Awesome Tool for DIY - iPhone eJuice App!

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Oct 13, 2010
Simi Valley, CA
I downloaded (for free) an iPhone app called ejuice by
This is the most awesome thing ever. It has a calculater, a link to forums, links to stores that sell DIY supplies.....and....the part i love best: Recipes!
There is a built in list that people have submitted and thats cool, but you can make your own recipes, name them, add a photo and keep track of exactly what you used and how much for each ingredient. I could never quite remember the amounts of things because I was always testing then adding a couple more drops of flavor etc until i got it just right. With this, I just fill it in with the amounts and when i add more ml or drops of flavor, i update my list right away. Now i have recipes that i can reproduce faithfully each time. You can then post yours if you feel confident enough to share, but right now, I keep it for storing mine. Check it out - you will get rid of the sticky notes etc for keeping track of your DIY juices.
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