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Aug 17, 2012
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The Cera looks VERY interesting....any info on the heating element/tank/atty?

Yes, it does indeed. I'm interested in seeing more about the use of ceramics. I love the AVA atty. I actually found out about the Cera because I was on TV's site looking for a RES.
I do hope they're not abandoning their "old" products though. I can't seem to get to them on the site anymore :(


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May 3, 2009
Hey everyone, I wanted to chime in and address some questions that have been raised. Firstly, Thermo-Essence Technologies will continue to support all warrantied Apex and ThermoVape products with our unwavering customer support. In regards to producing more mods for the first generation of the Apex and T.V. lines, we have dedicated our resources on the Cera for the time being. If a core needs servicing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

As for the Cera, no compromises have been made in the materials or construction of this exceptional device. The primary components of the Cera are made entirely from a cutting edge ceramic material that has exceptional purity and outstanding durability. For example, the ceramic in the Cera has a service or operating temperature of over 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. Compare this to that of a high grade boro-silicate glass which melts at half of that temperature. We understand that for many years glass was considered the gold standard for vaporizers, please consider that our ceramic's melting temperature far exceeds that of glass, and it is orders of magnitude stronger. As a result we offer a device that is not only equal to glass in terms of it's purity, but vastly superior to glass in it's durability. We chose this material because it goes beyond unparalleled purity, it provides peace of mind.

If you would like a better look at the Cera, please check out the introductory video, and the gallery on our website.

Thermovape Cera - The Vaporizer Purified - YouTube



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Aug 4, 2011
Uhhh... What if you drop it?
Heh, also wondering this.
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