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Nov 2, 2009
Bellingham, MA
At 11:35 a.m. (EST) on November 7th 2009 I put together my first e-cig, a KR808D-1 as I put out my my last cigarette. I took one vape and remember saying "wow" as I almost could not believe how good it tasted. I then put my pack of cigs in a drawer and have not touched a single cigarette since then. I was one of the lucky ones who quit instantly after 36+ years at 2 packs per day. I also stopped taking my blood pressure meds just for the hell of it and my blood pressure has long since returned to normal.

Smokers cough and wheezing was gone in 2 days. Within a couple of weeks my sense of smell and taste returned quite a bit as my vehicle began to stink of old cigarette smell and food really started to taste better and better. One of the best parts is that there never were any withdrawal symptoms and never once have I had the urge or least little desire to light up again. After more than a year and a half I had a physical by my primary care physician. After he was all done I asked him how my lungs sounded and he said "good" then asked "why?" I reminded him that I was a smoker and he was very happy that I quit and asked me how I did it. I pulled out my mod and vaped away as I explained it all to him. He was very impressed.

All totaled I had smoked more than half a million cigarettes in my life. In the two years off cigarettes I have saved more than $10k as my lungs continue to heal and I feel a whole lot better. I was one who really enjoyed smoking and now I really enjoy vaping just as much (if not more). I vape openly in public and stealth vape wherever I want to. I also ask permission at restaurants/coffee shops as necessary and have never had any problems. I have convinced more than a few to at least try e-cigs but not many have stuck to it. I think that you really must want to quit badly enough and give e-cigs a good chance in order to be successful.

I have to really thank ECF and so many members here that have helped me along the way. I can only hope that anyone thinking about e-cigs can give it your best shot and be as successful as I have!
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