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Discussion in 'Show Me vapers' started by Eighttrucktires, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Eighttrucktires

    Eighttrucktires Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    KC? St Louis? Springfield? Branson? Jefferson city? Joplin?
    What's up?
  2. quasimod

    quasimod Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Joplin, MO here! We moved here from KY a couple of years ago, to make work more convenient. The wife and I tag-team a big truck, leased to a local company. Looks like we're not the only truckers in the group! :)

    I'm absolutely interested in some kind of MO Meetup, if I can work it into my crazy, mixed-up non-schedule. You other truckers know what I mean. :D

    In order, I have had or still have, an NJoy NPro (gave it away), NCig (gave away), then a Copper w/a 510 (gave away), a Silver Bullet (wife stole it), a GGT w/AFS (won't let it out of my sight), and one of Carlos' Juice Boxes (I flirt with it when my GGT isn't looking).

    My current main vape is the GGT @ 7.4 volts with an 801 HV atty from imeo (I never could get the AFS to work for me).

    Favorite juice: TV Butter Rum @ 36 mg. from with as much VG as Geoff can stuff in there.

    Due to my schedule, I may stalk these forums (seemingly) 24/7 for days on end, then disappear for a week or two, so don't get your feelings hurt if I don't respond right away.
  3. idlethreat

    idlethreat Full Member

    Hi, all. KC reporting in!

    No trucking for me, just an IT guy who lives in the Northland. Just started vaping about a month ago, have a 510 and a new Tornado I'm still breaking in.

  4. gasp

    gasp Senior Member ECF Veteran

    hey guys! in springfield. not workin much, just going to school mostly. this semester is kicking my butt.
    some sort of meet up would be cool at some point :)
    i have a kr808 and absolutely love it. right now with finances being what they are i can't get anything else. so the eGo that i'm eyeing will just have to wait a bit lol.
  5. NateDogg

    NateDogg Full Member ECF Veteran

    KC metro are here. slightly east of KC actually but about 30 minutes from downtown KC.
  6. precious_gal429

    precious_gal429 Full Member

    Hi fellow show me state vapers! I am a noob on this forum and very excited to find this group! I live in SW Missouri (used to live in Springfield, moved a few months ago). I have not actually started using any products, but its why I joined this forum. I am planning to and wanted to get the skinny from those who actually use the products.
  7. Eighttrucktires

    Eighttrucktires Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Show Me's keep showing up! Nice to meet you Nate and good luck precious! We'll all do a picnic or something soon.
  8. stltransporter

    stltransporter Full Member

    st louis is home to me but im all over the state picking cars up for transport.
  9. precious_gal429

    precious_gal429 Full Member

    Thanks Eight Truck Tires... you know my sis truckinlady. She got me into all this. LOL. I just ordered my starter kit (Joye 510) and can hardly wait till it gets here. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. :)
  10. trukinlady

    trukinlady Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hi prgal, NateDogg, stltransporter!

    Welcome to the group! It's great to meet others from the Show me state! I hope we have a big get together in a few months!
    I'm still new to ECF, but the people here are first rate.

    Hi quasimod! You're in here? Welcome to the group! Great avatar! Hope to see you here again.

    Take care all, catch ya later!
  11. Fishin' Cricket

    Fishin' Cricket Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hey, y'all.. Lebanon, reporting in.. Home of Bennett Springs and the biggest little Cadillac dealership in Missouri! (Oh, and Rollback capital of the 80's)

    Glad to know ya, I'll look forward to the group meet... :)
  12. trukinlady

    trukinlady Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hey quasimod!

    Oh how I remember those days of truckin! I don't drive anymore due to arthritis, but my hubby and I teamed for 12 years. I really miss it sometimes! You know what they say about getting trucking in your blood! :) We hauled electronics coast to coast, and I don't miss East coast traffic!

    Glad you joined our group! BTW, post when you can, you're always welcome!

    Take care and have a safe ride!
  13. trukinlady

    trukinlady Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hey Fishin' Cricket!

    Welcome to our group! I live near Lebanon, too! I vaped the other day at Country Kitchen (in the smoking section), and got a lot of strange looks! lol! I didn't get any questions except from the waitress, but everyone else was hanging on our every word!
    I've yet to see anyone else vaping around here. But I hope it will catch on!

    We hope to have a big get together soon. Maybe when the weather gets nice.
    Hope to see you there!

    Take care!
  14. trukinlady

    trukinlady Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hello idlethreat!

    I didn't see your post! Sorry about that!:oops:

    Welcome to the group! Hope to see you at our (still in the planning stage:)) get together!

    Take care!
  15. trukinlady

    trukinlady Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    OOPS! :oops::oops:

    Please bear with me! My ADD is really acting up!!:oops:
  16. precious_gal429

    precious_gal429 Full Member

    hey trukin! I didn't know you vaped at Country Kitchen! AWESOME! I bet you did get some strange looks. With everyone being "non-smoking" in every !@#$% public place, it's great to see e-cigs making their way into the "smoking" arena. Now cough when you see the "smoke". LOL
  17. trukinlady

    trukinlady Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hey Prgal!

    It was different! I hope e-cigs catch on! I don't like being treated like a second class citizen because I smoke! (soon to be an ex-smoker of analogs!) I promise not to get on my soapbox!
  18. precious_gal429

    precious_gal429 Full Member

    I know what u mean. Since I've been an analog smoker x 30 yrs; I've seen the culture go from being promoted and acceptable to being something similar to doing illegal drugs in public. I know public opinion changes, but I too get sooo tired of being treated like a second class person, because I CHOOSE to smoke.
  19. precious_gal429

    precious_gal429 Full Member

    You may not want to get on your soapbox... but I can for a bit. Yeah, I am a smoker, but I do try and be a respectful one. While smoking outside (oh yeah, can't share air with people inside anymore) I don't stand right by the door so my smoke goes in the building. If visiting friends and they are either non-smokers or don't smoke in their homes, I respect that. I just wish all the "non-smokers" out there would try and respect my CHOICE. :shock: Had to put this in.. too cute not to use... I shouldn't be shocked at how non-smokers react to us smokers.
  20. trukinlady

    trukinlady Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I know what you mean! What really bothers me is banning smoking outside in the open air!!:mad: I can understand an inside ban, but outside (away from the door) is blatant discrimination!:mad: But I don't believe a lawyer would take on a legal case such as that. There are some who feel guilty for smoking, and maybe they accept such restrictions because of that guilt. Oh, Oh, I'm on my soapbox now!:)

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