Colorado man sues after explosion

Discussion in 'Media and General News' started by Zapp and Roger, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Zapp and Roger

    Zapp and Roger Super Member

  2. trying

    trying Senior Member

    For a minute I thought it was just an other story about the Florida explosion.
    Wrong, a new and separate case in Colorado
  3. Beans

    Beans Ultra Member Verified Member

    I'm curious about those RaidoShack batteries........Poor guy, it's bad for us all.
  4. mwa102464

    mwa102464 ECF Guru

    This is the part I dont understand in that story --- " After buying the proper batteries from a (nonparty) RadioShack the next day, "Phillip Hahn was using the Prodigy energized by the Enercell batteries at his residence when the Enercell batteries inside the Prodigy suddenly and unexpectedly exploded," the complaint states."

    Radio Shack & Enercell batts ?
  5. Rocketman

    Rocketman Ultra Member

    looks like Roly needs to head on over to Colorado :)
  6. Beans

    Beans Ultra Member Verified Member

    They sell AW batteries for it on site for that PV. I wonder why he used Radioshacks (unprotected)? batteries.
  7. MadKat

    MadKat Super Member

    I don't think I'll ever buy a vaporizer that I have to buy the batteries separately. Every disaster I've read about concerns the mods that you have to buy the batts from somewhere else. I will stick with my KGO...I haven't heard news of any catastrophes with a KGO. :/
  8. Scottinboca

    Scottinboca Vaping Master Verified Member

    I agree, why was he using batteries that are not only unheard of and not supplied by any of our vendors.
  9. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member

    I don't see this guy winning anything. It clearly states on their site to use protected or safe chemistry cells. The guy choose to use the wrong batteries...that was HIS fault and not the fault of the mod or mod maker. Stupidity in not using the proper cells is the only thing that was faulty.
  10. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member

    That's easy to answer...price tag. He wanted to save a few bucks. I wonder what he is saving now?...not a damn thing.
  11. CountSmackula

    CountSmackula Genisis Junkie Verified Member

    I wonder if he stacked 2 rcr123a in place of 1 17670??
  12. Hoosier

    Hoosier Vaping Master

    Yeah, there was nothing "proper" about the batteries the document says he used in the device.

    1.2V Ni-MH batteries are not protected Li-ion that the site recommends or the manual PDF indicates as correct.
  13. Vchick

    Vchick PIF Moderator Verified Member

    I went to the site and checked the mod kit, it shows that it comes with batteries and a charger, unless I missed something where the kit comes without?

    I also checked the rs website and I'm not able to bring up any such batteries, unless he used a 're-chargeable' battery, nothing in a search on the site for enercell shows up for 3.7v, 1600mah, I may have missed something, but did quite a few different searches, by brand, size, etc.

    It's never a good day for us to see something like this happen to anyone. I hope that anyone who is using anything but what is recommended for their apv is taking a serious second look at what could happen.
  14. Scottinboca

    Scottinboca Vaping Master Verified Member

    He's definitely going after the wrong party IMO. If he wants to sue, he should sue the battery manufacturer not the pv supplier. The battery exploded which were in the device, not the device by itself.
  15. Doomed!

    Doomed! Senior Member Verified Member

    All of the enercell batteries that I could find on radio shack's website were alkaline rechargeables. That would be very wrong. There's no way this guy is going to win his case. If a judge even allows it to go to trial.
  16. Hoosier

    Hoosier Vaping Master

    I'm guessing here, but as pointed out before I believe it was an attempt to save a buck or two. (I cannot know what was going through this person's head, but the following is an attempt to follow the logic.)

    Hey honey, I can get this PV, but the batteries are a ripoff. I could just go down to Radio Shak and get any old battery that fits. I mean batteries are batteries, am I right?

    Whatever honey, if you're going to the Shak then swing by Bed Bath & Beyond and pick up a new shower curtain with the money you saved us.

    (The Shack closest to me is next to a BB&B. My wife love BB&B. I like RC, so maybe I'm projecting a bit here.)
  17. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member

    Count...I've stacked Aw Lifepo4's for a long time in all my mods that can take them. I love HV vaping. I even stack in my V3.1. Never had any problems. He's trying to lay blame on the mod and not his stupidity for using the wrong cells. He really, IMO, can't even go after the battery manufacturer. The cells he used can't handle our hardware..too much stress. Please don't misunderstand me, I don't want to see anyone hurt. He should have done his homework on batteries.
  18. Vchick

    Vchick PIF Moderator Verified Member

    I don't think there is blame for either, sadly sounds like user error in this case.
  19. PoliticallyIncorrect

    PoliticallyIncorrect Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I've just worn my fingers down on the Radio Shack site trying to figure out what the guy must have been using. I could have missed it, but they don't appear to sell anything remotely like protected AW17670s.
  20. Beans

    Beans Ultra Member Verified Member

    I'm afraid we're going to see this more and more, with so many new people jumping on board and buying PV's. There has to be a better way to clarify the dangers of using the wrong batteries to save a buck. The general public just doesn't have the knowledge we have over safe battery use. Before I started vaping, I was completely clueless as to how dangerous improper batteries were. it's sad but, but true.
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