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Atlanta Vape Meet, February 18th, 2012

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Feb 10, 2009
GA by way of WV
    Is there any information on the hotel? I pulled up 2 Hampton Inn's and both didn't know of any $69 special rate. lol
    Can I get an address and phone number please? Thanks a bunch guys!

    I just checked with Hampton Inn, and the block of rooms they set aside for us has been SOLD OUT! I asked if it would be possible to extend the special rate to any additional rooms, and was told NO ADDITIONAL ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE.

    So sorry...

    In case you are interested, there is a Country Inn & Suites right around the corner from Olde Towne on Duluth Hwy (RT 120) and another Hampton Inn about two blocks away on Riverside Parkway. Just an fyi.


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    Oct 8, 2011
      As the 'official head counter' for this event, I THANK ALL OF YA for comfirming your attendance. Because enough of YOU participated to CONFIRM your attendance, we were granted a LOT MORE SPACE for our event! We've got a great place with an interesting SPACE, lots of folks coming, a great group of vendors, extremely generous vendor supporters donating AWESOME PRIZES for our pleasure, good food, and the opportunity to make some lasting friends.

      I've had a ball at the small gatherings I've attended, and I expect this 'Meet-Up' to be an outstanding experience!!

      Please don't miss it, cuz you'll be sorry if you do!! :(

      Although I'm posting my LAST 'Official' HEAD COUNT for our gathering, WE HAVE ROOM FOR MORE! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO COME but your name is not on 'the list'...DON'T WORRY...PLEASE COME and PLAY with us! :)

      February 17, 2012 11:57pm

      TOTAL CONFIRMED ATTENDING (not including vendors, FB guests or ECF non-responders) is Minimum of 108.

      However, PM's I received this week are indicating we should realistically expect between 127 and 142 folks in attendance...not including vendors or vapeteam.



      (number = heads/name):
      wv2win - 1
      want to quit - 1 (maybe 2)
      Nyte - 1
      MikenGA - 3
      erich - 1
      mfraz25 - 2
      Pringles13 - 1
      CloudBurst - 2
      Mr. P - 2
      GERGOZ - 2
      s3anvap3s - 5 (maybe 7)
      NestoChe - 1
      Carless - 2
      Warren D. Lockaby - 1
      Dimitris - 2 (maybe 3)
      limeandblue - 2 (maybe 6)
      cricket1176 - 2
      Zogem - 1
      bugsbunny891 - 2 (20)
      1atom12 - 1
      HHV - 1
      Zapp and Roger - 1
      sacredgaming - 2
      TheTrulyInsane - 1 (maybe 2)
      Cracker23 - 2
      Kelly2632 - 2
      fizil - 1
      ChaosAffect - 1
      Chatter97 - 3
      taxman32 - 1
      VapingMonkey - 1
      Balthezar - 1
      hamdamann - 1
      Sammy43 - 2
      kno - 1
      Blackross - 2
      dde333 - 2 (maybe 3)
      NebulaBrot - 1 (40)
      amandamaher - 2
      AtlJohnny - 1
      Warped3k - 1
      donnaq4 - 1 (maybe 2)
      HadMatter - 1
      qwerty9988 - 1
      Vampyre - 2
      klopfelter - 2
      AtomNeely - 4
      Coffeeroasters - 3
      Harley - 1
      jmlott - 1 (maybe more)
      elationisfacile - 1
      Blake_GTV - 4
      Tproof - 1
      auntsteff - 1
      Lint - 1 (maybe 2)
      ECF TOTALS: Minimum of 89 - maybe up to 102)



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      Oct 8, 2011

        Warren D. Lockaby

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        Oct 19, 2011
        South Carolina, USA
          Just a note of regrets to all; a number of things conspired to make my attendance impossible at today's meetup. Would have notified sooner but hoped for a possible bailout which failed to materialize. Anyway hope everyone is having a blast, and hope I can make the next one... I was *really* looking forward to this! :(

          Blessings to all, and Happy vaping! :vapor: :toast:


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          Feb 26, 2011
          McDonough, Ga
            me and my wife had a great time !

            hope it isnt gonna be a full year before we can do this again

            we really wanted to stay longer but the younguns were drivin the babysitter crazy, lol

            still "all in" if someone can get together an "atlanta vape club"

            oh yeah, no biggie, but a little "heads up", we got charged twice on my card for our meals
            i know accidents happen and i am sure my bank will straighten it

            still an awesome time...great to get out and be around "people like us", lol
            we enjoyed meeting yall and hope to see yall again soon !

            Mike had great time non the less, wife had fun tonight. it was like Halloween with but for adults with all the different flavors, those little drip atty's dark city had were perfect for hitting the sample bar for trying out flavors.

            (BTw fire-n-ice from juicyvapor.net is pretty close to tastyvapors original atomic, nice, an local)

            Got a good DOF shot of the "Vape Bar"

            Shot of mikenga up there with sean.

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            Oct 10, 2009
            Yonder Way
              Home from the meet, Had a great time and met a lot of very nice folks.... Kuddos to all the hard work by the organizer of the meet, Just a Splendid job.... I believe a good time was had by all. I didn't hear a single complaint from anyone.. Again...Thanks to all...

              @ Chaos,,, Let me know when your ready !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL....


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              Oct 12, 2011
              Woodstock Georgia
                Thank you everyone who came out. We had an amazing turnout of 119 people and it was an amazing turn out. It was a great event. I am spent, time to sleep before starting our next meeting plan. Thank you to everyone especially our vendors and supporters and guests. Will have picts and more after some sleep.


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                Apr 6, 2010
                Alpharetta, GA
                  Ha! We were the last two in the door! Had a great time, met some awesome people. Thanks to MikeinGA for being so welcoming when we got there. Chatter(i think it was chatter)- i dare you to vape that bottle of beef and peppers. be sure to have your wife video it and post the vid. s3anvap3s, great to meet you and thanks for letting me try some of your stash. :)

                  So when do we do this again?

                  I have to say...Mike, you forgot the promised birthday cake. :ohmy:
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                  The Vape Meet was great last night!

                  Thank you to all of the organizers and MikenGA for being so welcoming at his table and wandering around with the doorprize numbers.

                  I loved the juice bar so I could sample the juices I may not have even thought about trying and even bought some from the vendors that were there. Met some nice folks along the way.

                  So when is the next one??

                  Steve L


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                  Dec 6, 2011
                  Loganville, GA
                    I've just now recouped enough :toast: to get on here and say thank you to the great folks on the planning committee, the Vape Team, We Are Vapers, the awesome vendors who turned out and the donations they gave, the vendors who didn't make it but donated to the worlds largest juice bar extravaganza!!! And a big thanks to all of the unbelievably cool people who came. There was an incredible sense of camaraderie!! My wife and I had a blast!:vapor:
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