoker and naturally, this one caught my eye. This is one of 2 flavors that I am not thrilled with. After receiving this, I went back and re-read the description on the website. It is everything that the website promises. It was a full, rich and spicy vape. Produced tons of vapor and had an awesome TH , its the spicy part that just didn't do it for me. This liquid has had some good reviews, and I am not saying it's bad, just not a good flavor for me. If you like the "spicy" aspect, this is the tobacco for you.

    ***A lot of people like this flavor and I am tempted to try it again. My tastes have changes a lot over the months and I am wondering if maybe I might like it now. Will update post if I order it again.

    MAXBORO ULTIMATE MENTHOL- Like the regular maxboro above, its was full flavored and had an great throat hit, just a touch too spicy for me.

    555- When I first had this, it wasnt a flavor that was available from VB. The fine folks over there custom mixed it for me, and I loved it. It finally made it onto the website, but is usually sold out, so I think that speaks loudly on how good this flavor is.

    VIRGINIA MENTHOL- I was talking to Harry about the maxboro and how I wasn't a fan. I asked for his opinion on which menthol I should try. He sent me a sample of Virginia Menthol. This man knows his flavors! The Virginia is outstanding! Hard to describe, but I would say woodsy nutty type flavor with just a touch of sweetness. Menthol is not overpowering, but you can defiantly taste it. This has become my go-to menthol flavor. Probably in my top 3 of all the flavors.

    SNICKERDOODLE- Back when i was a young married guy, and my daughter was just a little girl, she and my wife used to make these cookies. Simple enough to make and actually a very good cookie. I haven't had them in years, so when I saw this flavor, it was a must have. I am very glad I did. It honestly tastes like the cookies my daughter used to make. Sweet, a touch of cinnamon and butter and a very smooth vape.

    BUTTERSCOTCH- Too be honest, even as a hard little candy, butterscotch is not one of my favorites. The reason I picked it is because I definitely knew what a butterscotch candy tasted like and i wanted to test to see how close it really is to the real thing. Well, I gotta say, it tastes like a little hard butterscotch candy. If you like butterscotch, this is for you. I will order this one again, just whenever i need a change of pace.

    GRAPE- Another juice that needs some time to steep, but once it does, it screams grape. I am thinking a touch of sweetener and this flavor would be incredible.

    COFFEE- Just about every vendor has a section dedicated to coffee and coffee type flavors. I am assuming that coffee is one of the more popular flavors. For me, the plain regular coffee from vaporbomb with a touch of sweetener added, is near perfection. I can taste a nice strong black coffee flavor. I am sure others have their own favorite coffees, but for me, this is the one.

    *** still ordering this coffee from VB, but have since removed the sweetener. Still the best coffee flavor I have tried.

    PEANUT BUTTER- This is another one that I received as a freebie, but never would have ordered on my own. I love peanut butter. It goes on everything. This is one reason I would not have ordered it. I would never want anything to distort my view on PB. Again, I was very pleasantly surprised. This is a nice smooth, creamy peanut butter taste. I would not vape it all day, but as a nice change of pace, this is a great flavor.

    GRAND MARNIER- This is one I almost didn't order. I had a very bad experience with a whiskey flavor from another supplier, and i wasn't sure i wanted to try another liquor/liqueur. Much like the drink, this has a nice mellow citrusy taste. While most people mix the real Grand Marnier, this one is really good all by itself. Would not want to vape it everyday, but as a nice weekend flavor, this one is tops.

    The citrusy tones of this flavor seem to come to life after a couple days as well. Still not an everyday vape, but one i would recommend when a change is needed.

    CANDY CANE (DRINK)- I got this as a trade and it has been one i have wanted to try for a while. I got to say, this one is really good. Sweet but not too sweet. Minty but not over powering. I would recommend to anyone who likes candy canes. I have vaped a lot of this flavor. It was one that I always kept on hand. Now they have the new traditional candy flavor, which I have set and ready to review.

    ORANGE- Being born and raised I had to try orange. I am glad I did. It is almost like the Grand Marnier in the citrusy aspect, but has a bolder orange taste. Not quite as powerful as the apple, but more along the lines of the grape and blueberry. You know for sure that it orange when you vape it. A very nice smooth citrusy taste. Like most fruit flavors, once it steeps, its incredible.

    WATERMELON- This is Jolly rancher watermelon. I reviewed it back in the day, but have since been ordering it non-stop. The first day you receive it, it smells incredible, but if you vape it, its kind of weak. Let it sit for 3-5 days and the flavor comes to life. By far, the best watermelon out there.

    PEACH- I know, another fruity flavor. I got this one as a trade, so I have to review. From the smell. right off the bat, I am going to say it is lacking a strong smell, But the taste is BAM...right up there with the apple. It is a very strong peachy flavor, very good. So far this is the most surprising because I would have sworn that the taste would be lacking just on smell alone. Perfect vape. Nice strong flavor. Not sweet, but more like the natural fruit.

    This one was a trade and a very nice strong peach flavor. This is one of the reasons I thought the flavors might need time to mix. For what this lacks in smell, its hard to believe the flavor this one has.

    ROOTBEER- For me, there are only to types of decent rootbeer. 1. A&W draft rootbeer and 2. IBC rootbeer. This tastes like draft rootbeer. A very nice flavor, strong flavor. I will be ordering again in the 30ml size.

    WAFFLE- This was a freebie. It didn't go up for sale until after I put in my order, but they must have read my mind. This tastes just like a fresh made waffle. I swear I can almost taste a melted butter flavor. I can picture myself with 2 PV's going at once, 1 with waffle and 1 with black coffee. This is a must reorder.

    BLUEBERRY WAFFLE (MUTT MIX)- Ok, I had the blueberry and just received the waffle, it just makes sense to mix these 2. I hope the vaporbomb version is as good as these 2 mixed together. What before was a blueberry taste is now BAM BLUEBERRY....The waffle really brings out the tastes here and even mixed, I can still taste a hint of butter. Need a 30ml bottle of waffle to mix with the 30ml blueberry here.

    CAPPUCCINO- I ordered this one thinking it might be a stronger type flavor. And I was right!. Nice balance of flavors without being too chocolaty. For my first venture into anything with chocolate, I am very pleased with this selection.

    CAMTEL- This is a tobacco flavor. For some reason, it is not listed on the website, just camtel menthol is listed. A very good tasting tobacco, almost like a pipe tobacco. Not the sweet or nutty flavor most tobaccos seem to have. If they didnt make such a great 555, this would be my go-to tobacco flavor. I will keep this flavor in rotation, if they get it listed back on the site.

    Has been re-listed. I believe they describe as a love/hate flavor. For me, I really like it. Not enough to replace my 555, but definately a good tobacco flavor

    IRISH CREAM- Dont know why, but this is the second free irish cream in a week, from 2 different vendors. The first was a prefilled carto, which to me was almost flavorless and produced NO vapor. The vapor bomb version is the complete opposite. Very flavorful and tons of vapor. This is what one would expect if they ordered irish cream. highly recommended.

    COLA (old recipe?)- I honestly feared trying this flavor. I received it in a trade but had a prefilled carto a couple weeks ago that was blah! There have only been 2 flavors so far that I have found unvapable. The first was whiskey, which smelled awesome, but tasted NASTY...The second was a cola. I literally took 1 inhale on a prefilled carto and threw the carto away. I figured there was no way to get the nasty taste from it. But I decided to be fair and give cola another shot. Right off the bat, putting this into a condom to fill the carto, this stuff is BLACK looking. That had me scared. I have to admit, not bad. I dont know if I would call it a cola taste, but a definite unique taste which I happen to like. I received this one in trade, so I will order again just to be sure, but i definitely like the taste.

    CREAM SODA- Last review I promised to order a fresh batch, and I did. This time, the flavor seems a lot stronger, which is good. It's a good vape, very smooth. Not quite as strong as I have come to expect from VB , but still a nice flavor. Like always, if you are a cream soda fan, then I would highly recommend this one.

    NUTTY IRISHMAN- Once I received the free sample of Irish Cream last week and found out how good it was, I HAD to try the Nutty Irishman. Right off the bat, this stuff has a nice strong scent once the cap is opened. Very nice flavor. Strong but not over whelming. Again, what I would describe as a "thick" flavor, plenty of taste on the inhale and exhale, and strong enough to leave a pleasant after taste. Would like it to be a little bit nuttier, but still a real nice flavor.

    HYPNOTIC MIST- I tried ordering before, but this one sells out quick. As a matter of fact, I placed 2 orders on 1 day, just because this and the strawberry waffle came available after my first order. The website nailed it when they described it as "complex". Theres a slight sweetness, I wanna say citrusy, but thats not right, almost flowery, but thats not quite it either. Honestly, I can not think of the right words to describe the flavor. I will steal someone else's, cause I think they were the closest, Fruity Pebble's. That's probably the closest to being correct. Its not too strong, but has a definite unique taste. The more I vape it, the more I like it. I can see why this one sells out quickly, it really is good.

    LIQUID AMBER- Another complex flavor. Clean tasting, slightly citrus tasting. Not overly strong, but very nice. This is one I could vape on for a couple hours and be totally happy. Happy, thats the word. I don't think anyone could vape this and stay in a bad mood. Complex, yet simple. I like it.

    *** I re-read this review and was going to try and change it, but I honestly can not describe the flavor. Probably not an all day vape for most, but I believe that most would enjoy it from time to time.

    COCONUT- Not officially on the site yet, but I asked about it, and they had a coconut they were working on. If you ask me, this one is perfect. Not the overly sweet coconut like some other vendors sell, this one tastes more like the coconut flavor in Parrot Bay Rum. Matter of fact, if you were to add rum to this, it would be a perfect parrot bay match. By far, the best coconut I have tried. Harry and Jerry, if you read this, don't change anything, its perfect!

    *** its officially on the site now and officially still awesome!

    STRAWBERRY WAFFLE- I made a mutt mix blueberry waffle last week that I though was pretty good. Good enough that I ordered 60ml of it. The strawberry is 10x better. The strawberry flavor pops and the waffle, I said it last week, and I am saying it again this week, I can actually tasted a melted butter flavor. Its just like I bit into a fresh made, strawberry waffle. This one actually knocked the blueberry out of my top ten. This one is that good!

    PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE- I had 2 flavors that I was really looking forward to trying this week. This is one of them. Excellent scent as soon as the cap is opened. A nice strong peanut butter scent. The vape,'s AWESOME! I swear it tastes like I just bit into a peanut butter cookie. Excellent flavor, sweeter than the regular peanut butter flavor, but its supposed to be. In a race between the PB cookie and the snicker doodle, I think its an honest tie. Maybe the Oreo flavor that is being worked on can beat these 2, but I highly doubt it. This is one I will probably always keep on hand.

    ***still waiting on that oreo cookie!!

    CHOCOLATE ALMOND PEANUT BUTTER (CUSTOM BLEND)- One the the things I really like about Vaporbomb, is the custom liquid option. For less than $8, you can choose up to 3 different flavors and have them mixed into a 15ml blend.
    i decided to keep it simple and just do 2 flavors-chocolate almond and peanut butter. And if I can pat myself on the back, I did a good mix. What I like the most about it, is that it is NOT overly sweet. There is a definite sweetness, but not so much that it takes away from the flavor. The only way to improve this one, is to add coconut, so.....

    CHOCOLATE ALMOND PEANUT BUTTER COCONUT (MUTT MIX)- Well I had them both on hand,so I had to try it. Jerry may be the mix-master at Vaporbomb, but I think Imight be able to give him a run for his money! This vape is the bomb. This one could actually use a touch of sweetener, but it has an awesome taste. The next order I get, I will do the same mix but ask for a touch of sweetener, and it will be fit for the gods! (Hey Jerry, consider this part of my resume!)

    BLACKBERRY- I always try to include a fruit or two in my orders for a well balanced vaping experience. Right off, when the cap is opened, there is not much of a smell. But the flavor pops on this flavor. To me, much stronger than the grape or blueberry. Fruity flavored with an undertone of a floral taste. So far, my second favorite fruit, behind apple, which is fast becoming my favorite all day vape, even over my beloved cinnabomb.

    This one is one of the stronger flavors when fresh, but like the others, this just gets better with time!

    BANANA- As far as real fruits go, bananas are one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I haven't found a banana flavored vape that I really like yet. But I think that just changed. This banana tastes like, well a banana. Slightly sweet, great overall taste. I bet this mixed with a nutty flavor to make a banana nut bread would be incredible. (hey jerry, resume part 2)

    MARASCHINO CHERRY- Honestly, this one is cherry, plain and simple. One of the things I like about all of the fruit flavors, is that they are not too sweet. All of them so far have been a perfect mix between sweet and fruit, if that makes any sense. This one, like the blackberry is a stronger cherry flavor which I like. This one is almost the same taste of another vendors flavor, without the heat. I highly recommend this one.

    CARAMEL APPLE- I finally reached my other flavor that I have really been looking forward to. If you ever read any of my other posts, you know, cinnabomb is my #1 go-to vape. Lately though, apple has been creeping up and taking some of the shine away from my cinnabomb. Naturally, a caramel apple just seems like it would go almost straight to the top. Unfortunately, I guess I built it up to high in my mind before I actually got to try it. The aroma when you open the bottle is phenomenal. It smells so good. When you vape it, unfortunately, the caramel overpowers the apple, so there is just a hint of my apple in there. Now, the caramel taste itself is very good, but I was really hoping for more of an apple

    This is one of the few flavors thats not 100% fruit, thats just comes to life after a short period of time. After a couple days, its like the apple has taken on a life of its own and really just compliments the caramel so well. After this sits, the mutts caramel apple apple, just doesnt need to be done

    CARAMEL APPLE APPLE (ANOTHER MUTT MIX)- I just happen to have a little over 35mls of apple on hand. I think I will make my own custom mix, 50% caramel apple and 50% green apple. And....HOMEUN! This is what I was hoping to get with the caramel apple. (Jerry, if you read this, I offer you my last and final piece to my resume- Mutt's Caramel Apple Apple.....when do I start work?)

    TIRAMISU- I have no idea what real tiramisu tastes like, but if its close to this, I like it. Chocolately and sweet and complex and good. I did receive for free and I passed out 10 samples to various members. Most seem to like it. I for one really like it. Highly recommended.

    *** This one is gone from the site. Wish they still had it on hand.

    RY4- Finally got me an RY4 sample. I have had other vendor versions and most seem to have a cotton candy like taste to me. This one does not. This is a really good tobacco flavor. This one is probably the only one that might make me give up my 555. Still not officially on the site, but can be ordered through the custom liquid option. (Tell 'em Mutt sent ya )

    ***Again, on the site, but always sold out.

    MANGO- This is one I received in trade, so no time needed to mix the flavors. This one is sweet, almost candy like, and very very good. Usually I dont like the fruit flavors to be too sweet, because it covers up the flavor of the fruit. But this one is just right. I would say flavor wise, it compares to the apple, in that it is a strong flavor.

    MOUNTAIN MIST- Right off the bat, I will say that I am not a fan of soda flavored vapes. BUT, I really like this flavor. This one is as close to mountain dew as I can see anyone making. It actually tastes like a mountain dew. If you like soda flavored vapes, do yourself a favor and order this one. I am sending a sample to my sister, because she is a mountain dew expert. Will report back.

    ***She received it and fell in love. She says its just like drinking a dew. Unfortunately, she stopped vaping and went back to cigarettes.

    PEPPERMINT- I love anything minty. Gum, candy and vape flavor. This one tastes just like a red and white peppermint candy. I think this might actually break into 1 of my top 10 flavors. If I had any idea it would have been this good, I would have ordered it much sooner. Incredible flavor!

    CINNAMON DANISH- OK, I love a real cinnamon danish. I love anything with cinnamon. To me, this tastes like those little Pilsbury cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon flavor is just popping on this. As much as I love the snickerdoodle and the peanutbutter cookie as a dessert vape, this has surpassed both and is now my go-to dessert vape. With the 50/50 mix, I swear it almost is like i just bit into a hot fresh danish. AWESOME!!

    ***This is officially my #1 vape. It's my own personal liquid crack! When I put my orders in, 9 out of 10 times, I have at least 2-30ml bottles of this in my shopping cart.

    CHOCOLATE MINT- Chocolate mint can go 1 of 2 ways- Andes candy or York peppermint pattie. This is an Andes candy type flavor. Almost feels like you just checked into a hotel and found it on your pillow. Very nice chocolate flavor without the mint being over powering. A very nice vape.

    MUTT MIX- I made a mistake a while back and accidentally filled my menthol carto with apple. It ended up being really good. Well Vaporbomb has a custom liquid option and i thought what the heck, lets be a little creative and make up a flavor. The 3 flavors I chose were: regular apple (not green apple) cinnamon (not cinnabomb) and menthol. Only one way to really descibe it. OMG! It is incredible! I am trying to get them to add this as a regular flavor, but really, you should give it a try. Go to the custom liquid option and just put "mutt's mix" as your flavor. You will be glad you did!

    ***I tried to get this flavor on the site, but it was shot down. Some have tried it and it gets 50/50 reviews. I guess its a love/hate on this flavor.

    BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE- Me and my wife have a couple rules we follow. #1 I stay out of her chocolate stash and #2 she stays away from my dark chocolate. This is by far, the absolute best chocolate flavor I have tried. A delicious vape all by itself, but I can see this being mixed well with other flavors to create just amazing vapes, which leads me to my final flavor and the one I have been waiting for.....

    ALMOND JOY- Yup, you read it right...ALMOND JOY!!... And lets just say....its good. Really good. I am hoping that they get good reviews for this flavor and make it available to everyone. The chocolate- perfect...the coconut-perfect and the almond, well perfect.

    *** Its on the website now and is still delicious

    STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE- Wasnt sure how I was going to feel about this one. Read a review that the cheesecake flavor over powered the fruit taste. Well I must have ordered it right, because its perfect. Nice balance of flavor. You can definitely tell there is strawberries, but also get the flavor of the cheesecake coming through. If you like cheesecake, this ones for you.

    BUTTER RUM- I am not a huge fan of butter rum the flavor in general. As far as the VB version, the taste to me is dead on, but reminds me of why I dont like butter rum. If you like BR, then I highly suggest you give this one a try.

    BUTTER PECAN- Another flavor not high up on my favorites list in general. And again, VB nailed it. Not an entirely terrible flavor, and like it much better than the butter rum. The undertones of pecan flavor make this one much better IMHO.

    BUTTER PECAN ICE CREAM- I know...why would I do this to myself. 3 flavors in a row that i just am not fond of in general. I will say, that adding the cream to the butter pecan for me, adds to the flavor. Now it is much better to vape, but still not a favorite for me. But again, flavor is right on target.

    MAPLE- Now, we come to a flavor I like. And like most other flavors from VB , this one is spot on. I mean, who doesnt like maple flavor. Highly recommended.

    CINNAMON- This is regular cinnamon flavor, not cinnabomb. Lately, one of my new favorite vapes has been the cinnamon swirl danish. And this cinnamon is just like the spice. Taste is dead on, vapor is incredible. If they stop carrying the danish, this would take its place. I still order this flavor when CDS is out of stock

    HAZELNUT- Another hit and miss flavor for me. This one is not overly sweet, which is nice. I was thinking it was going to be like the coffee creamer, which I am not a fan of, but its not. It's nutty, slightly sweet, and a pretty good vape.

    BAVARIAN CREAM- It was bound to happen sooner or later. The last truly unvapable flavor I had was the Maxboro and Maxboro Menthol. Well add Bavarian cream to the list. While it is flavorful, its just the wrong flavor for me. A lot of people love this flavor, so its probably just me that doesnt like it.

    CARAMEL CANDY- A couple weeks ago I reviewed caramel apple. This one is dead on for flavor, just like the little square caramels. Its a good flavor, not an all day type flavor, but still one I will come back to every couple of days. If you like caramel, this is for you.

    KONA COFFEE- Coffee flavors are hit and miss. The regular coffee flavor from VB to me is a hit. The Kona, not so much. Theres a definite coffee flavor to it, but theres something else that to me, just doesnt work. I am not a fan of gourmet coffees either. If i go to a coffee shop, I am the one that orders coffee. Period. No mocha latawhatevers, no cappaccino this or that. Straight up black coffee. If you are a gourmet coffee person, this one would probably suit you just fine.

    SHADE- I am very happy with the 555 that I normally order from VB . To me its one of the best tobacco flavors out there. That being said, I had to try the other tobacco flavors. Shade is the first of 2 I ordered. And I have to say, its good, really good. Smooth flavor, not sweet. The taste is clean. Too be honest, this is probably a tie with my beloved 555.

    DARK VAPURE- The second of the 2 tobaccos i ordered. Like the name, the taste is kind of dark. Its good, kind of a heavy flavor. Not a sweet tobacco, but seems more earthy. Kind of hard to describe. Not quite a pipe tobacco, but more like a half cigarette/half pipe tobacco. Still a good tobacco flavor for those that want to stay in the tobacco family.

    PASSION FRUIT- Well I had to add a fruit flavor. For fruits, the flavors from VB are dead on. The only thing that seems to change is if they are weak or strong in the beginning. This one is one of the stronger flavors. Fresh made and the flavor is incredible. For me, this is one of the better fruit flavors. Highly recommended.

    RED BOMB- Much like the name implies, the flavor is dead on. If you are a fan of the intended drink, then you will like this. Only thing missing is a Jager flavor for a Jager Bomb.

    APPLE CINNAMON WAFFLE- This one is not on the site. Lately, I have been diggin anything either apple or cinnamon. And the waffle that VB came out with is one of the best. So, it just made sense for me to request this flavor. The waffle flavor is still outstanding. The apple and the cinnamon just pop with this. Hopefully this one becomes a permanent flavor.

    ***not a permanent flavor on the site, but can still be ordered in the custom mix section.

    BUBBLE GUM- awesome bubblegumminess... For real, this stuff tastes like bubblegum, the smell is incredible, the taste is sensational.

    BLUEBERRY PIE- Blueberry is usually on my top 10 list. Its a great blueberry flavor, you have to let it sit for a couple of days, but once it comes together, this stuff is just awesome. Now add VB pie crust flavor to the mix and you have a vape thats words really come to mind to say how good this stuff is...Its as if you bit into a fresh made blueberry pie. Highly recommend

    APPLE PIE- I reviewed this one before it became available. I believe they are using the apple pie #2 from my previous review. Still is incredible.

    ***I erased the apple pie reviews because they were tester flavors. The apple pie is AMAZING! Mrs. Smith better watch out.

    PEACH PIE- Now I reviewed the peach and it was incredible. One of the better fruit flavors. Now add the pie crust flavoring to something that is already good, and you simply get peachy awesomeness. Like the other 2 flavors, it tastes like a fresh made pie. Again, highly recommended.

    BLACKBERRY SMOOTHIE- Not a fan of smoothies in general, but this vape flavor is pretty damn good. Blackberry was one of the fruit flavors that I really liked, if you read any previous reviews. Blackberry smoothie, is just 1 step better. This one throws you at first because the smell is not strong, but the taste is just dead on. Now just need them to make Blackberry pie or cobbler.

    PINA COLADA- This is one that I just had to try. My wife is a bartender for more than 20 years now, but during the summer, I get to make the Pina Coladas. She says I make the best, but I would have to disagree after tasting this liquid from VB . VB has nailed it (again)! This would be an awesome vape during the winter when you want to remind yourself of all the fun summer times. The only thing missing with this liquid is the little umbrellas.

    MUTT'S FIRE AND ICE- This one is the best of both worlds for me. A nice hot cinnamon vape mixed with the coolness of a menthol. Cinnabomb by itself was almost perfection, but with the addition of menthol, VB has created the perfect vape. If I could only have 1 flavor from now until I quit vaping, this would be my choice.

    *** how can I not love a flavor that the good folks over at VB named after me? As much as I love CinnaBomb, this has taken over. I ALWAYS have this flavor on hand.


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      V's GREEN APPLE COOLER V's cooler can be any flavor you want, I just choose Green Apple. What can I say, 2 of my favorites come together, green apple and menthol. Perfect! The apple is strong enough that you definitely know its there, but not over powering the menthol. And the menthol is perfect, not too light, not too strong, just enough to give the user a perfect balance of flavors.

      WILD CHERRY This one has a cherry flavor of course, but it is totally different than the maraschino cherry. This one is more like cough drop cherry. Not as candy-like as regular cherry. Between the 2, this one is the one I like best.

      TUTTI FRUTTI Its basically a mix of different fruits. And fruit flavors, for me at the moment, are becoming my go to flavors. I would say the closest taste to me, is like the fruit cocktail you buy already mixed. Not quite as sweet, but the same basic taste. Another good flavor that I will keep on hand.

      STRAWBERRY I loved the strawberry waffle and I have been hearing excellent reviews on the strawberry pie. I just wanted to try the strawberry by itself, and now I see why those are so good. The strawberry tastes just like you walked out into a strawberry patch and picked a fresh strawberry right off the vine. Its sweet, but there is also a touch of tartness to it as well on the exhale. It reminds of of being down there in Plant City, FL, picking fresh strawberries. Delicious!.

      RASPBERRY This one reminds me of those blue raspberry icee's. More sweet, candy like than fruity, but a very good flavor. Its like drinking a raspberry icee, but not getting a brain freeze and without your mouth turning blue. Very good flavor.

      ARCTIC ICE This is a strong, menthol. This one will clear your sinuses. I usually keep it on hand at all times, because just about every flavor can be a menthol flavor.

      ZEBRA STRIPE GUM I remember the name from when I was a kid, I used to chew it, but for the life of me, I could not remember how it tasted. Well, one inhale and the memories come rushing back! Still a hard flavor to describe, but if you ever chewed the gum, you will know this flavor nailed it as soon as you vape it. Thanks for the memories!

      LEMONADE This one reminds me of country time lemonade. Sweet, but not too sweet, there is a tangy-ness from the lemon flavor. A very clean tasting vape.

      PECAN ROLL I was pretty excited to try this one, seeing as how my favorite flavor is CDS. A little disappointed, but think its because I built it up in my head before trying. I know this is supposed to be like a pecan roll, and to make it better (for me), I would add a bit of cinnamon to it, but to me, its more like a pecan log. The white creamy log rolled in pecans. Either way, its a good vape, it just wont replace my CDS.

      TRADITIONAL CANDY CANE Out of all the flavors I received, there were 2 that I just couldnt wait to try. one was the special blend, which i had at the hallovape and have been trying to get ever since, and the other is the traditional candy cane. I have tried VB's candy cane from the drink section, I have tried the peppermint candy's as well. Both were good, but this trad candy cane, well the only word that springs to mind is INCREDIBLE!...Its minty, its sweet, its...found its way into my top 10, possibly my top 5 flavors. VB, please make this one available in the 30ml size!

      BLACK N WILD These taste just like those little black n mild cigars you get in the pouch, the ones i like to call the clint eastwood cigars. Theres a touch of spiciness to it, but not too much. Its a very good tasting flavor.

      BIRTHDAY CAKE I had no idea of what to expect with this flavor. To me, it tastes like yellow cake batter and butter cream icing. Its amazing to me how close it actually is to a piece of birthday cake. Need to order up some vanilla ice cream and then start singing Happy Birthday to me.

      COLA For the most part, most of VB's juices have been getting clearer and clearer. Not the cola, lol. Its as black as I remember it being from before. I believe the recipe has changed a little bit because to me, it now has that cola after taste you get from drinking a cola. I am thinking of adding a drop or 2 of Jack Daniels to it. Overall, it definitely tastes like cola...not coke or pepsi, like store brand cola. Pretty good and would make a good mixer flavor.

      GUMMI BEAR Gummi bears have a unique taste to them. You can always tell the difference between genuine gummi bears and off brand gummis. They have a certain taste about them. Well this flavor, is genuine gummi! I would say like the clear looking gummi, not a red or green gummi.

      ROCKY ROAD I didnt even know this was a flavor they were working on. Hard to pick out the individual flavors, but they all come together and taste just like rocky road. The only way to improve this one would be to make it colder. Well done VB!

      SUGAR COOKIE I love the snickerdoodle and peanut butter cookie from vaporbomb. But sometimes, both of those are a little much. Sometimes you just want a simple flavor. Enter the sugar cookie. It still has that great cookie taste, but just served up in a simpler form. This might be one to mix with other flavors..brb.

      Ok...I just mixed this with plain strawberry, and its perfect!

      BLACK CHERRY The third cherry from VB that i have tried. This one is more like cherry fruit than cherry candy. Tastes like you are eating fresh black cherries from the vine.

      PRICKLY PEAR This one is a sweet pear flavor. Sweet like canned pears. Very good flavor. Probably in my top 5 fruit flavors.

      MAPLE RUM A sweet vape. Strong maple flavor, but with undertones of rum. Its a goof flavor, if you are a maple fan.

      *** And thanks to sbphotog, add eggnog the the soon to be reviewed list.***
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        I have tried tons and tons and tons of VaporBomb juices and I have yet to find one that I do not like. That said, there is one flavor that, IMHO, is head and shoulders above the rest. I could do a huge review on all of the flavors that I've tried but my heart always points me back to my first love,

        When I started vaping, I just couldn't shake analogs. I tried desperately to find something that would work but I still needed a cigarette four or five times a day. In fact, I almost gave up:cry:

        Then, one day, I opened my sample of CinnaBomb from VaporBomb:headbang:

        I haven't touched an analog since, scouts honor! :thumbs:

        The best way to describe CinnaBomb would be to say it is like inhaling a vaporized fireball candy. It is hot, sweet, cinnamony (yeah, I know it isn't a word) and friggin' DELICIOUS!! :banana:

        I've tried cinnamon flavors from other vendors (yeah, you know which ones :censored:) and NONE have come close to the quality, taste and vapor production of my favorite, all day vape,
        :evil:CinnaBomb:evil: by :thumb:VaporBomb:thumb:.

        Do yourself a favor, go to and order up a huge batch of CinnaBomb, you will NOT be disappointed. My favorite blend is 60PG/40VG at 24mg. If you know your sweet spot, customize away. Load up your favorite carto or drip it on your favorite (clean) atty and go to town. If you love cinnamon, heat and a wicked TH, you will be in love with this juice.


        BTW - I highly recommend adding a few drops of CB to just about any other flavor you have in your arsenal. It will take it to a whole new level!
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          First I would like to just mention that I did not receive any of these Vaporbomb Juices for free. I also did not purchase any of these with mine or anyone else's money. But you know me I will give you my honest opinion everytime. Well you may ask well how did you get to try these juices then. Well I had a dream the other night. I dreamed that I received a big order in the mail that was full of Vaporbomb juices. Here is what I received.

          1. Pina colada. I loaded it in the atty and next thing you know I was transported to the Bahamas having a pina Colada on the beach. The only thing was after drinking I was exhaling clouds of vapor. It was fantastic.

          2. Strawberry Waffle. My favorite thing for breakfast. So as you can tell I was pretty excited to see this in the box. I loaded the atomizer and walla I was transported to a restaurant having the finest strawberry waffles imaginable.

          Sorry guys this is were I woke up. I will do a following review after I go to sleep tonight and get to try the rest. But so far it has been the best juice Ive tried so far and if I don't get the same dream back I am hopeing I will win so I can order some and make my dream come true.


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          Nov 9, 2010

            Mmm mmm TASTY! Vaporbomb's flavors are tasty, tasty, tasy! They make me drool at times from how great they are! Another plus is the fact that the flavors are mostly clear and translucent and I swear that's the reason why I don't need to clean my atty! I just dry burn once in a while or when I'm changing flavors, for about two seconds, and my atty hits like a champ!

            Okay, so here goes my review:

            I own a very lovely 510 Joye e-cig, with stock battery and atomizer/cart.

            Peach (80%PG, 20&VG) - Oh boy! I received a 5ml of Peach flavor with my first order from Vaporbomb. I was shocked when I first tried it at how truthfully amazing it tastes! I felt like I was actually eating a peach! It's smooth, sweet, tart, but not overbearing! Decent throat hit, great flavor: a very enjoyable flavor. Every time I vape it, I keep hearing songs that have the word peach in it :laugh: "Millions of peaches, peaches for me..." It's amazing how much I love it, and I have a big ol' 30ml bottle of it is since it's my all-day, MUST HAVE vape! :vapor: Throat hit: 6.5 out of 10. Vapor production: 8 out 10. Flavor: 9 out of 10.

            Blackberry/Passion Fruit Custom Mix (80%PG, 20%VG) - This was my first purchased e-liquid, and also my one and only custom mix. I really don't know what possessed me to mix these two, maybe insomnia :laugh:, but I do NOT regret it at ALL! It's my back-up all-day vape, and my definite all-night vape! In the inhale, you can taste the potent, tart blackberry, with an AMAZING THROAT HIT!!! I've NEVER had any e-liquid that has given me such a great throat hit, without actually irritating my mouth (menthols and mints usually made my throat slightly agitated). On the exhale, the passionfruit kicks in and sooths the tartness of the throat hit for a smooth, sweet, calm taste. Absolutely amazing, and I also have a 30ml bottle of this, too! Throat hit: 8.5 out 10. Vapor production: 7 out of 10. Flavor: 9 out of 10.


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     my day yesterday started out not to be a good day, but VB turned that all around for me.

              I am lying in a hospital bed, to many tests coming to mention. Because of the tests I am on a very strict clear liquid diet, then nothing but maybe an ice chip or two. :ohmy: Oh my, I ask the doctor if I can vape. He kind of gave me one of those "are you mental too" :oops: looks. I pulled out my eGo and let him inspect it. I showed him how it worked, showed him my juice, how I use it, and he said that it was okay, I could vape.

              I cannot do mornings without my coffee but doc says no coffee........not to worry, I pull out my eGo and my Cafe Mocha............a few drips later and oh yes.......the Cafe Mocha hits the spot, the flavor is phenomenal, rich, smooth and robust, exactly how I like my coffee and the vapor this produces is enough to grab the attention of the nurses walking by...................:vapor:

              Of course, when I smoked analogs I've always smoked while drinking my coffee.......:confused:.........yep you got it, out comes another eGo, and my Virginia Menthol, nothing like VM to pacify that tobacco need!.....Coffee and cigarettes??? I'm in heaven....oh wait, not yet huh?

              Ya know when mid-morning gets here and you just want that snack, well in order to stay healthy we must have our fruit! BAM! That Peach is spot on! My first bite (vape) and the nectar flavor hangs in my mouth tantalizing the taste buds into wanting more, more, more.........

              Ok now, I was getting tired of the poking and prodding every 15 minutes and told the nurses to leave me alone for awhile as it was time to rest. I needed something to take me to a state of mind where I could relax......Hypnotic Mist!!!! Peaceful, calming, little bit of citrusy hint of sweetness.....ok, take a deep breath and relax.....vape and relax......vape and relax....

              Yeah, we all know that relaxation does not last long with them dam busy bodies coming in all of the time.....but that's okay.

              Lunchtime is time for a PB & J sandwich.......Peanut Butter and Strawberry, dang I knew I was hungry and this put a stop to the hunger pains......Creamy PB is the best!

              I'm thinking I want something cold and fruity.........V's Strawberry Cooler with a splash of banana is the one to make you smile :) Makes you feel like you are drinking a Strawberry/Banana slushy......yummmmmm. All the while the nurses cannot understand why you are still in a good mood after a day like this.......

              I wanted something to munch on while drinking my slush.....another eGo with some Caramel Candy and I was drinking my slushy and munching on caramel all I need is a good chick flick.... :p

              Now I know it's 5 '0 Clock somewhere..........:2cool:

              Time for a Pina Colada.......yeah baby, that's where it's at. Have that cabana boy:drool: bring you some Arctic Ice cold sliced Mango while you’re laying on the sand to go along with your Pina Colada! And that cabana boy is good for the big "O", a bit nutty, but oohhh sooo goood:pervy:. The best after vape would have to be Royal............ a very smooth tobacco vape with just a hint of anise (I think) fantastic flavor, great for the mood.

              If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.....lah lah lah......These are the perfect vape for putting your mind in the tropics......

              Ok, back to reality, well sort of anyway.............I'm still with the 5 '0 Clock somewhere crowd....bring on the Jamaican Rum......YUMMMMMMM

              The nurses were coming into my room and found me doing the OBA OBA dance...:banana::banana::banana::banana: and thought I was crazy.....but the OBA OBA is just one of those vapes that makes you feel happy....very rich and full of flavor

              It has been a very long but happy day.....I want to finish it off with Harry's Irish Cream with a splash of Liquid Amber.....this is the drink.....err vape.....for a perfect end.....a subtle but flavorful vape......sweet yet smooth......

              And that's all for now Folks!

              All of my Vaporbomb's flavors are 50/50 most are 24mg nic with a few being 18mg...
              All of the flavors are very flavorful, provide phenomenal vapor and TH! I have never had another vendor's juice provide so much.


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              Aug 9, 2010
                I was skeptical but so far out of the 11 I bought, I have tried 5 and liked them all and would give either 4/5 or 5/5 stars to each. Including two that were free throw ins (bubble gum and peach). Wasn't sure I'd like Hypno Mist, but it is really unique and tasty. The Snickerdoodle was surprisingly good and pretty much of the same quality, IMO, as that of she who shall remain nameless. So good job!

                I am so hoping and praying that the White Chocolate lives up to its name, because that is one of my favorite things in the culinary world.

                I really don't like the PET bottles though. I know you said you've got them because they are childproof, but IMO that should not be an issue, since the bigger 30 mL bottles aren't childproof anyway. Maybe give an option to people to choose PET or PE because the latter is so much more flexible and doesn't crease and is easier to reuse.

                I don't get people's fascination with the blow your brains out Big Red gum type flavors, i.e. Cinnabomb, atomic cinnamide fireball explosion, etc. It's good and all but I don't see how you could vape that all the time, and I LIKE strong flavors. I prefer real cinnamon flavors like a cinnamon roll or something along those lines.

                What is the story on 555 and RY4? Are they, or I guess were they, very good? Or did they need a remake so that's why it's unavailable at the moment? Cuz I'd really like an excellent, made in America, version of each.


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                Apr 21, 2010
                  Ok, I will give my opinion of "Bottle Top" 50/50 in 24mg

                  I have purchased this several times from VB. Why this flavor?
                  Well, who does not like to remember the carefree days of childhood, and this one is a flavor that will take you back to those days. When you vape "Bottle Top", you get a cola taste with the sweetness of carbonation just like Bottlecap candy.

                  When I have had a hard day at work, I can come home and close my eyes,and as I vape "Bottle Top" I let my mind transport myself back in time to the days of playing tag, baseball in the sandlot, and chasing girls around the playground (wait, I still do that, just at the bar)

                  "Bottle Top" is full of vapor, taste, and memories of days gone by. Tired of being an adult....just vape a little "Bottle Top" and let you mind wander back and you will see what I mean.



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                  Sep 14, 2010
                  Northern VA
                    I have tried tons and tons and tons of VaporBomb juices and I have yet to find one that I do not like. That said, there is one flavor that, IMHO, is head and shoulders above the rest. I could do a huge review on all of the flavors that I've tried but my heart always points me back to my first love,

                    When I started vaping, I just couldn't shake analogs. I tried desperately to find something that would work but I still needed a cigarette four or five times a day. In fact, I almost gave up:cry:

                    Then, one day, I opened my sample of CinnaBomb from VaporBomb:headbang:

                    I haven't touched an analog since, scouts honor! :thumbs:

                    The best way to describe CinnaBomb would be to say it is like inhaling a vaporized fireball candy. It is hot, sweet, cinnamony (yeah, I know it isn't a word) and friggin' DELICIOUS!! :banana:

                    I've tried cinnamon flavors from other vendors (yeah, you know which ones :censored:) and NONE have come close to the quality, taste and vapor production of my favorite, all day vape,
                    :evil:CinnaBomb:evil: by :thumb:VaporBomb:thumb:.

                    Do yourself a favor, go to and order up a huge batch of CinnaBomb, you will NOT be disappointed. My favorite blend is 60PG/40VG at 24mg. If you know your sweet spot, customize away. Load up your favorite carto or drip it on your favorite (clean) atty and go to town. If you love cinnamon, heat and a wicked TH, you will be in love with this juice.


                    BTW - I highly recommend adding a few drops of CB to just about any other flavor you have in your arsenal. It will take it to a whole new level!

                    I was hoping to edit my original post to add a video-review but it looks like my editing window has passed. The video goes along with the review. Enjoy!

                    Sarah Palin Endorses Cinna-Bomb on Larry King Live!


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                      Nov 23, 2010
                        I am fairly new to the world of E-cigs,but I credit vapor bomb with my success so let me share my story and tell you what I think of their juices.

                        After deciding to finally try and kick cigarettes I purchased an ego kit and some pre-filled carts, they arrived and I was sooo nervous and very excited all at the same time, I put everything together and prepared for what would surely make me throw my last pack of analog cigarette into the trash!

                        I took my first drag of the ego and.... I almost puked, OMG that is the worst taste I have ever had in my mouth, it tasted like warmed up dirt, with a hint of diesel fuel, I laid my new toy down and went and smoked a cigarette, thinking I just wasted 60 dollars.i called a friend of mine that had put the idea in my head initially and told him I hated him and not to call me anymore.he said he was coming over, when he got to my house he had a bottle of vaporbomb Hypnotic Mist in his hand, he filled up an empty cartridge and said "try this"!



                        Vaporbomb Hypnotic Mist is unbelievable, it has a light bubbly taste on inhale, kind of between 7-up and a cool mountain breeze , good throat hit and tons of vapor.

                        On exhale it has a sweet cool feeling, almost a cotton candy after taste but not too strong , it is very hard to explain but it leaves you very satisfied between the cool and the sweet with out over powering any 1 flavor, just magnificent.

                        Throat Hit -7/10
                        Vapor -8/10

                        I have also found it does a great job of mixing with many other flavors and definitely rejuvenating flavors that you might not like so much, it in short is a WONDER JUICE!

                        Since then I have not smoked another analog since so I credit VAPORBOMB for saving my life and Hypnotic Mist for keeping me OOH SOO very HAPPY!!!!

                        Thanks guys keep up the great work.


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                        Apr 18, 2010
                        Cape Fear, NC
                          My hubby suggested the idea of me blowing plumes of fragrant flowers instead of the yummy flavors that made him yearn for a snack even if he wasn't hungry. I thought it was good idea. I ordered VB's Lavender, Zen Garden, Jasmine, Rose & Ylang-Ylang juices.
                          Lavender is palatable, and leaves the air with the relaxing but refreshing essence of true lavender.
                          Rose much like the lavender regarding the palate but leaves a stronger hint of it's flower in the air. My hair smells like roses according to my daughter after she hugged my neck.
                          Zen Garden is actually appropriate for the season, it smells Christmasy like evergreens but it does not have much taste, just leaves the air with it's clean scent.
                          Ylang-Ylang & Jasmine Both feel less palatable... perfume to the taste buds but the aroma is heavenly; it turned smiling heads as folks whiffed the air voicing their acceptance when visiting my house this weekend.
                          I'm a dripper so I mixed a few drops with my favorite clean tobbaco vapes and found all them tasted good with no loss of benefit to the flowery essence left in the air. My car has a terrific smell. Overall none will become my individual favorite all vapes but each will have it's place and find a turn in the rotation of flavors and I will definitely continue to experiment with mixing them.
                          I give Vapor Bomb a thumbs up for all of them.
                          I'm real happy with them and would recommend them to all the ladies for a fun alternative of flowery fragrance.


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                          Sep 11, 2010
                          southern california
                            Ok, just so you know VB was my first juice pick and after trying some others, I am back for good!

                            Hypnotic Myst: This is a great flavored juice, don't know what it is, but it has a great complex flavor that can keep you coming back for more just trying to figure out what that great flavor is. The throat hit on this is STRONG, I of course got it in 100 percent PG and it is knock your socks off throat hit power.

                            Blackberry: The ONLY vendor that makes this juice that actually tastes like blackberies! I love it and I always have it on hand.

                            Oba-Oba: This is a great flavor and very rich, I don't know what the flavor is, it is not like I could put my finger on exactly what the flavor is, but it is terrific

                            Peanut butter cookie: Wam! That is a peanut butter cookie dead on, nothing else needs to be said

                            Caramel Candy: What can I say I actually find myself chewing a little bit, before I realize its just a vape....hahaha!

                            Fire and Ice: Smooth and gentle I know you think I'm crazy but it really smooths outs the menthol and the cinnamon and it just makes it a great all day vape

                            Raspberry: This one was a little weaker than the blackberry but still dead on the flavor

                            I still have so many to try and I am so looking forward to catching the RY4 in stock, but for now, I am vaping the days away with Vapor bomb juices.
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