21st Century Smoke?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by itslikeCody, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. itslikeCody

    itslikeCody Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hey guys.
    I've been rockin' a 510 for the past 4-5months, and I love it. My atomizers took a .... a week ago and I've been using some cartomizers to suffice until I can order a new atomizer.

    So today my mom came home today and gave me up this "21st Century Smoke" disposable E-Cig. Apparently it was $10, lasts 375 puffs, and got it from a Circle K.

    Has anyone had any experience with this specific brand? The flavor is good, not too much vapor production.

    My question is this - Seeing as I have a charger, do you guys think that I could recharge this "disposable battery" a few times before it takes a dump? I have juices so I could refill the cartomizer it came with.
  2. zombienerd

    zombienerd Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Most of the "disposable" e-cigs can take 3-4 recharges before they crap out... and if it's a common model ripoff, you can then disassemble the battery and use the connector to build a USB passthrough or a Modbox!!
  3. Nightseer

    Nightseer Super Member ECF Veteran

    Be careful though-I accidentally charged a batt on the wrong charger once. I still have the burn scar.........
  4. No Brag

    No Brag Super Member ECF Veteran

    Why would you spend $10 for a disposable when you can get a couple of attys for that?:confused::vapor:
  5. itslikeCody

    itslikeCody Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I didn't ask her to stop and get it :p
    She just grabbed it 'cause she saw it.
    We're gonna order an atty tonight :)
  6. melder215

    melder215 Full Member

    does it thread in right? i have a 21st century and would like to know if anything is compatible.
  7. Seabass

    Seabass Full Member

    whats compatible with my 21st century ecig is the kr808 cartomizers
  8. Seabass

    Seabass Full Member

    i like mine but my friend has a better set up which i like the way his vapes more but for just starting out im happy with the 21st century ecig i have
  9. Seabass

    Seabass Full Member

    it should last more than 375 puffs though
  10. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    A cartomizer of a 2-piece does not last as long as a pack of cigs. That's a rip-off rebrander lie.

    If you want a 2-piece look at KR808D-1 which is the most recommended, most popular, and most supported 2-piece in the normal-price multi-vendor marketplace. And I recommend manual batteries. Vapor4Life has the most prefilled cartos as well as their VaporKing which is KR808D-1 in colors. Their cartos are soft-cap and you can also buy blank soft cap cartos there and elsewhere. You can find basic white and steel color KR808D-1 at Vaporleaf.com. Litecigusa.net and elsewhere. At LiteCigUSA.net these premium blank KR808D-1 cartos are supposed to be good.
    KR808d-1 PREMIUM Blank Cartomizers

    Whether you get prefilled or blank you will be adding juice whenever it needs some and before it gets dry. If you vape a carto dry you can singe the stuffing and ruin it. If you keep it damp a carto can last for days.
  11. vibrolux

    vibrolux Full Member

    I bought a 21st century today at a gas station just to check it out. It's definitely not an 808 style carto (the 21st carto has a male thread). It also doesn't accept my 4081 cartos. It comes close with the 510, but the 510 cartos it won't quite thread all the way down on the 21st battery.
    I've never had a 901 battery. Possibly that's was the 21st Century cig uses?
  12. artstenn

    artstenn New Member

    For the most part I'm liking the 21st century smokes. I got the express starter kit. I bought it from a local convenience store. I prefer buying locally instead of Internet ordering simply because I bought regular cigarettes this way. Hardly anyone buys cigs over the Internet! Don't have to wait for shipping and/or pay for shipping. The only good way of getting an accurate review of this product is if someone compares several makes. I haven't compared anything, but like the product. It would be better if the battery lasted longer before needing a 3-hr charge. But a great workaround for that is having a spare battery, which I'm getting today.

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