Blue Foam and Straw Mod with Photos

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Feb 21, 2010
    I use a syringe with 16 and 18 gauge needles to fill my carts. Get them at least 1.5 inches. That will reach down in most juice bottles. The syringes also come in handy for mixing your own juice (use the bigger needles because raw juice and VG are thick). The Barrels have scale marked by mili liter.

    I haven't tried the blue foam yet but will when I get by a pet mart. but if your not modding your carts your really missing out...


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    Aug 24, 2008
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      Actually, once you get a cart mod that works right for you, I find dripping to be more "labor intensive". Pull cart, drip a few drops, replace cart, vape for 5 minutes, rinse, repeat...

      Mod cart. Fill with 10-12 drops. Vape for an hour or two, pull cart, fill, vape...

      I like the later better.

      I got to ask ......Did you smoke for an hour or two at a time none stop?


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      Feb 13, 2011
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        Just tried the blue foam straw mod with an ego mega type a atomizer. I put a v notch in the part of the straw that is near the atomizer. I wrapped the straw with the blue foam and then popped it in the cart. Seems to be working great so far. I've seen a ego mega type b modded with a straw, lipton tea bag and blue fluval. Video is by mistbusters. That's where I got the idea. Just couldn't find blue fluval so I tried blue foam. Tons of vapor. Great mod.


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        Jun 5, 2010
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          I guess I don't understand the straw mod.

          I vape about one hit every 2-5 mins. at that rate all you need is the blue foam. It will wick the juice up to the atty without a straw mod. I suppose if you vaped like a chain smoker you would need the straw mod.

          Maybe I am missing something == please let me know if that is the case == with just blue foam and a vape every 2 - 5 mins I get more vapor then my lungs can handle and it lasts all the way down to the end of the cart.
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