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Jun 24, 2011
Houston, TX
    I have spent over $500 at volcanoecigs.com over the last 8 months and have been a loyal customer to them. Recently I tried their magma tank-o-mizers and they were great so I ordered a few of those. When I received them there was one defective one that I spoke to their customer support about as it is not covered under a warranty I wanted to make sure that they knew it was a defect in the tank-o-mizer and they agreed, sent me a replacement and I was on my way. My past order I ordered 4 of them as a gift for someone and to be sure the gift was fine I tried each and every one and two of the tank-o-mizers were defective, I called volcano they instructed me to clean it and call back if it was still an issue, which it was. So after letting them dry overnight and testing them once again they both had a terrible burnt taste to them when I called them back they told me that the liquid that I was using destroyed the tank-o-mizers and it was my fault, even though I have been using the same e-liquid that I have been using with my original tank-o-mizers that I had received(Which I did make clear to their customer service rep).

    volcanoecigs.com does NOT care about their customer base, and if you order from them you better pray that they don't send you defective merchandise because they will not replace it!

    Sincerely Warning Everyone,
    Ex Volcano ECIG Customer :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


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    Apr 8, 2010
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      I have bought from Volcano and others for over a year now. I have dealt with companies that have had good and bad CS. I have never had a problem with Volcano replacing bad parts. I buy for a few friends and relatives that don't have credit cards so I have bought a bit more than you have. That also means I have had a few more returns than most people. If it was more than a half dozen people, I would think about going into business :D I know that they have a DOA warranty on there attys and tankos that is either 48 or 72 hours, but I can't remember which it is. I do know that using non Volcano liquid voids that warranty though. I think that is because they do not know how much VG is in it. Each company is going to have rules about their warranty and I understand why they do. I have dealt with companies in the past that do not care about their customers and that is why I am no longer their customer. Volcano has always taken care of the few problems I have had.

      With it having a burned taste, it sounds like it is not cleaned completely. I have taken one of these things apart before and it is not possible to burn the wick. It is possible though to burn liquid into the wick and it can be difficult to get rid of that burnt flavor. I would try cleaning it again. I run a couple coffee cups of hot water through them with a single cup coffee maker then soak them for about 5 minutes in the hot water. Then I pour a shot of Everclear through them. I have tankos that are almost 5 months old now that still work great.

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      Lately I have noticed significant issues with volcanoecigs.com, starting with 5 or 6 shipping errors, back to back, and by that I mean them shipping the wrong items, then shipping the wrong items to correct the right items, and me ending up clueless, and them losing most of my business. After hours of frustration on their internal forum, I was contact by telephone by the owner of the company. He was a very motivated young individual who came off as sincere, and gave me a free bottle of ejuice. The free bottle of ejuice which i did not request was to cover my 4 hours of frustration and multiple trips to the post office for them because of their bad shipping, and lack of customer service, outside of the owner in my situation. To my surprise two orders later another order with the wrong items in it, almost like their shipping department does not know their own inventory, I opened a ticket but quickly gave up because I remembered the 4 hour deal a few weeks prior where I exploded on their forum and almost had a heart attack in the process. So I apologized for opening the ticket and Shadow closed it. After that I still was out of it or confused as to who my new supplier should be, so I ordered again, and now I am stuck with two bottles of bad ejuice, and by bad I mean makes you dizzy and gives you a nausea like feeling. I have opened a ticket but have heard no response, and quite frankly they do not give refunds so I no I am sol, its a learning experience. Then their website was blocked for having malware, its just endless with these people. Needless to say I can not order from them anymore, at least until I can afford to have their own juice tested for my mental security. I am looking into having this liquid tested in a real lab, with an old bottle that I have that is not bad, to see what ingredients are different in the two bottles. All in all I would still recommend them for batteries, but I NEED HELP WITH A COMPLETE SUPPLIER REPLACEMENT. These things really happened to me so take it for what its worth, maybe all ecig companies operate like this, I have limited experience with other vendors, but have had no problems with any of them other than volcano, but volcano has received about 80% of my business since I started.
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