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Can someone reccomend me a mod to build?

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Mar 18, 2011
Savannah, GA


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Feb 23, 2010
poland, and the brassy lands of google
The bottom feeder. It's easier and if 3.7v is still satisfying then why go VV. Many recommend the nicostick as a first mod and the bottom feeder is closer to it, just slightly more structural/ mechanical. That VV kit is assembly and soldering only, and you could even buy it in a ready to vape version. The bottom feeder is more the modder's choice.


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Feb 3, 2011
why not both :)

the best part about having a VV mod is that you can use any carto or atty you want - you fine tune your voltage to that specific coil. another perk is that in the morning (at least for myself), you can dial down the voltage a bit and as the day progresses, turn it up. i find that my first vape of the day is way too harsh if i use the same voltage from the previous night. it's a .3v difference on a 1.5ohm atty but it really makes a difference to me.

as for the bottom feeder - if you direct drip IMO it's a must. cartos extend that time between fills but it's still a nuisance - you just have to weigh having a bigger mod with a bottom feeder vs having to keep juice close by all day.


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Dec 23, 2010
Things to think about:
Think about when you will be using your mod.
Driving? Dripping and driving can be a pain not to mention dangerous.
At home? easy answer, any mod is good.
Out in public? again dripping can be a pain.

IMO Just say no to carts. major pain
Dripping is good except when you are on the go.
Bottom feeder...... sweet. Just grab and go. On board juice can last a whole day plus. Easy to use. Highly recomended.
If you have the technical ability for VV then go for it.
Like to build things? Go gensis at a later time. Best vape hands down and auto feeds. Get some modding experience first.

Warning: Modding can be addictive!!


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Oct 12, 2011
Woodstock Georgia
I think for a get the feel of it, the madvape 3.7 or 5 volt kits can't be beat. The 3.7 is pretty hard to mess up, unless you get eager and use the worst soldering iron ever made (mine went into the trash after it destroyed the box and everything else. But they are cheap. This iron, you could feel the heat pulse randomly in different spots and never around the tip. Heating up the wire and contact would never melt the sodder unless I got creative and tried to move the iron up and down. Terrible!!!
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