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Jerry B

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Oct 19, 2011
Nashville TN
    Hope this is the right location for this.

    Ok so ya ever in a rush to head out on a trip. Ya got to gather up all ur gear and make sure everything is together and protected. Heres a little set up i use for my eGos. Hope you guys like it.

    Really simple to do, first i picked up a CD case from Products : Vaultz® they carry a nice collection of hard shell cases that will fit just about any PV. So this is what i got
    Good solid metal box with a strap and clasp (it even locks). Opening it up a ripped out the sleeve section that was for holding CDs.
    Now for the hardest part. ya gotta find some closed cell foam. Lucky for me i had a sheet laying around from a printer i just bought. If all else fails you can find a blue closed cell foam pad in the camping section of walmart. they use them for putting under a sleeping bag. Anyway i just made a template outta paper. It needs to be as close a fit as you can get inside the box. Once you get that the way you want it, cut out a couple of layers of foam. and place in the box like so.
    Now all you need to do is take a razor and cut out slots for your needs. I managed to store 3 eGo batteries (2x650maw 1x1000maw), the charger and cord, couple of my LR cartos, 3 15ml bottles and a collection of drip tips.
    There ya go all safe and sound in a hard shell box that will protect it all and keep it at hand. Its a bit ghetto but hey it works and allows me to grab and run when i need to.
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