Yet another anti-e-cigarette article on yahoo, add comments please!

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Sep 26, 2013
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    You probably should break the link to that junk post..

    She's got bad information that the cartridge contains 20mil nic. That's the strength of the solution. I can't find the link I'd saved that explains the distinction clearly. I don't know how she claims 10mil is fatal, but if a kid ingested it, you'd get vomiting before long. You'd think a MD would know better. Secondly she needs to be educated about what's not in the vapor. Just sad.


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    Mar 4, 2010
      It won't let me comment or I'd slam the comments with the studies by real experts instead of letting her get away with referencing material from the expert spin drs who are paid to slander & sway. Here are a few of the decent, honest, credible, studies. Please feel free to add to the list so we can nail it in the comments, to help the smokers if nothing else.
      Drexel, lancet, IVAQS, on & on.


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        "children can then easily become hooked on the nicotine, which could then spur them on to start smoking regular (and cheaper) cigarettes as well."

        Cheaper? Strange, seems like I've only used a little over $5 worth of liquid in the past week...

        You have to remember, they think the only e-cigarette is a cig alike at $8-10 a shot. I used them to switch to vaping and it was just as much as I had spent on analogs.


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          Yesterday, the page indicated there were three comments. I typed a fairly long one, clicked the button, and the page replotted. Still said there were three comments. There is no mention on the page that comments are moderated. There was no "success" message telling me that my comment had been submitted.

          After a couple of hours I checked back, and still saw that there were three comments. Thinking that I might have done something wrong, I recreated my comment (should have kept a copy in a document, but I forgot) and posted again. Same result.

          As one who used to design user interfaces, I find this unacceptable on the part of Yahoo. If comments are no longer being accepted, there should be a message to that effect and it shouldn't be possible to attempt to submit a comment (No comment input field.)

          If comments are being moderated, there should be a permanent message displayed to that effect. After clicking the button to submit, a feedback message should be displayed, verifying that the comment has been received and telling the user that it will be posted later if it is approved.

          If comments are not being moderated, the comment should appear immediately after submission.

          For all I know, my comments fell into the bit bucket next to the server.
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            What a manipulative ..... she is.

            What’s the risk?
            •E-cigs are not regulated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and so their makers don't have to follow the same rules as with other nicotine products. This means that the amount of nicotine and other harmful ingredients in each cartridge can vary.

            So let me get this straight. If something is FDA approved then it must be good for us because the government is looking out for us.

            Hmmmmmm.... Last time I checked these are NOT known side effects from vaping but instead they ARE known side effects from a FDA approved drug that is pushed heavily to help people quit smoking.

            1. Gas
            2. Suicidal actions
            3. Vomiting
            4. Constipation
            5. Sleep problems
            6. Nausea
            7. Blisters in your mouth
            8. Rash
            9. Trouble breathing
            10. Swelling of the throat
            11. Swelling of the mouth
            12. Swelling of the face
            13. Life-threatening allergic reactions
            14. Peeling of skin
            15. Redness
            16. Rash
            17. Worsening mental health problems
            18. Confusion
            19. Paranoia
            20. Changes in thinking
            21. Changes in behavior
            22. Depression
            23. Anger
            24. Agitation
            25. Panic
            26. Anxiety
            26. Anxiety
            27. Hallucinations
            28. Abnormal sensations
            29. Suicidal thoughts
            30. Mania
            31. Aggression
            32. Hostility

            Sleep well tonight everyone. Our government and their hired cronies like Kristen Danielson are here to protect us.

            Don Robertson

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            Nov 28, 2013
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              Like others - Yahooie puts out the same garbage - true on one part - not on others.

              "The battery is screwed into an atomizer which heats up and then vaporizes the nicotine solution. When you pull on the e-cig, just as you would a real cig, the solution is vaporized, you inhale it and then you blow it out. The action is exactly like smoking a cigarette.

              I and others I am sure comment, "...does NOT have to contain NICOTINE". they seldom IF EVER mention that we do not HAVE TO consume nicotine. Sure - most of us DO; but, MOST of us cut back over time. You know how it goes - I need not detail every aspect of "stopping smoking".

              "...pull on the e-cig, just as you would a real cig..." --- NOT hardly Yahooie! I'd never get my "fix" if I did! So - now - after doing it WRONG for 10 days - I do it correctly! Time out that battery!

              "...EXACTLY like smoking a cigarette". I WISH it were TRUE! No more chasing that "bottom of an ashtray" taste I CRAVED when i first began 'electronics'! no more UP the nicotine level only to find a few weeks later it is TOO HIGH and 'cutting' that 24mg with Glycerin OR buying the same flavor in "zero nicotine" and mixing (I wasn't SMART enough to do this!) to make it less apt to kick me in the head; AND losing any resemblance of 'taste' in the process.

              I HAD a three month supply of 'juice' ......... now, it's probably a six-month supply since I 'cut it'. Yet, even though I am at perhaps 12 to 18mg per ml ......... I have that tiny part that LIKED the kick in the head. in this aspect --- "EXACTLY .... ONLY DIFFERENT" from cigarettes. heck if they can misuse "EXACTLY" - so can I, huh? Yep!

              Yahooie Phooey!

              Sorry about typos folks. I can't SEE today and the keyboard is NO help in correcting my errors. It keeps putting the wrong keys under my shaking fingers.

              Senile Old Man Don
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