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Discussion in 'Halo' started by sflorian, Oct 29, 2013.

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  1. sflorian

    sflorian Full Member

    Has anyone here gotten their level down to zero? I've amassed a fair collection of gear, and I'm in love with all the wonderful flavors and gear I have. I've gone from 18 to 12, and I'm about to start 6. I want to get to zero and become completely free, but I feel like I will miss it. Is there anyone around here that got down to 0% nicotine and continues to use their gear regularly? Or maybe only uses nicotine occasionally?

    A few years back, I got down to 0% nic, and I immediately lost interest in using my gear. I basically carried it with me for two weeks, probably only pulled it out three times. Started smoking about 9 months later. I remember the switch from 6mg (or whatever it was then) to 0mg was the easiest step of them all, I'm just worried about relapse. I'm older and (at least in theory) wiser, but it does make me nervous.

    Anyone on the low end of the nic-spectrum have any thoughts or experiences?

    P.S. - I plan on keeping a lot of my gear for a long time.
  2. Preluder77

    Preluder77 Full Member

    My wife and I started at 18mg and have steped down once a month and are currently at 6 mg. I already find my self able to go long periods without vaping at all. Plan on just dropping it all together after I vap up the hundreds of mls of various juice I have. Wont go to 0 nic. I don't see the point in vaping when there is no addiction. And I already feel Icould drop it easily while still at 6mg. I have no fear of relapsing to analogs. With the help of eliquids I have already defeated that mental demon.
  3. rbeckys8

    rbeckys8 Vaping Master Verified Member

    well I'm worried about 0 nic...I'm not ready yet but it's only been 5 months at 6mg..guess I will see!
  4. Preluder77

    Preluder77 Full Member

    5 months at 6mg, mabe its just me but that's a long time. I had my last cig aug 1st. Used 18mg for august, 12mg for sept and now 6mg for this month. I was a 2 pack of reds a day smoker for 17yrs.But I have made the switch with complete ease from stinkies to eliquid and with lowering nic strength. You could always get some 0 nic and mix with 6mg to get 3 mg for an additional step. That might help you some.
  5. sflorian

    sflorian Full Member

    Thanks. This was my experience exactly (in my former life). It's nice to hear. I'm starting to feel just as trapped with this e-cig thing as I did with smoking. I've been going at about the same rate of dropping levels as you, and its good to hear that others are in a "leisurely hurry" to get out completely. I'm excited for more space in my pockets, and more space in my brain (I can't believe all the e-cig trivia I've acquired.) :)
  6. spaceballsrules

    spaceballsrules Ultra Member Verified Member

    I am switching from 6mg to zero right now. I am waiting for some DIY supplies to come in (PG,VG, and syringes) so I can start messing with flavors. I am going to stick with stronger flavors like menthol and clove to keep the illusion of TH, but I am also sticking with a few flavors I really enjoy, like Tribeca and Southern Classic, as well as a few others. I am not really worried about the nicotine buzz as much as I am about the impact of going zero nic will have on flavor perception. That's why I am going to chase a great "Fire & Ice" flavor mixed with plenty of PG that should keep the nic demons at bay. ;)
  7. WillyZee

    WillyZee Vaping Master Verified Member

    smoked 30+ years ... my first juice purchase was a 30ml bottle of 24mg and a bottle of 16mg tobacco flavour ... never even tried the 24mg

    bought some fruit flavoured 12mg and quit smoking ... will start DIY soon and will go down to 6 ... 3 ... 0
  8. AngiBe

    AngiBe ECF Guru Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Started at 18mg and dropped to 16/12 in about 2 1/2 months. I still have to use 18 when I'm stressed tho so I know I will probably be on 16/12 for a bit. But I was surprised I dropped that quick. I expected to be on 18 for a while!

    Not sure how I will feel about vaping when I can drop to zero. I enjoy the TH a lot and feel like zero will greatly diminish the experience but not sure.
  9. BigBen2k

    BigBen2k Ultra Member Verified Member

    I've been at 6 for at least two months.

    I've vaped 0 for those continuous vaping sessions, but since I've stopped doing that, I'm back to 6 exclusively.

    i plan to keep vaping 6 until it looses its appeal.
  10. wheezal

    wheezal Insane Halon

    Supporting member
    i cant even fathom zero...but then i have no concept of the mathematical nature of null values....that and math is evil sorcery, and i refuse to practice that.

    i started on 12 and it felt light, but after the last month-ish, it's feeling much more comfortable, if that gets too heavy i'll drop from there.

    perhaps one day i'll jsut skip 0 and go into negative nicotine! vaping actually draws nicotine from your body and expelles...explelles...exselles.....and blows it out into the wild to live free for its remaining days! i imagine a meadow with lots of flowers like there my first puppy went to live when i was a kid. and surely he still lives there even 30 years later right?!? RIGHT?!?
  11. Boston Vapah

    Boston Vapah Senior Member

    I've been curious about this...I started at 24mg and don't have any desire to lower my nic but should I?

    I like my nic just like I like my caffeine and am so happy I can now get my nic "cleanly" with all the benefits of quitting analogs.

    By the way, I realize I'm a grown man and can do whatever I want but I've read threads like this and the goal seems to be to get away from nicotine altogether. I started vaping so I could keep it :blink:
  12. wheezal

    wheezal Insane Halon

    Supporting member
    good point! imma grown man! i do what i want too!!

    as long as my mom says ok
  13. Preluder77

    Preluder77 Full Member

    I have just become interested in elminating the intake of things that are not supposed to be in my body. Nicotine, Aspratame, corn syrup, Fluoride etc. I too love my nicotine but after lowering down 6 mg I see now it is not actually needed. And is easier avoidable then I have ever thought.

    Now caffine,haha well you will have to pry that from my dead hands.
  14. Halofan2013

    Halofan2013 Senior Member

    I'm at 6mg and I try to vape 0 as much as possible to be less dependent on nic. Personally, all the flavors test better to me at 6mg and 0mg compared to 12mg.
  15. wheezal

    wheezal Insane Halon

    Supporting member
    i want to actually increase things that aren't supposed to be in my body....i figure if i can intake enough heavy metals and salts, i can mummify myself and live into the far future, when i will become a king among the throngs of the post apocalyptic world!

    mummy wheezal! RAWR!!
  16. Fulgurant

    Fulgurant Super Member

    That's fine, and I wish you luck, but the nicotine by itself (and in vaping relevant dosages) isn't any more harmful than caffeine. Of course it probably isn't a bad idea to wean yourself away from nicotine, but I think a lot of people (not necessarily you) sabotage themselves by trying to escape the nicotine too early. Witness the OP's story.

    To the extent that vaping carries any risk (and the risk is miniscule, based on what we know now), that risk has nothing to do with nicotine, for the general populace. Granted, some people have advanced health conditions that don't go well with nicotine, but that's true of caffeine and any number of other substances too.

    Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good, is all I'm saying. Just moving from cigarettes to high-nic vapor reduces your potential harm by ~99%. Anything more than that is icing.
  17. Boston Vapah

    Boston Vapah Senior Member

    I've read that juices taste better at lower levels and that would be the only reason I'd try a lower nic level (at this point anyway). I love my vices and especially now that I have a clean alternative to get my nicotine.

    I agree with Fulgurant wholeheartedly and do wish Preluder77 (and anyone else) the best of luck if that's their choice.

    However, to rid yourself of everything that isn't supposed to be in your body is going to leave you drinking "distilled" water and eating grass based on what I see/read/and hear everyday (or so it seems).

    It kind of reminds me of the commercial that says to check with your doctor to see if your heart is healthy enough for sex. To which I reply, and if it's not then just shoot me now cos what's the point :D
  18. sflorian

    sflorian Full Member

    I don't think that relapsing after being 9 months nicotine free has anything to do with how quickly I lowered my nicotine levels.
  19. Fulgurant

    Fulgurant Super Member

    Maybe not in your case; I concede that 9 months is a long time. That said, there are stories all over this forum about people who fell off the wagon within much smaller periods after reducing/eliminating their nicotine intake. The point is that vaping is a tobacco replacement or alternative, not necessarily a nicotine-cessation product.
  20. Boston Vapah

    Boston Vapah Senior Member

    And a GREAT alternative it is at that!

    Sorry guys, I didn't mean to open a can of worms but just found it curious that so many folks seem to want to get away from nicotine while so many seem to be the same folks loving their morning coffee.

    When I stumbled upon vaping, I was thrilled knowing that I could have nicotine cleanly and give up smoking.

    Vaping is the cure for smoking...hey that'd make a great bumper sticker :D
: halo, chase
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