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'Write An Ecigarette Review Contest' Winners

Discussion in '"Write A Review" Results' started by rolygate, May 11, 2010.

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  1. rolygate

    rolygate Forum Manager Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Sep 24, 2009
    ECF Towers
    Wow! Some great reviews were submitted and it was fun reading all of them. There was a wide range of opinions on which was best for a new user, from the obvious contenders such as the 510 and KR808, through to basic mods.

    Some reviewers simply compared several and didn't pick a winner; others compared a couple then rubbished a third, with veiled abuse (and not so veiled in some cases) for the suppliers.

    The reviews were expertly constructed although some were very short, or majored on statistics for the various scoring factors, without much in the way of descriptions. One drawback to some of the reviews was that the writers did not seem to have read the brief, which affected the final judging as there were several contenders for the top slots. If you are writing a review, fine - but if it's a contest you need to follow the instructions carefully.

    In the end we found it hard to determine the exact placings as the result was close. It didn't matter if we agreed with the conclusions of the author or not - that's a personal decision based on taste after all - but more importantly if the review lived up to both the instructions that were given, and the title the author chose for the review.

    We haven't published the accompanying photos here, they will be published with each review when the new site section opens soon. We did a little sub-editing on most reviews so that any typos or unclear points were cleared up.

    Congratulations to all the winners and we hope you enjoy your prizes! Many, many thanks to all of you who entered.

    First Place goes to DonDBV, the Heinlein of Ecigs, with a nicely-built review of ecigs for a new user.

    Second Place honor goes to Cyberwolf who presented a very well written comparison of contenders for the new user.

    Third Place went to Crashtestjeep, with a comparative review of standard-style ecigs.

    Everyone did a good job there and we will be publishing these reviews in a prominent position in the new site section.

    And - last but not least - let's have a big hand for the generous Suppliers who donated these fabulous prizes. Those lucky winners, eh! Especially the grand prize winner, who will get a ton of gear landing on the doormat soon, including the amazing gold-plated ProVape mod.

    The three winning entries follow. Links, colors and some formatting did not transfer from Word doc to vBulletin so we'll try and rebuild them so that the true flavor of the original is given.

  2. rolygate

    rolygate Forum Manager Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Sep 24, 2009
    ECF Towers
    The Best Electronic Cigarette for a First-time Vaper

    by DonDaBoomVape

    What is the best model for a new vaper to start with? Most ECF members have an opinion about this. Here is mine … and the reasons for it.

    The Three Contenders:

    • Joye 510
    • KR808D-1
    • and…??

    Even more than ranking the three contenders, a significant challenge for this review was choosing which three of the dozens of available models should be in contention.

    The Joye 510 was easiest: it won the Vapy Award and is the most popular model among forum members, for good reason. The KR808D-1 wasn’t too difficult either: the KR8, as some of us have nicknamed it, placed second in the Vapies, has been growing rapidly in popularity, and has its own strengths, different from the 510.

    But that third contender?

    The least controversial choice (and the traditional one) would be the DSE901: it is tried and true, placed third in the Vapies, and is one of the primary fittings for mods. However, I believe that its heyday has come and gone - or is in the process of going - and has been surpassed by those two other models. The 901 has no distinguishing strengths.

    So … which model to include?

    I considered the super-minis. Because of their size, they certainly are appealing to current smokers: “It’s just like a ‘real’ cigarette!” But their performance doesn’t compare with those first two models selected … and I wouldn’t know which super-mini to pick.

    I seriously contemplated the new eGO/Tornado. It has all the virtues of the 510 (except size perhaps) combined with a high capacity battery. But the price of the starter kit is twice that of the others. [All things considered (e.g., PCC and extra batteries needed for the 510), it is equally cost-effective, but the 510 enables a more tentative testing of the waters.]

    I even thought about a 5 / 6V mod. It immediately delivers a “sweet spot” experience. But which of the dozens to choose? The mods have the same (or greater) cost disadvantage as the eGO/Tornado. And they’re all a bit weird looking to someone not of our world.

    I decided on the penstyle. It is clearly different from the other two – in appearance and in the feel of the vape. The penstyle has a loyal following, albeit not as large as the 510 or KR8. And it is my favorite PV. This review provides me an opportunity to articulate why.

    But “penstyle” is a category, not a model. The obvious model to select would be the DSE801, but in my experience with that model (which has been extensive), the 801 is not that reliable: 801 attys last me, on average, one week before dying. My experience with the RN4072 has been similar. The BE112 is well thought of, but I have not liked the few that I’ve tried, finding the TH and vapor to be relatively weak. The M201 is just not compatible with anything else … and each of two attys I tried, ordered separately, died in three days. My favorite (for reasons I will articulate shortly) is the Joye 302 – the atomizer for which is used in the popular Janty/Joye Stick – and my choice for the third contender.

    Starter kits for all three contenders – KR808D-1, Joye 510, and Joye 302 – can be had for around $40 from many of the suppliers that I will suggest.

    And the Winner is…

    A Tie! – the KR808D-1 or the Joye 510
    -- depending on the priorities of the new vaper

    There is no one best e-cig model for every vaper. We all come to vaping with our own set of expectations and priorities. Each of these two models has a different set of strengths that make it appealing to a new e-cig user. As for the Joye 302: it is equally worthy of your consideration, but one of its superficial attributes has caused it to be less attractive to many (but not all) new vapers.

    #1 (tie): KR808D-1

    If you want a simple, virtually maintenance-free model with a high-powered automatic battery that provides good throat hit and more puffs per charge than any model its size, the Kr8 is for you. It was my first e-cig (because of the simplicity). I didn’t stick with it because I didn’t like the taste of the cartomizers at that time (June 2009). However, they have improved considerably (e.g., CigEasy’s “Gold Label”, Vapor4Life’s “Premium”, and VaporNine’s “Turbo” lines) … and many more flavors and nicotine levels (and suppliers) are now available.

    The cartomizer concept is a leap forward in cart/atty design. You just screw it onto a charged battery and vape; no messing with e-liquid required, although you can if you want to. Its ease of use is a boon to new vapers; and its convenience (e.g., when driving or at work) can be appreciated by all vapers.

    As a cartridge, the cartomizer is the only one that I have found to be effective in delivering e-liquid to the atomizer. Most KR8 users don’t find it necessary to stuff their cartomizers with tea bags or blue foam in order to get a decent vape.

    As for the disposable atomizer portion, no model’s atomizer lasts that long; all really are disposable (and/or require considerable maintenance). The KR8 atty is just a heck of a lot cheaper to dispose of. And, because of the simplicity, juice delivery, and disposability, I predict that the two-piece, cartomizer design will be what brings in the masses. Already it is making inroads in the 510 world.

    The KR8 battery’s 280 mAh is greater than most models, equaled only by the penstyle and 510 Mega. [The Kr8’s own mega version (“XL”) is 380 mAh.] Only the eGO/Tornado or mods provide more puffs per charge. Heading out into the world for the day with two fully charged KR8 batts, many vapers wouldn’t even need its effective PCC. And the KR8 battery is the only true 3.7V batt of the non-mods. In combination with the effective cartomizer, the KR8 battery delivers strong throat hit. I even use it (with adapter) as the battery for my Joye 302 penstyle. (I call it the DaBoomMod.) [FYI: The KR8 batt also accommodates a 901 atty, without an adapter.]

    The downside of the KR8 battery (and passthrough) is the implementation of the manual version: that button (more recessed than the 510’s) can stick and doesn’t always engage. The auto batt and PT work like a charm.

    A downside of the KR8 cartomizer is its vapor production: it’s decent, but just doesn’t compare with the 510 (or even the 302). And that cartomizer (which also is the mouthpiece) can get hot. Notice the plastic cap that Belletrist (Puff) keeps on her cart. And I still don’t like the taste that much; though a great many people do, so it hasn’t affected my ranking.

    The cartomizer’s refillability is a wash: on the one hand, it can be refilled with liquid only two or three times before tasting yucky; on the other hand, it’s quick and easy to do (using Doggsbody’s Carto Cap technique) and, by the time you throw it away, you’ve than gotten more than your money’s worth.

    The KR8 model is now sold by many suppliers and often under different brand names. The following are the U.S. suppliers (and names they use) that I have dealt with:

    Vapor4Life (Vapor King) has the greatest selection of cartomizers (flavors and nicotine levels) and batteries (three lengths and many colors), but is one of the priciest (including $7 shipping). [However, if you are “SMILIN” when you place an order, you’ll receive 10% off.]

    NHaler (KR808D-1) also has a large selection of cartomizers (and adapters) and is a bit less expensive (although the shipping cost also is high). [When you order from New Jersey-based NHaler, remember that you can “SAVEinNJ” – also 10%.]

    Other U.S. suppliers (some of which are low cost and/or provide free shipping) include AltSmoke (KR808D), CigEasy (Easy), Cigtechs (KR808D), GoodProphets (VapoRite), LeCig (D1), LiteCigUSA (KR808D-1), Mist-Stix (Mist-Stix), PureSmoker (Ace), The House of Vapor (KR808D-1), VaporKings (KR808D-1), and VaporNine (Nebula).

    Outside the U.S.: Heaven Gifts and Health Cabin (China); Liberty Flights (U.K.) and iVapour elixir (Creator, U.K.).

    #1 (tie): Joye 510

    If you want a slightly shorter model (112 mm to the KR8’s 117 mm) with fantastic vapor and a well-implemented manual battery – and are willing to put up with more maintenance and frequent battery recharging – get the Joye 510 [held by Rob (terraphon) in the above photo]. And I do mean Joye 510, rather than the clones, some of which may be OK, but you’ll be taking your chances.

    I didn’t come to the 510 until relatively late in my vaping journey, after starting with the KR8 and then spending several months with the penstyle and Prodigy. My first reaction was: “It’s so cute!” Remember - I was used to much larger models. And I’ve been very impressed; the 510 is now my second favorite e-cig. I can’t believe the vapor this little guy generates [demonstrated here by Scott (igetcha69)]; it tastes good; and that manual switch is completely reliable and easy to use.

    The frequently discussed downside is its 180 mAh battery – twice the duration of a super-mini such as the Joye 306a, but appreciably less than the 280 mAh KR8 or penstyle. However, for me, this is not a significant problem: the battery recharges quickly and the PCC works quite well. The more serious deficit of the battery is that it delivers only about 3.2V to the atomizer coil. Yeah, I know, it is a “3.7V” battery. And a prefilled e-cig cartridge is “equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.” Then there’s the one about Jack and a Beanstalk.

    That 510 atomizer, however, is so amazing that it is able to generate wondrous vapor with that 3.2V. Another strength of the Joye 510 atomizer, in my experience, is that it lives longer than many other models (e.g., penstyles or other minis). One of my original 510 attys from last fall is still working!

    My personal disappointment with the 510 is the TH. [I have an untested, extremely non-technical theory about this: The 510 atomizer squeezes as much goodness as it can from that wimpy battery and delivers it in the form of superlative vapor, with little left over for throat hit.]

    I get no kick from five ten.
    It is a vapor machine, yes I know.
    But throat hit, I’m telling you true:
    Only from Joye three oh two!

    [You had to expect one song from me, right?]

    However, I am in the minority on this. In fact, I conducted a poll here recently: 88% of respondents get at least as much throat hit from the 510 as any other model (over 50% get more).

    The only other “downside” is that which is shared by most e-cigs – and is relative only to the simplicity of the KR8 – high-maintenance. Blowing out and cleaning attys, constant dripping or hassling with carts – are the primary reasons that I’ve not placed the 510 above the KR8 in this ranking. I consider this to be especially relevant for a new vaper.

    [For newbies reading this, don’t be overly concerned. Remember that this “downside” is only relative to the almost effortless KR8; and it has not stopped thousands of vapers from enjoying the Joye 510.]

    These days, most ECF suppliers carry a 510 (not necessarily Joye).

    Some of the U.S. suppliers with the least expensive Joye 510 starter kits are: Cignot, LiteCigUSA, Rocky Mountain Vapor, NHaler, Liberty Flights US [NOTE: Liberty Flights UK carries the DSE510.], Ecigsupply, The House of Vapor, and Awesome Vapor.

    Outside the U.S.: Heaven Gifts and Health Cabin (China); Happy Vaper (Canada); Totally Wicked’s Titan (U.K.); and Janty’s Dura C (Europe, etc.).

    #3: Joye 302

    If you want a PV with a wonderful combination of the big three (vapor, flavor, and throat hit) on an automatic battery with the same 280 mAh as the KR8 – and are comfortable with a long e-cig (155 mm) – consider the Joye 302 penstyle. [I again call on Rob and Scott to demonstrate.]

    I’ve already praised in song one of the Joye 302’s greatest strengths: its throat hit. It shares this attribute with the other penstyles, but leads the pack. The 302’s vapor is greater than the KR8’s, but nothing can match that of the 510. The flavor is smoother and truer than the KR8 (which I find to be a bit “off”) and at least equal in quality to the 510 (but intangibly different in feel – richer?). I’ve found the 302‘s atomizer, a low-bridge type, to be the most reliable of the penstyle models, lasting me several weeks.

    A penstyle’s length (which I happen to think is elegant and one of its strengths) may be off-putting to some; and is the primary reason that I rank it third for the typical new vaper (but not necessarily for you). I believe the reason there is not more buzz about the penstyle (including this model) is that, because of the length, most vapers have never even tried it.

    All non-cartomizer e-cigs, including the Joye 302, require the same high-maintenance (relative to the KR8) described for the 510.

    A manual switch battery is not even available for the Joye 302 (other than in the expensive Janty Kissbox, which is kind of a penstyle), although you certainly can use the 302 atty on a manual DSE801 batt. I do not recommend it, for the same reasons stated for the KR8 manual. In fact, the button on one of my 801’s became lodged inside the battery housing, never to be seen again. Like the KR8, the penstyle’s auto battery works just fine.
    Not nearly as many suppliers carry the Joye 302 and some only carry the 302 atomizer. [In that case, also get an inexpensive 801 kit from the same supplier … or a KR8 (kit or batts and charger) and a “901 to 801” adapter, e.g., from LiteCigUSA, which has all the components: Kr8 auto batt, charger, 302 atty, and adapter.]

    The only U.S. supplier I know of who carries the full kit is Vapor Station. Those who carry the atomizer are: LiteCigUSA, Ecigsupply (also the batt and charger, but not as a kit), MyVaporStore, Electro-Nic-Stix, DIETsmokes, and Janty’s “Classic Stick TAWA”.

    Outside the U.S.: Heaven Gifts (China, full kit), Happy Vaper (Canada, full kit), and Janty’s “Classic-Stick TAWA” (Europe, atomizer only).

    In Conclusion

    So there you have it:

    • Ya want simplicity and a powerful battery? Get the KR8.
    • Voluminous vapor and a great manual switch? The Joye 510 is for you.
    • Want the “big three” in a long, slender package? Join my Joye 302 fan club.


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    Best Beginner Electronic Cigarette

    by Cyberwolf

    Electronic cigarettes have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past couple of years. More and more people are making the switch from smoking conventional cigarettes to a personal vaporizer or PV, as they are popularly referred to. For many, making the switch to what is most likely a much healthier method of nicotine delivery is easier than they ever thought possible.

    Picking an electronic cigarette to start with can be a daunting task, however. Many people first become aware of this new technology through radio or web advertisements or when passing a mall kiosk or store display. Unfortunately, the models typically available through these outlets are poor quality or overpriced and are a poor representation of the wide array of PVs that are available. However, Internet research will leave a potential user with a dizzying array of choices, some of which are easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

    Most new users want to start with an electronic cigarette that closely resembles the size and feel of a regular cigarette, is easy to use, and is relatively inexpensive. Three of the best choices for new users are universally known by the model numbers M401, 510 and KR808-D1. Each is available in a starter kit for less than $50. There are a number of variations available for each of these models and many are sold under specific brand names, but components from various vendors are interchangeable within each model designation.

    Each of these models is shown in black, but is also available in white to look more like a conventional cigarette. A kit will typically include two batteries with colored LEDs that light up when in use or blink to let the user know that charging is needed. The M401 and 510 come with two atomizers and 5 cartridges, while the KR808D-1 comes with 5 cartomizers that incorporate a disposable atomizer in each cartridge. All include everything that is needed to start vaping, although additional liquid should be purchased so that cartridges can be refilled.

    1st Place: 510 Manual E-cigarette

    Vapor production is where the 510 really shines. Right out of the box it is capable of producing large amounts of vapor and very satisfying warmth of inhalation, or throat hit. The trade off is that some flavors will tend to be lost in the heat that the atomizer produces. Once a good flavor combination is found, though, the vape from a 510 is pure pleasure.

    At 112mm long and 9.2mm in diameter, the 510 is only slightly larger than the M401, the smallest of the group. Unlike the M401, the 510 starter kit usually comes equipped with two manual batteries. These batteries are perhaps the biggest liability for the 510, as they do not last as long as many other models. They are typically rated at 150 puffs, which means frequent charging for the average user. Larger stock batteries and modifications are easily available that eliminate this issue.

    The main benefits of manual batteries are that they are not activated by wind or noise and allow the user more control over how long the atomizer is activated. Another feature that many people love is the fact that manual batteries are sealed, meaning that liquid from the atomizer cannot leak into the battery and ruin the switch.

    Speaking of liquid, the 510 is one of many electronic cigarettes that has the bridge of the atomizer recessed. This makes it easy to drip liquid directly on the atomizer rather than using filled carts. Dripping a few drops on the atomizer will give a number of very satisfying inhalations before it is gone and many people find it to be preferable to using a filled cartridge. This preference has to do with the frequent inability of the typical cartridge filling to deliver enough liquid to the coil. Cartomizers that address the cartridge wicking problem have recently become available for the 510.

    Great vapor production and throat hit, ease of use and wide availability of kits, parts and accessories make the 510 an excellent first choice and it takes first place in this review.

    2nd Place: KR808D-1 Manual E-cigarette

    The KR808D-1 is a two-piece ecigarette unlike most other ‘standard’ types, and measures 118mm long and 9.5mm in diameter, making it the largest of our group. It still feels much like a regular cigarette, however, and the slightly larger battery allows it to last up to 220 draws. Many KR808D-1 kits come with manual batteries.

    It takes second place on our list owing to the fact that vapor production and throat hit are not quite on par with the 510. The somewhat milder vapor means that many flavors tend to come through a little better on the KR808D-1, however.

    Unlike the other two PVs in this trial, the KR808D-1 kit comes equipped with 5 pre-filled cartomizers instead of atomizers and cartridges. The atomizer and liquid delivery system are built into each cartomizer, making for a good initial vaping experience that stays that way until the liquid is gone. Cartomizers are designed to be disposable, but they are fairly easy to refill and reuse. They do hold much more liquid than other cartridge types, making for longer use between refills.
    The only real disadvantages of cartomizers are that they are slightly more difficult to refill and cannot be used to dip or drip. They are a great option for the new user who simply wants ease of use, fitting a new cartomizer each time. Cartomizers have also recently become available for the 510, but are not sold with starter kits.

    3rd Place: M401 Mini E-cigarette

    The M401 is the smallest of the group. At just under 108mm long and 8.6mm in diameter, this little PV is very similar in size to a conventional cigarette. Smaller compatible M403 batteries are even available that bring the size down to 83mm, the size of regular king cigarette. The standard M401 batteries are said to deliver 220 mouthfuls of vapor (although this may be somewhat optimistic like many marketing claims in the world of ecigs), and they do stand up to a decent amount of use between charges. Smaller batteries for this model do deplete rather quickly, though.

    The M401 falls short of the other competitors in terms of vapor. It is sufficient for a new user, but compared to the others its vapor is definitely a little light. While vapor may be slightly lacking, this unit does very well in terms of flavor. Warmth of vapor is also important in mimicking the feel of smoking, and even though this unit operates at a slightly lower power than other electronic cigarettes, the atomizer and cartridge design allow for pleasantly warm vapor inhalation.

    Cartridge size and design are perhaps the biggest handicap for this little e-cig. The cartridge is made up of a small cup that holds the flavored liquid inside of a larger mouthpiece that slides over the atomizer. A full M401 cartridge only holds around 10 drops of liquid and requires a paperclip or other thin object to poke the inner cartridge out for refilling. Once filled though, the atomizer and cartridge work well together, often allowing a cart to be vaped completely dry. Another advantage of the design is that once the cartridge is removed, the exposed atomizer can be “dipped” into liquid, making it easy to use without a filled cartridge.

    Most, if not all M401 starter kits, come equipped with two automatic batteries. There is no switch to get used to; simply draw on it as you would a normal cigarette and the battery activates. An automatic cutoff prevents longer than necessary inhales. The vibration sensitive switch can be activated by loud music and wind however, and may repeatedly activate, possibly causing damage to the cartridge or atomizer. Manual batteries are available, but are typically not sold as part of starter kits.

    The Choice

    Each of the kits discussed has its individual strengths. The M401 is the smallest and looks the most like a regular cigarette. The 510 delivers the most vapor and is the most expandable. The KR808D-1 comes with cartomizers that will easily outlast other cartridges. So which is best for you? Personal preference plays a large part here, but the 510 is probably the winner by a narrow margin. Its relatively small size, manual battery and excellent vapor production deliver an experience that resembles a conventional cigarette closely enough to make the switch easy. In any case, for about the price of a carton of regular cigarettes, it’s easier than ever to make the switch to an electronic cigarette and none of these three will disappoint.

    There are a number of different suppliers that handle one or all of these kits and the E-Cigarette Forum is a great place to find more information. In particular the Model Specific Discussion pages have many links and recommendations regarding the best places to purchase your new electronic cigarette. Instead of giving links here, I recommend that you choose a Supplier on the basis of the recommendations in the Model Specific Discussion forums at ECF.


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    Electronic Cigarette Comparison: The Best Electronic Cigarette

    ~ The Joye 510, KR808D-1, and DSE 901 compared ~

    by Crashtestjeep

    My Research
    There are a lot of Electronic Cigarettes on the market in 2010. After hours on end of internet research, I decided the only way I could make an educated decision on which “e-cig” works best for me is to try them all. Slowly but surely, I built a large collection of e-cigs and found that just a few became a staple in my smoking cessation process. The reasons for these few becoming the “best”, in my opinion, are well earned reasons by the electronic cigarettes themselves.

    The first things I look for are performance and ease of use, followed by durability and endurance. The longer it performs the way its supposed to, the better. Then, it is important for the e-cig to provide a throat hit that mimic’s smoking so I don’t have “real cigarette” or “analog” cravings.

    Taste and vapor production are also a huge factor of importance when choosing an electronic cigarette. If it doesn’t taste good, and the vapor production is poor, it's just not doing what it is supposed to.

    Top Pick
    This is a comparison of standard ecigarettes, not mods, and is for those who are buying their first or second ecig. The ecigs are rated on:

    - Atomizer or Cartomizer Durability
    -Throat Hit
    - Taste
    - Vapor Production

    First Place
    My personal top choice is the Joye 510, a three-piece ecigarette of the 'mini' class. My reasons are simple: first, the durability of its atomizer surpasses any other model I’ve used. I can use e-juice of all types and it just seems to perform really well for an extended time. Some prefer VG liquid, some PG, and I have found that different atomizers better handle one type of e-liquid over another. The Joye 510 atomizer gives a superior throat hit to other models, in my opinion, regardless of brand, style or type of e-liquid. Of course, depending on brand, nicotine strength (if any) and chemistry all factor into a throat hit to some extent, but a good atomizer will vaporize the liquid in a fashion that will deliver a decent throat hit regardless.

    Taste and vapor production with the Joye 510 complement each other with the taste delivered through a nice thick, billow of vapor that swirls into your mouth, gives a distinct throat hit upon inhalation, flavor of choice pronounced, but not overbearing, and an analog-like exhale which looks like smoke, but is actually just vapor from the atomizer - the e-cig and e-liquid working together for a common goal.

    The Joye 510 is my favorite electronic cigarette. Even though I mainly use “mods” these days, I prefer the Joye 510 atomizer over all others. The 510 will suit buyers who do not want a large or unwieldy device, as some mods are.

    Second Place
    My second favorite electronic cigarette is the KR808D-1 model, which is a two-piece device. This model is very versatile and durable in that one “carto” (cartomizer) lasts for hours on end without needing to be “topped up”, or refilled. Most carts can be refilled a number of times before disposal, and some can be bought empty and filled with any e-liquid of your choosing.

    I prefer the KR808D-1 model while driving at night or when I'm somewhere I find it hard to “drip” (refill) an atomizer. The KR808D-1 carts are disposable, but I have refilled many of the carts 15+ times before disposing of them. This model is most convenient for those that do not want to constantly fill, refill or drip to accommodate their e-cig experience.

    Throat hit with the KR808D-1 is hit and miss for me. I find that some cartos have a massive, almost harsh throat hit, while others do not have enough. This varies greatly between manufacturers and style of liquid (PG/VG) and nicotine strength (if any). I have also found that after I have refilled a cart, or filled a blank cart with liquid of my choosing, the throat hit, flavor and vapor production improve a great deal. So, for flavor I have to judge this style e-cig by the e-liquid it is filled with. I find that there is less consistency in flavor with these straight out of the box. I can vape one carto from the box and it is perfect; but the next carto beside it may be less satisfactory, in my opinion.

    Vapor production on the KR808D-1 also can only be judged by the e-liquid it is filled with - but after a refill or fill up with a favorite e-liquid, I find vapor production to be surprisingly good. Sometimes a “good cart” will produce massive amounts of vapor that surpass the other models out there, but again, the KR808D-1 is just not as consistent in all areas as the Joye 510 is for me.

    Third Place

    My third-place model is the DSE-901. This device is much like a mix between the Joye 510 and KR808D-1 for me. Although it has a separate atomizer and cart like the Joye 510 and is not an all in one “carto” like the KR808D-1, I term the DSE-901 as a “mix” between the two because it not only uses the same battery connection as the KR808D-1 model, it also produces excellent flavor, no matter the brand, style, etc. used, the DSE-901 always produces a cool, flavorful vapor.

    The thing I dislike about the DSE-901 most is the durability of the atomizer. It just does not last a long time. My experience with these atomizers is that it may last a few days or a month. On rare occasion, I have had a DSE-901 atomizer last longer, but that was with intermittent use, rotating styles of e-cigs during that time period. Also, I have found the atomizers to be inconsistent in diameter, leaving some atomizers sitting aside until I find a cart that will fit snug and not be so loose it falls off during use. The DSE-901 also requires “topping off” a bit more often, as the cart is small and flat-ended due to the whistle tip, and cannot hold as much e-liquid as some of its competitors.

    However, vapor production and flavor are excellent with the DSE-901. Thick, billowing vapor upon inhale and exhale, colorful flavor delivery and decent throat hit, cooler than the Joye 510 and K808D-1, but nonetheless a throat hit each time regardless of e-liquid style.

    I will conclude my review of the Joye 510, KR808D-1 and DSE-901 by stating I still use all three of the styles of atomizers/carts/e-cigs that I compared, as they each serve their own purpose for what I may or may not need from my electronic cigarette each day.

    I highly recommend every e-cig user having several different models on hand not only to find their perfect e-cig, but to be able to satisfy certain cravings as needed as well having a variety of options for different situations and conditions such as driving at night, being at work or for just out on the town. I have my own preferences and use a plethora of combinations at times and some may want just one style all the time. Sure, I have a drawer of some models I may or may not use again, but I use that experience to help others find exactly what their looking for the first time. I enjoy trying new models and styles of everything e-cig related, but I also know its important to have reviews done by consumers to help others out there choose what they want the first time around.

  5. ejoker

    ejoker Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 15, 2010
    very nicely written reviews all three - congrats to you all!!
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