Pittsburgh Vapors?

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Vapers' started by deezycakes, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. deezycakes

    deezycakes Full Member

    Hey, my name's Dave and I'm from the Pittsburgh area.

    I was wondering how many of you are on this forum from the area, and was also wondering if you wanted to start a meet up group?

    You know, talk about gear, juice tasting, gear demo, whatever any of you could bring to the table.

    Send me a pm or reply in the thread.

    I got a few of my friends into vaping, so now I'm the "go to guy" now...but I'd love to meet more people with better knowledge/ideas/etc....
  2. Antidevil

    Antidevil Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jerk from Pittsburgh reporting in. I actually sold some CE2s to a guy on the Classified forums with a local pick up, so at least I've seen another vaper in the wild. Technically.
  3. deezycakes

    deezycakes Full Member

    he needs to look at this thread, haha.

    It's hard to find people who "want" to be into it. Most people do it to quit smoking, but they buy 1 brand, 1 flavor, and end up switching back to analogs :/ At least, thats what I've seen so far.
  4. Crankyfuzz

    Crankyfuzz Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I am about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh I have never seen another vaper in the wild as antidevil put it and I originally started vaping to quit smoking and vaped nothing but menthol for 2 years. I have recently spread out to try other things and found that I cant stand tobacco flavors anymore.
  5. tardcore

    tardcore Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    i'm also just north of pittsburgh :) never seen another vaper in the wild except for the one i converted, who currently lives out in indiana county PA.
  6. SirMikeyLikesIt

    SirMikeyLikesIt Full Member

    I'm north of PGH in Mercer County... The only vapors I know IRL are the ones I've converted as well!! lol Hopefully we can get some juice shops around here!! I've been hitting up alot of local businesses bugging them about juices... =)
  7. provoked

    provoked Full Member

    I am around Pittsburgh. I have only seen 1 vaper barring my girlfreind and that was at a pirates game. Lol

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  8. bombshellECHO

    bombshellECHO Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    checking in from uniontown bout 45 miles south
  9. Aloysius

    Aloysius Senior Member

    'Burgher here; I would love to get together for a "vape meet" of sorts.
  10. Griff

    Griff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    From the Burgh also. Live about 30 minutes up Rt28. Besides the co-worker I introduced to vaping, I am the only one I have seen doing it. Wouldn't mind meeting and swaping stories and looking at gear.
  11. chasingcars0511

    chasingcars0511 Full Member

    I am one of several vapers in Indiana county. Not sure if any of us have time for a meet up but it is definitely possible.
  12. jbilod1

    jbilod1 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Weirton, WV here. 22 miles west of Robinson Town Center. Met a fellow vaper at Quaker Steak and Lube. Closest thing to a vape shop here in Weirton are the Blu's sold at Sheet's gas station. They sell the disposables also. Comes in handy when heading out to watch the Steelers. Damn those Ravens.
  13. Photorise

    Photorise Full Member

    Murrysville PA here, 17 miles from Pittsburgh. Used to live in Sq. Hill. I only know 2 people who vape locally and both of them are friend I recently got into it. Well, they're still in the trial period :)

    I also think it would be cool to get together!
  14. Photorise

    Photorise Full Member

    Ok, so a few of us checked in.. Now what? :)
  15. mortios

    mortios Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm around an hour south.
  16. Griff

    Griff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    For those 'of age', I'm thinking beer, wings, and vapes. Show off gear and swap some flavors perhaps.
  17. blondie1964

    blondie1964 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hey :)
    Im 20 min south of Pittsburgh.
  18. provoked

    provoked Full Member

    Lemme know. I'm down.

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  19. JDSupreme

    JDSupreme Super Member ECF Veteran

    South Hills here. Been vaping for 2 years. Me and my 2 converts are the only vapers I know! I heard they are semo-popular at local AA/NA meetings tho
  20. prometheus

    prometheus Super Member ECF Veteran

    Vapor from Carnegie here! Accent and all ;)

    So any Pittsburgh get togethers yet?!
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