Closed/Sold ZapWrapz for Dicodes Dani Box (NOT Mini)

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Dec 17, 2011
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In keeping with my promise, albeit a bit on the late side due to technical difficulties, it's time to manually bring another runaway sale thread to a close.

Knowing my ultimate disdain for selling things on Da Foosbook (thank ya, @Hitcat44 !), @Katdarling presented me with a most excellent plan. I'll be taking her great idea and running with it, probably tomorrow.

ANYways, that's all irrelevant. THANK YOU ALL for continuing to make me smile, is the year of too-few (smiles). I had an absolute BLAST (as I usually do), and that's 100% because of you folks. Also and again, the mods who put up with me (and sometimes "she" too, lol!) ;).

I can only think of one appropriate way to close a thread for wraps that are no longer available via this platform; and IF brings a closing smile or laugh, even bettah ("Like BUTTAH!").

Thanks, everyone! I/we appreciate you. :):thumbs:


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