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who i am

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barbara fitchette

Full Member
Dec 3, 2015
Toronto, Ontario
    and now I tell you that I am Barbara Fitchette, living in Toronto where the grass is still green and not a hint of frost. I smoked from age 16 to 55, stopped, then restarted with a cigar when in Cuba. I have stopped and started many times. My doctor told me it takes the average person 12 tries to quit smoking. I am now 67, bought this Kanger mini yesterday and got hooked. I do not miss the yucky mucous-making real cigarettes.
    I posted a thread asking how to take more than just two puffs without the machine shutting up. Always somethin'.


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      Hello & welcome @barbara fitchette :)

      Can you tell us a bit more about which Kanger mini you have & exactly what happens when it it shuts up?

      ETA - just found your other thread so might be best if we post on nthere to try to help you & keep this as a welcome thread? :)

      Elizabeth Baldwin

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      Feb 2, 2014
      Lexington, Kentucky, United States
        Welcome Barbara!!!

        I think what you want to know is how to make it work longer? What you need to do is let off of the button for a millisecond and then press it again. These devices have an shutoff at 10 seconds. You can immediately press it again for another puff though.


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        Sep 20, 2012
        Williamsport Md
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