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2/15/14 - BREAKING: HI fast-moving legis. action; Canada: ON, SK; US States: MA, FL, WV, TN, HI

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Jan 19, 2014
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    [ Just paste broken links shown in purple directly into your browser - the extra line doesn't matter. Tweaks to the formatting algo. done for now, but PM me w/ sugg.s/comments pls. ]

    1) HI heats up: action is moving too fast for the mainstream media, see below.

    WV minor ban passes house. Also bans minor purchases of NRT.

    3) Updated CASAA call on WI - companion House bill also introduced which would exempt vaping from WI's clean air act. CASAA supports both.

    Also - Bill Godshall profiled in the Harrisburg PA Patriot-News (separate post); Gary Cox on public awareness of BT acquisitions in the vaping industry; possible growing trend in the ANTZ movement - "non-identified smokers" (see UCSF study below in HuffPo article); and Lorillard shareholder suggests that FDA may ban menthol analogs - possible future connection to vaping.

    Coverage: Ca. Provinces: ON; SK, US States: MA, FL, WV, TN, HI

    Not Covered: WaPo editorial "How E-cigarettes Could Save Lives"; and an extensive piece on Bill Godshall in the Harrisburg PA Patriot-News (both have already been posted to this forum as separate threads.)


    (CASAA updated call on WI) CASAA: Call to Action! UPDATED: SUPPORT Wisconsin SB 440 and AB 762 EXEMPTING E-cigarettes from public use bans!
    In addition to SB 440 which explicitly exempts vaping from WI's Indoor Clean Air act, CASAA is asking vapers to also support the newly-introduced AB 762, which appears to be the House (assembly) version of SB 440.

    (ECF's InfoZone) Don't People Know that Altria Owns Green Smoke Now? - ECF InfoZone
    Gary Cox discusses the level of public awareness regarding the ownership of certain PV brands, and what significance this might have for the PV market.


    (Kawartha ON Ca local paper) http://www.mykawartha

    Very short junk-free article indicates that local sch. Bd. will ban the use of PVs on school grounds for everyone.

    (Carlyle SK Ca local paper) http://www.carlyleobserver

    Junk-filled editorial by lay ANTZ urges that PV flavors be banned, and does a good job of conflating the two. Author seems to have no idea what the difference between PVs and analogs actually is. Nor has she benefitted from the services of a copy editor who can distinguish "effect" from "affect."


    (HuffPo, US Nat'l News) http://www.huffingtonpost

    Article re: UCSF study on "non-self-identifying smokers," viz. folks who describe themselves as non-smokers but who actually smoke analogs on a regular basis. I don't normally include articles that have nothing specifically to do with vaping, but the reality is that many vapers do still occasionally smoke analogs, and this may be a growing trend among ANTZ studies. More "carbon copy" stories are at the end of this post. For analysis of this phenomenon, see Dr. Siegal's Blog post on the difference between complete cessation and "cutting down": http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com/2014/02/anti-smoking-advocate-incorrectly-and.html

    (US Nat'l Bus. website) http://seekingalpha

    Article by investor who explains why he's getting rid of his stock in Lorillard, makers of Newports. He claims that the FDA is about to ban menthol cigarettes (and perhaps, by implication, will eventually ban menthol as a PV flavor. Rats, I thought that menthol was safe.)


    (Stoneham MA US local paper) http://swampscott.wickedlocal

    Local ANTZ gives fear-mongering presentation at a HS on the "dangers" of vaping to parents. Although MA already has a minor ban, this ANTZ wants the age for purchase of all nicotine-containing products raised to 21. MA is considering defining vaping as smoking for purposes of its indoor clean air act, see CASAA call: CASAA: Call to Action! Massachusetts E-Cigarette Usage Ban -- HB 3726 (formerly HB 3639) (UPDATED)


    (Naples FL US local paper) http://www.naplesnews

    FL's SB224, a simple minor sales ban, is out of committee. Next stop is sen. floor. A/G Bondi-R opposes because it doesn't ban flavors.


    (AP story in Wheeling, WV US CBS Affiliate) http://www.wtrf

    HB 4327, a simple minor ban passed by WV house. This is the first legislation that I'm aware of which also bans the sale of NRT products like gum and lozenges to minors. AP story copies are listed at the end. Read more in the legis forum (including the text of the bill. http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...237-would-ban-vapor-product-sales-minors.html


    (Knoxville TN US ABC affiliate) http://www.wate

    Another story on TN health dept's junk-laden "advisory" on vaping. Junk in the story comes from the HD advisory itself. Vape store owner is interviewed and rebuts it.


    (ECF and CASAA on HI US)
    Lots going on in HI, I can't find any recent articles, so I'm going to list a post in legislation which is up-to-date as of yesterday: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...ts-including-vapor-products.html#post12244168 This s/b read in tandem w/ CASAA's call, which lists the various bills: CASAA: Call to Action! Hawaii Bills that Would Tax E-Cigarettes, Ban Flavors, Internet Sales, Usage, & More


    More WV coverage, mostly carbon copies of the same junk-free AP story:







    More junky links to the UCSF "non-identifying smoker" study:




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    Jan 15, 2013
      As a resident of WI, I am proud of the only bill in the entire lot that brings sense to the table.

      Also not a fan of Gary Cox post on BT and eCigs. Would comment there but feel the stirring of the pot there may not be good for the face value fight we seemingly have to stay on top of, for reasons I'm not entirely clear on. Cold turkey is CLEAN HANDS, while vaping is cleaner hands compared to the hyped up / brainwashed version of blood caked hands.
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