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American Spheroid User: Need More Fluff...where to get? Mods...where to replace?

Discussion in 'VapourArt' started by Ashenden, Jan 17, 2015.

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  1. Ashenden

    Ashenden Full Member

    I started using the fluff that came with the spheroid. But I am out. I read about aquarium filler blue "foam" this the best to buy here for the refill fluff.....or any other ideas?

    No insult to the Vapourart team....but the mods are sold through very few vendors here and are really overpriced since they are it's not your design or quality etcetera....its that I am in the States and am limited on budget.

    Does anyone using a Spheroid v3 have a mod suggestion that won't cost me a fortune and that would work beautifully with this atomizer?

  2. jrs99

    jrs99 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 5, 2013
    King George, VA was the American GP supplier. He's leaving the business but still has Fluff and other GP gear on sale.
    You can pick up a Paps v3 in stainless right now for $119.
    If you're looking for cheaper than that I'd point you to the classifieds here on ECF. There's been a lot of GP gear up for sale recently. I've seen v2.5's going for as low as $80.
    As this is GP's forum area I don't have any suggestions for other vendor's gear.
    I wouldn't say GP gear is overpriced. The gear is amazingly well crafted and IMO worth every penny :)
  3. perseas

    perseas Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Dec 11, 2011
    Athens, Hellas
    Welcome here!

    I don't know if you are the same person that emailed us recently, to whom we responded yesterday, but it is a good chance to repost here, because our response applies to your quest for Spheroid builds and fluff.
    I can't put a link for our American reseller due to ECF rules, but you can find his address on previous posts and on the left bottom of our site. Other sources for fluff alternatives below:

    Miro's response regarding fluff and builds:

    Hello Ashenden,

    Hello ####

    I think I understand what is the issue you dealing with, the GP Spheroid is maybe the simplest atomizers on the market since 2012 delivering a clear flavour, strong throat hit and rich vapour.
    The solution for you is to decrease the filing material wrapped around the bell, that way you shall have more liquid flow and better flavour, just make sure that the filing material touches the walls of the tube without any gap.
    Please take a look here and read carefully :

    We have gathered tips,tricks,pictorials,videos from all over the world the last three years.
    Therefore, it is impossible to follow any of those tutorials and not having a good result.

    For example, if the fluff is too dense or doesn't touch the inner walls of the tube, you'll have dry hits and muted flavour. If the posts aren't tighten well, it gives a burned taste.

    Regarding the fluff:

    Random Gp spheroid tutorials:

    We've just released our new model the GP Piccolo which is the ideal partner for the GP Spheroid and is not that expensive, we are also selling worldwide so you can buy it directly from us, here is the link :

    I'm sure you'll have a fantastic results if you pay attention in the details like the correct amount of fluff and keep in mind that the interior of the base has to be kept clean from liquid remnants.

    Best regards,

    Miroslav Hristov
    Managing Director
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